Stranger Things: 20 Unanswered Questions Fans Still Have

A science-fiction show with a hefty dose of ‘80s flavor and peppered with a great deal of nostalgia, Stranger Things has been on Netflix for three seasons, with this one delving deeper into the mysteries of the Upside Down, the creatures that reside in it, and the possibility that those outside of Hawkins, Indiana, know of its existence. (We also got Steve Harrington in a Scoops Ahoy! uniform for all eight episodes, which we’re very thankful for.)

With these seasons, though, there are also a lot of unanswered questions, especially as this most recent season has left things open-ended, with an after-credits scene taken straight out of Marvel’s handbook. As fans have parsed through the meaning behind certain phrases and tried to determine explanations for their questions, here are 20 that we’re still left wondering about.

20 What Happened To Dustin’s Demodog?

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This question dates back to season 2 when, after Dustin’s beloved Dart grows up and becomes a Demodog, terrorizing house pets, he ends up getting killed. Understandably, Dustin wants to preserve the body because it’s the best proof they have of the Upside Down. The Demodog goes into the freezer and then we never hear of it again! What happened to it?

19 Is Dr. Brenner Still Alive?

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Presumably killed by the Demogorgon at the end of season 1, fans are still wondering what truly became of Dr. Martin Brenner. Stranger Things has been pretty good at showing us the body as proof of a character’s demise, and we haven’t gotten that for Brenner. Is it possible he’s actually the mysterious American who’s locked up by the Russians?

18 Are There More Kids Besides Eleven And Eight?

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Season 2 introduced us to Kali, or Eight, which was met with mixed responses from fans. However, her introduction does have us wondering if there are other kids who have been used as science experiments that we’ll meet as the series progresses. Kali – and the possibility of other subjects – wasn’t even mentioned in season 3, so we’ll have to see.

17 Will Will Ever Get His Own Girlfriend (Or Boyfriend)?

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A sympathetic character for third wheels everywhere, all little Will Byers wanted to do this season was live a normal life and play Dungeons & Dragons with his friends. Instead, Will was stuck watching them all muddle through their own relationships. Will the upcoming seasons see Will finally get a girlfriend or boyfriend of his own?

16 How Are The Mind Flayer And Demogorgon Linked?

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As far as we know, the Mind Flayer is at the top of the supernatural heap in the Upside Down. We know it controls the Demodogs (as seen in season 2), but what about the Demogorgon? With the Mind Flayer vanquished at the end of season 3, shouldn’t the Demogorgon face a similar fate, or is something else calling the shots?

15 Who Were The People In The Upside Down?

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When we saw Billy wandering around the Upside Down, he comes face to face with a version of himself. If we take that to mean that’s the Mind Flayer’s puppet of Billy in the Upside Down, who were all the other people? Were all those people already possessed by the Mind Flayer, or were they meant to represent something else?

14 How Did No One Notice The Russians Underground?

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With all the hoopla surrounding the opening of the Starcourt Mall, how is it that, in that extensive construction, no one noticed or reported on the underground Russian lab that resided underneath? Or at least, would no one have raised an eyebrow over the huge influx of Russians into their tiny town, with a specific congregation around the site of the mall?

13 How Did The Russians Know About The Upside Down?

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The Stranger Things timeline allows that the Russians had their own version of the Hawkins Lab machine about seven months after Eleven accidentally opened the gate. But how? Did they have some super-secret intel from the US that told them about the Upside Down, or was it a total coincidence that they manufactured the exact same technology?

12 How Did The Russians Escape?

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Once the US Army arrived at the underground Russian lab, the place appeared completely abandoned. While there may have been secret tunnels we as viewers weren’t allowed to see, it still seems strange that the advancing Army wouldn’t notice all these people fleeing the mall and not stop them for a quick question or two.

11 Why Do the Russians Have A Demogorgon?

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If the Russians managed to get into the Upside Down, is that how they scored a Demogorgon, or is there only one Demogorgon – and this one now in Russia the same one we thought Eleven had destroyed at the end of season 1? Aside from torture, is there a reason the Russians are using Demogorgons? It seems like a pretty risky move.

10 Why Did Dustin And Suzie Break Into Song During A Crisis?

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Arguably the strangest and funniest moment in all of Stranger Things is when Dustin, on a two-way radio call with Suzie, breaks into song from The Neverending Story. The entire cast is in the midst of a crisis, but Suzie refuses to help until her beloved Dusty Buns sang along. It makes little to no sense.

9 How Did Eleven Lose Her Powers?

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There are a couple possible explanations for Eleven’s seemingly long-term loss of her powers. One is that she exerted so much effort in taking down the Mind Flayer that her reserves are completely drained. Another is that the parasite that burrowed into her leg may have caused more damage than we know. We doubt the Duffer Brothers will keep her de-powered forever, though!

8 Where’s The Byers Family Going?

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After all the drama surrounding the Byer family and Joyce losing not one but two love interests, it’s understandable that she’d want to pack up and hit the road. Fans want to know where the family is heading since they’re leaving Hawkins, and if it’ll put them in more danger – or closer to Kali (Eight), since Eleven is with them.

7 What Happened To All Those Controlled By The Mind Flayer?

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While we witnessed Billy’s demise at the hand of the Mind Flayer, what happened to the rest of them? We saw that many of them exploded, which presumably killed them (and whatever part of their souls was still controlled by the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down). Does that mean Hawkins is essentially wiped of hundreds of people, which was then covered up by the government?

6 What’s With All The Chemicals?

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The gross consumption of chemicals like bleach or bags of dirt and fertilizer was never really explained in this season. Was it done so that the bodies would more easily explode and/or die in the event of the Mind Flayer’s death? Was it to help turn them into goo? This seemed more like something done for shock than any real purpose.

5 How Did They Get Rid Of The Mind Flayer’s Body?

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We know that the government covered up the Battle of Starcourt by saying that the destruction was caused by an electrical fire, but how did they manage to get rid of the gigantic corpse of the Mind Flayer? Even torching the whole place seems like it would leave some pretty big body parts that would require some explanation.

4 Why Didn’t The Mind Flayer Kill Eleven?

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The Mind Flayer seemed set on killing Eleven all throughout season 3, and it had plenty of chances to do so, even with her powers. In fact, her powers were severely depleted at the time of their face-off and she had a gaping wound in her leg, and still, this giant, powerful being from another dimension couldn’t kill this young girl? It seems a little too picture-perfect.

3 Who Is ‘The American’ In The Cell?

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As mentioned above, some fans believe that the American in the cell is actually Dr. Brenner, captured after season 1. A much more vocal percentage, however, believe it to be Hopper, somehow snatched after the events in the underground Russian lab. We have no idea how much time has passed between those events and this scene, so it’s possible.

2 Is Hopper Really Dead?

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Stranger Things is pretty good about showing the dead bodies of characters that have been killed off, and we didn’t get that with Hopper, which begs the question: Is he really dead? Most don’t think so, and believe him to be the American in the cell in the after-credits scene, but only season 4 will know for sure!

1 Where Are The Parents?

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This season gave us a lot of Mrs. Wheeler, and Joyce has been a mainstay all three seasons. The other parents, however, seem content to let their kids wander around town when there’s crazy killer Russians roaming, people eating chemicals and acting strangely, and a fire at the place they all hang out. We know the ‘80s were more relaxed than now, but come on!

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