10 Steps To Make The Best Eggs Benedict For Breakfast

Eggs Benedict is a decadent and delicious breakfast made of a toasted and buttered English muffin topped with a fried piece of Canadian bacon and a poached egg. All of this is drizzled with a rich and creamy hollandaise sauce. The eggs benedict is an American invention with roots in New York City.

This breakfast classic is a treat that's perfect for special occasions, brunch, or when you want to eat something different in the mornings. There's a misconception that making Eggs Benedict is a difficult or time-consuming task, but that isn't true. The most difficult part of creating a successful Eggs Benedict dish is making sure that all of the elements that need to be done, are done at the same time. All of the ingredients are quite simple to make, even that hollandaise sauce. (All you need is a blender!)

10 Get Everything Together

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As with any recipe, you want to get everything together before you start so it all goes smoothly. This traditional recipe makes enough for two, but simply double (triple or quadruple) tas needed because this is the perfect dish for a fun and fancy brunch!

You will need one teaspoon of vinegar, four eggs to poach, four thick-cut slices of Canadian Bacon, one tablespoon hot water, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one stick of unsalted butter, and three egg yolks. For seasoning, make sure you have salt, pepper, and paprika nearby. This will be all be topped with freshly chopped parsley. While you're at it, get a deep skillet, a small frying pan, a blender, and make sure your toaster is nearby, as well as any other utensils like a butter knife, fork, and a slotted spoon.

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9 Start Boiling Water

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In a deep skillet, start to boil two inches of water. Add the teaspoon of vinegar. Don't forget the vinegar or things will not go as planned! This water will be how you cook your poached eggs so you want to make sure everything goes well. Wait as it comes to a boil on medium-high heat so be sure that your heat is actually high enough to get it to a rolling boil. While you wait, go ahead and keep going with your prep!

8 Heat Up Pan For Ham

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A traditional Eggs Benedict uses Canadian bacon for its meat. Of course, Canadian bacon is really ham. But you can use bacon instead or you can use any other ham you want. However, we suggest using good ol' Canadian bacon. Cut four thick slices and set aside for just a few moments. Warm up your small frying pan on medium heat for a few moments. Add a teaspoon of olive oil, or add cooking spray later.

7 Separate Egg Yolks

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You need three egg yolks for your hollandaise sauce. Separate them now using either an egg separator or the shell method. To do the shell method, give your eggs a firm and even hit on a flat surface. Carefully pull apart the egg and catch the yolk into one side of the shell. Pour the yolk to the other side of the shell slowly as the white falls away and put the separated yolks in a small bowl.

6 Start Poaching Eggs

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By now your water should be boiling. To poach your eggs, work with them one at a time quickly and efficiently. Turn down the heat so the water is at an active simmer. Crack one of the eggs into a glass. Slowly and carefully pour that eggs into the simmering water from a short distance. Repeat this with the three remaining eggs as quickly as possible placing them in different parts of the pan to cook. These will cook and poach for four to five minutes. The white will be solid, but the yolk should be runny. When done, remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel.

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5 Cook Ham

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Your fry pan is all warmed up by now. Spray with cooking spray, if you didn't add oil, and place the four slices of ham into the pan. They should heat and cook quickly. Flip over after about two-three minutes and cook the same amount of time on the other side. Let it crisp up a little too. Remove and drain on a paper towel when done.

4 Melt Butter

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Cut your stick of butter into even slices and put in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave in 10-second increments until melted, stirring the butter between each round. After it's melted, put in the bowl in the microwave for one last round and make sure it is nice and hot. The butter will be your main ingredient for the yummy hollandaise sauce and it needs to be hot when you use it.

3 Make Hollandaise sauce

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Break out the blender for your hollandaise. Add the egg yolks, lemon juice, and water to your blender. Blend together for one minute. Add your hot butter while the blender is going through the hole in the lid. Do so slowly so the heat from the butter can cook the egg yolks, but not harden the yolks. Add salt and pepper as well. Keep warm if you aren't ready to pour

2 Toast English Muffins

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Don't make this step any harder than it needs to be. Slice open your English muffin (a fork works best to pull it apart!) and put them in your toaster. That's it! Don't burn it and let it do its thing! We suggest using the toaster in the middle setting so they're crisp but not burnt. When they pop up, spread a little butter on them so it melts in.

1 Put It All Together

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Time to assemble your eggs benedict! The first thing you'll do is plate your newly toasted English muffins. Put your warm, crispy ham on top of the muffin and grab the poached eggs and throw it on the ham. After you add the eggs, drizzle with your creamy, homemade hollandaise sauce.  Use as much as you like, but don't drown it. Sprinkle your finished plate with paprika and chopped parsley. Now all you need to do is eat! Enjoy!

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