19 Strange Facts About Wonder Woman’s Anatomy

William Moulton Marston was both a lawyer and psychologist from Harvard who would end up creating one of the most iconic female superheroes ever, Wonder Woman, and it all happened by accident.

In 1940, he did an interview about comic books and discussed the unfulfilled potential back then, which got the attention of Max Gaines, publisher of All-American Comics. Max was so intrigued by what William had to say, he hired him as an educational consultant. Marston gladly accepted and had an idea for a superhero character that would use love instead of fists. His wife, Elizabeth, loved the idea but suggested it should be a woman and Wonder Woman was born.

Wonder Woman debuted in All Star Comics #8, in October 1941 as a female superhero that represented an unconventional, liberated woman from the 1940s. She was the exact opposite of what women were being portrayed as on television and on the big screen. However, it worked. She quickly became a popular character that would last nearly 80 years in publications.

19 Diana Prince Doesn't Eat Meat

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One of Wonder Woman's most forgotten super powers is her ability to speak to animals. She has been able to do it for many years but it is not used very often.

The fact that she can speak to animals has to be the reason she is also a vegetarian. How can you eat meat after talking to your food?

18 She Battled Captain Marvel Once

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The Greeks and the Romans both worshiped their own Gods, with each having its own abilities. This led to the idea to create a Contest of Champions between the champion of the Greeks and the champion of the Romans.

As luck would have it, the Roman Gods champion happened to be Captain Marvel while the Greek Gods champion was Wonder Woman. When they fought, Wonder Woman walked away victorious.

17 That's Not My Name!

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Most of the superheroes we love today had issues finding themselves a good name. Most of the time, these characters go through some kind of transformation over time which leads to their eventual perfect name.

Wonder Woman was once known as Suprema the Wonder Woman, but had her name changed at the last minute before her debut.

16 She's Older Than Your Grandparents

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Dating back to 1941, Wonder Woman has been around for almost 80 years, and her popularity remains very strong in the comic book world. Since she is a descendant of Greek Gods, she does not age and is immortal.

So, even as she is closing in on her 80th year in the comic books, she remains the same beautiful strong young woman she has always been.

15 The Suffragettes 

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A suffragette was any woman who fought for women's rights to vote by joining a militant organization and fighting for all women.

Wonder Woman was a major inspiration for the suffragettes and was constantly shown in her comics being tied up by men, in chains, before eventually breaking free in the end.

14 The Greek Gods Gifted Her Powers

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All of Wonder Woman's superpowers were granted to her from individual Greek Gods, each of which was responsible with granting certain abilities that Wonder Woman constantly uses.

Aphrodite gave her beauty, Demeter gave her strength, Athena gave her wisdom and courage, and Hermes gave her the ability to fight well.

13 She Learned To Fly, Among Other Things

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Besides having the generic superhero powers given to a descendant of a Greek God, Wonder Woman has several other super abilities that usually go unnoticed because she never uses them.

As we mentioned already, she can talk to animals, but she can also communicate with others telepathically, read minds, and use super breath similar to that of Superman.

12 Lost Her Powers, For Years

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About 30 years after debuting in the comics, Wonder Woman was given a choice to either keep her powers by traveling to another dimension with her Amazonian sisters or remain in Man's World to be with Steve Trevor, and protect him.

She chose to stay with Steve and remained powerless on Earth in the process.

11 Thank You Gloria Steinem

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About three years after losing her powers, Wonder Woman got them back but not by herself. In 1971, when Wonder Woman was still living on Earth without any powers, she was set to run for President when Gloria Steinem stepped in.

Gloria reached out to DC about how inspirational Wonder Woman is for women and girls of all ages and that they should give her powers back immediately.

10 The U.S. Government Tortured Her

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Since the story of Wonder Woman dates back to the beginning of World War II, it only stands to reason that the story lines would somehow connect with the war.

One time, she was captured by the U.S. Government who then tortured and imprisoned her while trying to extract information that would help them build a weapon of mass destruction. She refused.

9 The World's First Mainstream Female Superhero

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Unfortunately for her, Wonder Woman debuted after Black Widow so she was not the first female superhero. However, her popularity erupted while it took years for Black Widow to become a household name.

Her rise to fame turned her into the first ever mainstream female superhero at a time when people were still trying to learn more about these comic books.

8 She Has Lost Her Life Before

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Since comic books have been around for over 80 years, and many of the most popular characters have needed new story lines, several times, it leads writers to kill them off.

Much like a soap opera, you can only have so many original ideas before you need to inject some death into the fold. This has lead to Wonder Woman's dying at least two different times.

7 Dated Superman For A Few Years

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By the 1980s, Wonder Woman and Superman got together after she developed a crush on him and then asked her publicist, Myndi, to set her up on a date with him. That was their first romantic rendezvous and it lasted just the one date.

However, in recent years, they have dated again and this time it lasted much longer.

6 First Big Screen Appearance Wasn't Until 2014

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How is it possible that Wonder Woman has been around since 1941 and yet her first movie appearance happened in 2014 when she appeared in The Lego Movie?

Sure, she had a television show, but it was never more than a TV series. There was never any type of Wonder Woman on the big screen until five years ago and now we have seen her several times, including in her own film.

5 Her Mother Molded Her From Clay

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Since comic books tend to get a reboot every other decade or so, Wonder Woman's origin story has had the same treatment. During the 80s, Diana Prince was the first child born on Paradise Island. For 3,000 years, the Amazons inhabited the island but she was the first ever child born there.

Queen Hippolyta, her mother, was given the task to sculpt her from clay before breathing life into her by the Greek Gods.

4 She Has Wielded Thor's Hammer

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Before Marvel and DC Comics decided to hate one another and never share a profit, they were both willing to work together for some very amazing comic series back in the 90s.

One of their crossovers involved Wonder Woman battling the X-Men's Storm while wielding Thor's hammer, the Mjolnir. She proved herself worthy long before the MCU's version of Captain America ever did.

3 It Ain't Easy Being The Daughter Of A Greek God

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For many years, Wonder Woman's origins have been a complicated puzzle of a mess with many details about who she is and where she came from mixed in along the way. The confusion has led to issues over the years understanding how she turned into Wonder Woman.

But the one thing that has never changed is that her father is Zeus, the king of all the Greek Gods, which easily helps us understand how she turned into the person she is today.

2 Stronger Than Almost Every Other DC Comics Character

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Since we know that Superman is easily the most powerful superhero in the entire DC universe, how would we compare Wonder Woman to him?

She is basically the female version of Superman but on a slightly smaller scale. That alone makes her one of the most naturally gifted superheroes ever.

1 That's Not A Skirt!

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As sexy as Gal Gadot was as Wonder Woman, thanks to her very exciting Amazonian outfit, she was not wearing a skirt. In fact, Wonder Woman has never really worn a skirt, one of the most infamous pieces of her outfit.

She is actually wearing a piece of clothing called culottes, but they tend to look like a skirt in the comics because of all the action and fighting she is involved in.

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