Storage Wars: 15 Photos Of Brandi Her Husband Probably Wants To Hide

A show on TV that had an edge over reality programs that documented the daily lives of people was Storage Wars. The premise of the show entailed following professional buyers who visited storage facilities and bid on lockers that the auctioneer obtained from unpaid rent on storage lockers.

After the bidding was complete, the winners sort through their purchase and determine the value of each item purchased. Although the premise was interesting, one of the things that never failed to lure in more viewers is beautiful women. One of the beautiful women that they had on the show was Brandi Passante.

Since Brandi was so beautiful, we gleaned photos of her that Jarrod husband would rather not want anybody to see.

15 Outfit

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One of the things that makes Passante so attractive is that she doesn't have to show off a lot of skin to get attention. She can wear a dress, and our eyes will be on her.

With this outfit, she decided to wear sunglasses, which only make her more appealing. Her blonde hair suits the color of the outfit.

14 Summertime

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When summer rolls around, women tend to wear less clothing and that's why some men love that season.

In this photo, Passante decided to show a bit of cleavage but not too much. She left enough for the imagination. What's creepy about this photo is the gentleman standing behind the two ladies.

13 Professional

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Some people make black outfits look better than others. Passante is one of those people. The interesting thing about her outfit is that it's a combination of sexy and sophisticated.

The outfit is revealing on the sides but covers her frontal region. Passante is also not revealing too much leg since it's an elegant outfit.

12 Flight Drinks

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What could be better than traveling? Perhaps having a drink while you're in the sky. In this photo, Passante decided to show us that she prefers to drink from the bottle, instead of the glass.

That's one way to calm the nerves during the flight or to make the flight more interesting.

11 Cowgirl

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Passante knows how to choose the right colors for her outfits. She also knows how to match colors of different outfits. She chose the right color dress to go with her cowgirl hat. The dress also reveals a bit of her legs.

It's not too much but enough to reveal that she has stunning legs.

10 Sophisticated

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Who says that you can't look sexy while wearing a sophisticated outfit? Passante proves with this dress that you can get men to turn their heads without wearing a revealing outfit.

The patterns on the blue dress are interesting, and Passante's hairstyle really goes well with the sophisticated dress.

9 Winter Coat

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This place looks freezing. No wonder they are wearing gloves while sipping on some drinks. Passante chose a white coat over the dress that she's wearing.

This room seems like the type of space where you take a photo and dash out immediately after the flash due to the horrific cold.

8 Career Woman

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This is probably my favorite dress that Passante has worn. One of the things that makes it so attractive is that she can wear it whether she is at work or going to a cocktail bar for drinks.

It seems that Passante has a skill for picking out dresses that make her look attractive and professional at the same time.

7 Jeans

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I think that most men agree that women should wear tight jeans. The main reason for that is that it brings out their curves.

Passante did just that and also wore a nice top. There's nothing else that makes a beautiful woman more beautiful than when she smiles. Most men melt when they see that.

6 Country Roads

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Dressing the part for an event is something that many people struggle to do. They either over or under-dress. If you track Passante's wardrobe, you'll discover that she knows exactly the right outfit to wear for every occasion.

This outfit is perfect for the occasion, and Passante didn't forget her smile.

5 Close Up

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Every woman likes to be treated like a lady. One of the ways men can do that is by arranging a chauffeur-driven vehicle for her.

Not everybody can employ a full-time chauffeur for their lady, but it doesn't hurt to treat her to that every once in a while. Passante decided to change her hairstyle when she was transported.

4 A Night Out

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Most men want a woman who looks respectable in the way she represents herself. One of the ways that women do that is by their choice in outfits.

Although Passante went on a night out, she decided to wear an outfit that covered her upper body. That was a good choice.

3 Red Carpet

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While many celebrities try to outdo each other on the red carpet by wearing the most audacious dresses possible, Passante opts for a simple dress when she struts the red carpet.

The patterns on the dress are flowers, and it's knee-high, which is what Passante wears most of the time.

2 Bikini

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Some occasions require for a woman to take off her clothing and slip into a bikini. When the occasion calls for it, Passante gets into a bikini to show off her curves.

While she was on a boat, she decided to snap a picture with her friend. The sunglasses were a nice touch to compliment the bikinis.

1 Conservative

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It's possible to look alluring while wearing a conservative dress. A woman doesn't need to bare it all to show off her curves.

This top and dress is a perfect combination for women to wear in summer, allowing them to show off their assets while looking elegant. This is a very nice outfit, which suits Passante.

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