Einstein The Camel Stranded In Winter Storm Finally Rescued

Einstein The Camel Stranded In Winter Storm Finally Rescued

Einstein the camel has been taken home after a snowy expedition last Thursday.

Normally, camels are desert creatures, preferring the dry heat of Africa and Asia to the wet cold of Pennsylvania in mid-November. However, we live on a planet where nature does what we ask it to, and so there was a camel on the side of Route 309 near Sellersville during the first big winter snowstorm of the year.

Technically, the camel was actually a dromedary, which is the kind of camel that has just the one hump. They’re native to the Middle East and northern Africa, and there’s a population growing in the middle of the Australian outback thanks to explorers leaving their beasts of burden behind back in the 1840s.

Dromedaries are definitely not native to Pennsylvania, however, which is why there was quite a stir on social media when passing motorists noticed the one-humped camel just chilling out on the side of the highway.

So why was there a camel on the side of the road? It was not for him to get to the other side, that’s for sure. He probably wanted nothing to do with the winter snowstorm he got caught in. Or more accurately, where his van got stuck in.


It turns out the camel is named Einstein, and he was contracted out by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia for a large event to be held at the Kimmel Center last Thursday evening. The event was apparently just a big wine and dine social, so we’re not entirely sure what role Einstein was going to have. Maybe petting camel? He’s from the Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo, so maybe he’s there for the kids to have something to do.

Sadly, Einstein never arrived at the Kimmel Center. His van got stuck, and after a few hours getting unstuck, his owner decided to take him back to the petting zoo. No amount of treats and blankets could convince this camel to deal with a blizzard of last Thursday’s magnitude.

We don’t blame you, Einstein. We’re already praying for an early spring.


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