10 Steps To Drawing A Dog For Beginners

Did you know that there are about 400 million dogs all around the world? Or that dogs can be as smart as two-year-olds? Or that drawing a dog is actually really easy? Yes, it really is. And that’s why we’re here today.  If you want to learn all of the steps to drawing a great-looking dog in practically no time at all, then read on!

All you need to do to get started is a picture of the dog you want to draw, a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and you need to know how to draw a bunch of circles. It's easy as can be!

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10 Look Closely At The Picture Of Your Choice

Start out the project by first getting a picture of the dog you’d like to draw, and then look closely at it. If you pay attention, you’ll notice a bunch of circles within the dog's shape. So if you just divide all of the dog’s body parts into different circles, you’ll have something like the picture that we have here. Now, the entire process of drawing a dog just got a whole lot easier, right?

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9 Start Drawing The Head

After drawing all of the circles, you can begin. First, you’ll need to draw the circle of the entire head. Then you can draw smaller circles inside the head that symbolize the eyes and the nose. Make sure that you mark your way as you’re drawing so that you don’t forget anything or get confused as to what’s next.

8 The Ears And The Body

Drawing the ears should be relatively easy. All you need to do is look at the original picture and see where are they positioned on the dog’s head. Then, simply draw them in the same position on your sketch. Here’s a tip, usually the ears are at the top of the head. But in our case, they’re slightly off to the sides of the head, above the eyes. After you’ve done that, you can draw the body. Right now, you just need to draw the main circle of the body.

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7 The Pelvis

After you draw the main circle of the chest, you’ll need to once again look at the original picture. At this point, you should be aware of whether the dog in your picture is facing the camera directly, or whether it’s turned to a certain side. In our case, the dog is standing sideways, which means we can see the entire length of the body. And now we’ll draw the circle of the pelvis accordingly, with a smaller circle than the last one.

6 Connecting The Circles

Now that you’ve drawn out some of the basic circles, it’s time to connect them. First, you can connect the biggest circle, which is the chest, to the pelvis circle next to it. That’s the entire body of the dog. Then you’ll need to connect the chest circle to the head so that our dog can have a neck and the ability to turn its head.

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5 Paws And Toes

In this step, you’ll be drawing the paws and the toes of your dog. This means that depending on the position you want the dog to have, you’ll either need to draw two or four small circles. Don’t draw them too small, these are the paws, and they need to have the toes added to them later. Also, make sure that you draw them proportionately to each other, because the ones that are closer to you will be bigger, and the ones that are further will be smaller. Then add the toes and we’re done with this step.

4 Tail And Features

After you’ve drawn the paws and the bean toes, you’ll need to connect each the foot circles to the rest of the torso. Make sure that you’re following the natural lines of the dog’s body and not just drawing straight lines from the smaller circles into the torso because that would look quite unnatural. Next up is drawing the tail. Make sure that you draw the right kind depending on the type of dog breed you’re drawing. Then it’s time for the exterior features on the dog’s body which include wrinkles, rolls, and nails.

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3 Face Details

After you’re finished with the details on the body of your dog, you can move on to the details of the face. Finish up the exterior outline of the entire head and make sure that you draw the mouth so that your dog can bark! Then you can add any other features that your dog’s face has like wrinkles and finish detailing the eyes. Add the whiskers and mark out any colorful spots that your dog has on its fur.

2 Erasing Skeleton Lines

This is a step where you need to be very careful, otherwise, you might end up erasing important parts of your dog’s body. Take a look at all of the circles that we drew in all of the previous steps, and carefully erase all of them. These are called ‘skeleton’ lines, and only have a purpose to lead you in how to draw up until this point. Which means that since you’ve drawn out the entire dog, you don’t need them anymore!

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1 Coloring

The final step in our tutorial on how to draw a dog is to add some color. If you’re not sure on how to go about this step, you can just add the basic colors. And if you’re familiar with coloring, you can add other details like shading and textures, and really make the entire drawing come to life. Now, congratulations, you just drew a dog! Go take a picture of your drawing and post it on social media for bragging rights!

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