10 Steps To Make The Perfect Cold-Brewed Coffee

A cold brew coffee is perfect for a warm summer day. Actually, iced coffee is always a refreshing drink to have, no matter what the season may be outside. However, if you’re tired of spending all your money on a cold cup of delicious coffee at the local café, then you’re going to want to read on.

In just ten short steps, we are going to tell you how to make your own perfect batch of cold-brewed coffee which, overall, is going to cost you a lot less. It’s actually a lot easier to make than you think. It even tastes a thousand times better than just throwing a bunch of ice cubes in your hot brew and ending up with a completely diluted flavor. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and you can even build your own cold-brew coffee brewer. It really is that easy.

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10 Prepare The Workspace

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to clear up everything in the area you’re planning on making your perfect cup of cold-brew coffee. That means that you’re going to have to set up a designated area where you’re going to do the entire process. We would recommend setting up on a kitchen counter, as you can easily get everything you need quickly. If you really want to get the jolt of energy in the morning when you take that first sip, it’s great to spend an extra minute to get the space you need all ready.

9 Gather Everything You Need

In order to be able to highlight the natural smoothness and the perfect sweetness that comes with a cup of cold brew, you will need to get either a medium or a dark roast of coffee. You will also need a glass with a lid, a mesh bag that you’ll use to line your glass, and finally, precise measurement utensils. When it comes to measuring out the coffee, you can choose to make a big batch of cold brew, or just a few glasses. It’s completely up to you.

8 Measure The Water

For a perfect cup of cold-brewed coffee, you’ll need some ice-cold, filtered water. If you’re using a full cup of coffee grinds, it’s recommended to add four cups of water. This is the exact amount of water that you need to create that cold brew concentrate, that you’ll later split into equal parts. With these measurements, you’ll end up with eight cups of cold-brewed cups of coffee, which leaves plenty of room for creativity and experimentation. That’s in case you want to add any syrups or milk.

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7 Grind The Coffee

Next, you’ll want to grind your coffee. Ideally, for the perfect cold brew, or any brew that you do in your own home, you’ll already have a coffee grinder. This is ideal because it’s best to just grind the amount of coffee beans that you intend to make per batch, instead of having everything ground up beforehand. This is especially great, as the best tasting brew is made from beans that were ground right before brewing. Make sure that you grind your coffee beans on the coarsest setting that you have.

6 DIY Coffee Bags

Then, you’ll want the process of making your own coffee bags, akin to tea bags. All you’ll need to do here is split up all the coffee that you ground up in the previous step, into even batches. Put each batch into a coffee filter, and add two cups of water. Then, close up the filter like a dumpling, and tie it up. Put this concoction at the bottom of your container and pour the rest of the water over it. This way you can be sure there won’t be any grinds in your cup.

5 Steeping

Now you’ll want to seal the glass container that you got in the beginning with a lid and leave everything alone to steep. This process is similar to brewing a cup of tea. You’ll want to leave the container at room temperature, anywhere from 18 up to a full 24 hours. Make sure that the container doesn’t get any direct sunlight and that it’s sealed really well. If either of those things isn’t done properly, you’re at high risk of getting mold in your container and ruining your perfect cold brew.

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4 Strain Everything

After enough time has passed, you can now pour the entire cold brew coffee concentrate through a sieve. You can also line the sieve with a paper towel or a cheesecloth, this is the final step in removing any additional and leftover coffee grounds that may have gotten mixed in when you were pouring the water. You can throw away the steeped grounds and put your concentrate in a jar, and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

3 Cutting The Concentrate

Since what you made is a cold-brew concentrate coffee, it’s too strong to have all on its own. Whenever you want to get a nice cup of cold brew, all you need to do is cut that concentrate with equal parts water. That means you’ll need to add as much water as you’ve added coffee in your cup. Then, add some extra ice cubes, or you can also chill your glass beforehand. Before you drink your cold brew, make sure that you’ve mixed the water and the coffee really well.

2 Making Ice Coffee Cubes

Another great thing about making a cold brew coffee is the fact that you can avoid watering down the coffee itself this way. All you’ll need to do is get the concentrate and pour it in an ice cube tray. You can also make a bigger batch of the coffee concentrate so that you’ll have enough concentrate left over to have a few cups of coffee and a tray of coffee cubes. Then, whenever you make a new cup, you can just pop in one of the coffee ice cubes, and avoid watering down your brew.

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1 Spruce Things Up

After you nail down the entire process of making a cold brew coffee cup, which you’ve noticed is really easy, you can start playing with the flavors. This is the fun part that you can get really creative with, or if you’re lacking inspiration, simply look up some recipes online. You can add some vanilla extract and some almond milk, for a sweeter cup. Or you could add an orange wedge, a cinnamon stick and some cinnamon powder. Feel free to experiment with different flavors like coconut, chocolate, vanilla and even florals to make it your own.

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