Stephen King Professes His Love For Apple TV’s “The Morning Show” On Twitter

When referring to legendary horror author Stephen King, there are two things you can count on. The first is his ability to write terrific stories with engaging characters and strong plots. The other is his willingness to give his honest opinion on anything. From a film adaptation of his written work to American politics, King doesn't shy away from telling others what he's thinking- be it in-person or online.

We saw another example of this more recently on the author's social media. King took to Twitter to share his love of Apple TV's newest show, The Morning Show. He didn't hold back when telling his followers exactly what he thinks of this particular show.

"THE MORNING SHOW: Instantly involving, characters you care about, professionally made, acted with elan. What's not to like?" King Tweeted this past weekend.

via CNet


Showrunner Kerry Ehrin responded to King on Twitter with, "Thank you so much for this," followed by a red heart emoji. Meanwhile, one of the show's actors, Mark Duplass, replied, "thank u so much for the nice words. u r a hero of mine and this means the world." No other stars or cast members have responded to King's praise on Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter.

While King and many more fans are loving The Morning Show, that's not the case for everyone. The biggest issue doesn't concern the show itself, but rather where you must watch it. With it only being available to watch on Apple TV- Apple's premium streaming service- many aren't happy about that fact. There are one of two reasons for this: people either don't want to pay for yet another streaming service, while others don't like Apple or Apple TV and would rather watch it on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

Whether you can or want to watch The Morning Show, it's one TV show that continues to gain a ton of popularity online. Perhaps you may give it a shot. If someone as famous and talented as King likes it, then surely it must be an alright show!

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