Stephen Hawking Could End Up On The New £50 Banknote

Recently, the Bank of England announced that it was planning to make a brand new £50 banknote, which would feature a popular British scientist. Thus, the folks of Britain were invited to state their opinion on who that scientist should be before the note is released sometime after 2020. The people are welcomed to make their nominations up until December 14, this year. Then, the officials from the Bank of England will be making the final choice next year. This is so that the country can avoid another ‘Boaty McBoatface’ situation of 2016. Back then, people were given the opportunity to name and vote for the name of the new polar research ship. The entire process was online, and in a ridiculous ending, the public overwhelmingly voted for the boat to be named RRS Boaty McBoatface.

Right now, the most popular choice among people seems to be the late scientist Stephen Hawking. However, there’s also plenty of pressure for the bank to feature a popular female scientist as well. Which means that other popular female choices include Ada Lovelace, the famous mathematician who helped invent the computer, and also happened to be Lord Byron’s daughter, as well as Rosalind Franklin, the chemist that was one of the people that helped discovered DNA, and would have also received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, had she lived long enough.

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Everyone that’s a British citizen is allowed to nominate someone that will be featured on the back of the note, the only requirements are that the person has to be a scientist and they have to be dead.

According to the current British tradition, the only living person that’s allowed to be printed on the UK banknotes is the Queen.

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The current £50 banknote has the partner engineers Matthew Boulton and James Watt who worked together to improve the steam engine, which brought big changes to the industrial revolution in the kingdom. Furthermore, the new banknote was announced to be made out of plastic instead of paper, much like the current £5 and £10 notes are. And it is going to be released a bit after the new plastic £20 is scheduled in 2020.

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