This Stranger Returned A Lost Wallet With An Added Surprise Inside

Just as he arrived in Las Vegas, Hunter Shamatt noticed that his wallet was missing. In it, he had $60, his $400 paycheck, his bank card as well as his identification card. However, that weekend it was his sister's wedding, so despite being upset and stressed from the situation, he really didn't want to make it a big deal. So he just borrowed some money from his parents for the wedding weekend.

The 20-year-old carpenter said that he was most worried about not having his identification card with him. He started thinking about what happened, trying to retrace his steps. He started thinking that he could have ended up losing his wallet on the Frontier flight which was taking him from Omaha to Vegas. However, when he called the airline and reported that his wallet was missing, he wasn't that lucky and it didn't turn up. So he started thinking since he was in Vegas, his wallet was already lost forever.

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Thus, the weekend passed and Shamatt and his family had a nice time at his sister's wedding, despite the lost wallet filled with his money and information. In the end, he and his family headed out to the airport, in order to fly back to Omaha, which is a three-hour drive from their home in Brandon, S.D. But his mother spent all her time worrying, thinking that her son wouldn't be able to board the flight without his ID, as she thought that may be forbidden by the airline. But in the end, after an hour-long interview, he managed to board the plane without much issue.

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And the next day, after he had already arrived home with his family, a package arrived with his name. When he opened it, he saw that the wallet was in that package. And everyone was surprised. Along with the wallet, there was also a note saying someone found his wallet on a Frontier flight that was going from Omaha to Denver, but it had been stuck between the wall and the seat. Furthermore, the kind stranger added $40 more, so that Shamatt could properly celebrate the fact that he got his wallet back!

On our way to Vegas for my daughters wedding last week, Hunter lost his wallet. Unfortunately it had 60.00 cash, his...

Posted by Jeannie Shamatt on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hunter's mother quickly snapped a picture of the note and posted the entire story on Facebook, asking other kind strangers to help her locate the person who brought his wallet back so he could thank them. And just a few days later, someone who worked with the kind stranger put two and two together and told the Shammat family that Todd Brown was the person that returned the wallet with the extra cash, and in the end, Shamatt gave Brown a proper thank you.

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