Stolen Colon Returned To Cancer Awareness Group

Stolen Colon Returned To Cancer Awareness Group

A stolen colon that teaches the dangers of colon cancer is now back home where it belongs.

Colon cancer is the number three cancer in the United States. It’s expected to kill over 50,000 people in the United States this year, with a slight preference to men over women. But the good news is that the death rate for colorectal cancers is dropping thanks to greater awareness and increased screenings at the doctor’s office.

Maybe it was the increased awareness that caused someone to steal a giant inflatable colon from the back of a pickup truck earlier in October.

In Kansas City, Missouri, police are still investigating the theft an inflatable colon used to teach awareness of colon cancer. The colon is 10-feet wide, 150 lbs, and worth roughly $4,000. However, it’s really only worth that much money to cancer awareness groups like the Colon Cancer Coalition, who are the original owners of the inflatable colon.

One can imagine an ingenious thief trying to fence an enormous inflatable colon to competing cancer awareness associations for a fraction of the price.


We’ll never know why the inflatable colon was stolen from the back of a pickup truck at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. Perhaps the criminal really did think they’d be able to sell it back to the center for a profit. Maybe they mistook the prop for an inflatable pool toy and only late realized it was far too large--and too disgusting--to take into a public pool.

We might find out later as the investigation is still ongoing. However, Kansas City Police reported on their Twitter feed that an anonymous tip led them to an abandoned home that had become the storage space for the swiped sphincter. The colon is now back with the Cancer Center where it belongs.

Ironically, the theft of the colon might even be considered a boon for the Cancer Coalition. After reporting it stolen, the association was flooded with donations, enough to buy two entirely new inflatable colons.

Police are still searching for the colon criminal. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Kansas City Police.


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