20 Strangest Things You Can Find In Vending Machines

Especially with the fast-pace lifestyle that everyone lives nowadays, convenience has become particularly valued. We want to be able to get whatever we need quickly. We don’t want a second of our time wasted. We want to get moving to make sure that our day stays on schedule.

Typically, the stuff that you can find in a vending machine is quite predictable. There are your everyday drinks, such as water, juice, and soda. In fact, these drinks are said to account for as much as 56 percent of vending machine sales.

On the other hand, there are also several vending machines that tend to dispense more unexpected stuff. Just check out 20 strangest things you can find in vending machines in the U.S. and around the world:

20 Jeans

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So, you’re walking around town and for some reason, your jeans get ripped or stained terribly? What do you do? Do you try to run home and hope no one would look down at your pants? Or do you hide in a washroom until most of the crowd has gone home?

Well, fortunately for you, there is now a vending machine that dispenses jeans. This machine by Closed Jeans can reportedly be found in Florence.

19 Guitar strings and drumsticks

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Nowadays, there are a lot of musicians who take on a number of late-night gigs in various bars and clubs around the country. Typically, they bring their guitar or drumsticks to the set. And sometimes, when you’re playing continuously, something could go wrong. Your guitar strings could snap, or your drumsticks can fly.

According to The Beer Chaser, this can be found at the Slabtown bar in Portland.

18 Gold

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We understand that there are some people who take investments seriously. And sometimes, instead of investing in real estate, companies or even cars, people prefer to invest in gold. Well, if you happen to be one of those people, you’re in luck.

This particular vending machine in Abu Dhabi can dispense gold. You also have a choice between gold bars and gold coins, according to a report from CNET.

17 Crazy, unexpected prizes

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According to a report from Adweek, this vending machine was created by Old Spice to promote its new collection of scents back in 2015. Instead of inputting money into a machine, you pay with what you can pick up from nature instead – twig, leaf, brain coral, owl pellets, etc. In return, the machine would dispense a prize.

A leaf would get you mashed potatoes and gravy. Meanwhile, other items can reward you tickets to the NBA All-Star game or a $1,000 scholarship to wrestling school.

16 Marijuana

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This vending machine is known as ZaZZZ and back in 2015, it was placed inside Seattle Caregivers to dispense marijuana. Here, a strain known as Girl Scout Cookies sells for $15.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Reuters, the machine also offers hemp oil energy drinks, cannabis flower, vaporizer pens and other types of merchandise.

15 An entire restaurant

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Sure, we get it. Sometimes, you get out of work so late that you don’t want to sit down at a restaurant for a meal. Instead, you want to have a meal, but on the go. Well, we believe that’s exactly why some restaurants have decided to put its entire menu inside a vending machine.

In the Netherlands, this machine lets you choose among several hot items so that you can have a comforting meal any time of day.

14 A café

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Well, truth be told, this is not exactly a vending machine. Instead, when you open the machine, it grants you access to the rather hidden Zapangi café in Seoul, South Korea. Zapangi maybe Korean word for vending machine, but the place serves more than just basic drinks and sandwiches here.

In fact, according to the blog There She Goes Again, you can enjoy some specialty drinks, milk tea, sweet potato cake, doughnuts and a dessert known as the Mermaid Cake.

13 Caviar

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Yes, there are those moments when you’re just craving for some caviar. After all, they’re great with some blinis, cream cheese, and sparkling wine. Well, fortunately, there’s no need to look for a specialty food shop just to get your caviar fix.

According to LA Weekly, you can enjoy some American Black Caviar for $30 an ounce. Meanwhile, an Imperial River Beluga would set you back $500 an ounce.

12 Pecan pie

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If you’re one of those people who tends to have a late-night craving for awesome pastries, then this vending machine is perfect for you. This particular machine can be found outside the Berdroll Pecan Candy and Gift Co. in Texas.

At any time of day, you can walk up and satisfy your craving for a whole pecan pie or even a bag of chocolate-covered or candied pecans. Now, how awesome is that?

11 Freshly made pizza

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Sure, you can always walk into your favorite pizza joint and get a slice. But how cool would it be to approach a vending machine and watch it make you a fresh pie in minutes?

Well, in this machine by Let’s Pizza from Italy, you can easily order a freshly made whole pizza. Just input your order and your pizza will come out of the machine in just 2.5 minutes.

10 Flying fish soup

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In Japan, there is a dish known as flying fish soup and apparently, it is quite a popular item to order in certain places. According to Rocket News 24, the vending machine was started by the Dashidouraku company because their flying fish stock has always been in great demand in their udon shop.

Each bottle sells for about $6.25 and contains a whole fried flying fish.

9 Mashed potato

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From we can surmise, it looks like Singaporeans really love having mashed potatoes. Hence, 7-Eleven decided to put out a vending machine that is dedicated to dispensing only that. Here, you can readily get a serving of mashed potatoes with some gravy.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also choose to have the “BBQ Mashed Potato.”

8 Live crab

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Sure, feasting on crabs always sounds like a delicious idea. And did you know that if you happen to be Nanjing, Jiangsu province in China, you can get some live crabs from a vending machine? According to a report from The Atlantic, each crab is housed inside a “Crab Villa.”

This is basically a multi-tiered box that is designed to make a crab feel like they’re just hanging out inside a cave.

7 Live lobster

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If one vending machine is capable of dispensing live crabs, you can bet that another one would be ready to sell you live lobsters. However, this particular type of machine appears to be quite tricky to work with though.

For starters, you have to catch one using a hook that resembles the one you find inside an arcade.

6 Horned beetles

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For the record, we’re not sure what anyone would want to do with a horned beetle. As it turns out, however, these creatures are considered to be incredibly cool in Japan.

In fact, according to several reports, Japanese children enjoy keeping these beetles as their pet. And so, we imagine that the sales for this machine are pretty high.

5 Puppies

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In Japan, there is also no need for children to convince their parents to go to the pet store just to get a pet. That’s because there are vending machines that readily sells adorable puppies.

Moreover, the pups being offered come in various breeds. Hence, parents can readily select one that would be perfect for the entire family.

4 Mystery box

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If you think you could use some more surprises in life, this particular vending machine can certainly help you out. Here, you can purchase what is known as a mystery box. The prize that awaits you inside can vary. For some companies, they promote it as a way for one lucky person to win a phone.

Meanwhile, in another mystery box vending machine in Malaysia, Good Times reported that you would find a card which states what you just won.

3 Car

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Well, if you’re the type of a car buyer who is not interested to talk to a dealer, then this vending machine is very much perfect for you. This machine was made possible by Carvana, which offers online purchasing and delivery of used cars.

To be clear, Carvana’s Co-founder Ryan Keeton told My San Antonio that this machine is meant for “pure fulfillment.” That means the cars are simply for pick-up by customers.

2 A girl’s phone number

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If you’re a guy who tends to be to shy to approach a girl and ask for her number, fear not. This vending machine has got you covered. In fact, it has (sort of) already done the asking for you.

Now, all you have to do is pay up and this machine in Japan would dutifully dispense a random girl’s phone number.

1 Used women’s underwear

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We really don’t know why anyone would want this. At the same time, we won’t judge. But apparently, in Japan, there is also a vending machine that can readily dispense used women’s underwear.

It is unclear how the company running this machine gets hold of their merchandise. It’s even more unclear who tends to buy them.

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