20 Street View Photos That Give Us The Shivers

Because of today's continuous advancements in technology, it has become easy to see the world from wherever you are. Indeed, all you have to do is type a location on Google and so many results come out. You get places to visit, hotels, restaurants and even information on how to get around.

Essentially, you can go around a city before you even get there. This is even made easier by Google Maps and Google Maps Street View. With the latter, you can take a stroll around an area while using your mouse or touchscreen.

Over the years, Google has been working hard on covering more areas on Street View. And while a lot of this information is quite helpful, we have to admit that there are also some captured images that freaked us out. Here are some of them.

20 Creepy Japanese dolls

via breakingnews.ie

For certain people, dolls are practically sacred. Hence, they tend to be maintained well. Their hairs are combed regularly, and their outfits are often updated. And as cute as dolls can be, these dolls on display in Nagoro, Japan are just plain weird and scary. To make things even creepier, a report from the Irish Examiner reveals that an old lady in this place would make a new doll each time someone in the village dies.

19 Crazy NYC woman

via lifebuzz.com

From the looks of the footage captured from Google Maps Street View in New York City, it appears as if a crazy woman had managed to board a bus. Normally, the sight of her wouldn’t really call attention. However, she boarded a public transport while completely barefoot while wearing a presentable red dress. We can't help but wonder what she's really up to.

18 South Korea cartoon head woman

via lifebuzz.com

So, it seems that a grown woman in Seoul, South Korea decided she would have a little fun. And so, one day, she decided to cross the road while wearing a huge cartoon head. Even to this day, we are not sure what her intentions were. Perhaps, she was trying to promote something. If that’s the case, she’s quite an effective marketer indeed.

17 Horse having a banana

via hackread.com

Once in a while, you may encounter a person who simply likes to do silly things. Perhaps, it’s because they want to make you laugh. Or perhaps, they simply do it for the shock value. Well, either way, the sight of a ‘human horse’ on Google Maps Street View can certainly freak people out. Even weirder, the creature is about to eat a banana.

16 Pigeon crew

via cnet.com

If you have a fear of birds, this Google Maps Street View photo taken from a sidewalk in Tokyo, Japan is something you should certainly avoid. For an unknown reason, it seems that a group of eight people decided to wear pigeon head masks and hang out together. Perhaps, they’re headed to a convention?

15 Scuba crazy

via hackread.com

So, you and your buddy are ocean lovers? Cool! Then, we would totally understand if you want to go scuba diving all the time. However, we really don’t get why anyone would be walking down the road in the middle of a busy street while in full scuba gear. Perhaps, they got lost? Or maybe they’re just drunk?

14 Straddling on a street

via hackread.com

We’re not quite sure what’s going on here. In fact, it seems only these two knows how they both ended up lying like this on the street. Based on the image taken from Google Maps Street View, it’s possible that this is a couple who just decided to play around. Either that or the guy clearly has a very aggressive girlfriend.

13 Ghost rising up from the street

via distractify.com

Most likely, this was just the result of images being layered on top of one another. And as you can see, it appears as if there is a ghost of a young male rising up from the middle of a road. In the end, this photo taken from Google Maps Street View is both creepy and cool.

12 Terror in Mexico

via google-street-view.com

This photo from Google Maps Street View was taken in Nacozari de Garcia. This is a small mining town that can be found in the Mexican state of Sonora. Based on the image, it appears that a single masked man is strolling down the street while clutching something. It is unclear what he has. However, it’s possible that he’s just preparing for Halloween celebrations.

11 Broken leg

via inverse.com

Once again, this appears to be the result of a glitch on Google Maps Street View. Regardless, looking at this image would definitely disturb a lot of people since it appears that a man’s leg has been cut off. Judging by the expression on his face, however, you can clearly see that he is absolutely unharmed.

10 Scary pink bunny

via inverse.com

Typically, a pink bunny is often associated with something cute, cuddly and perfect for a child. However, this image of a pink bunny captured by Google Maps Street View is simply disturbing. According to the website Daily Hunt, this bunny is found displayed at a ski resort known as Prata Nevoso, Italy.

9 Broken face

via inverse.com

According to a report from Express, this image from Google Maps Street View was taken in the Hague, Netherlands. The figure appears to be made from a blue-colored metal. Lying on some grass, it was missing a part of its left cheek, as well as its eyebrows and skull. No one knows how that shattered figure ended up there.

8 Ghostly woman by the bridge

via reddit.com

Don’t worry, this doesn’t seem to be an actual image of a ghost. Instead, it just appears to be the product of a Google Maps Street View glitch. Nonetheless, the sight of this can be a little scary. For some people, it just appears like an actual ghost is trying to exist with the living by carrying on with modern life.

7 Field of scarecrows

via cnet.com

Out on a field in Finland, someone had thought it’s a good idea to freak people out by displaying a large group of scarecrows. According to a report from Metro, this happens to be an art installation entitled “The Silent People” and it is made up of nearly 1,000 figures. The artist behind this creepy display is said to be Reijo Kela.

6 Poland’s Horror Museum

via google.com

In Poland, it seems that Google Maps Street View managed to walk into a dreary exhibit inside the Horror Museum. In case you decide to visit this place, make sure you don’t have any pre-existing condition that can be worsened by excessive fright. And if possible, bring a friend along so you can experience everything with someone else.

5 Satanic symbol

via inverse.com

This eerie symbol was found by the Upper Tobol Reservoir in Kazakhstan. And while it shocks a lot of people, there is a reason to believe that it is a Kazakh pentagram and not a Satanic one. This is because the said star was a popular symbol during the Soviet era. Moreover, archaeologist Emma Usmanova told Live Science, “It is the outline of a park made in the form of a star.”

4 Demon in the balcony

via hackread.com

Okay, so probably this one is not a real demon. Rather, it more than likely a person who decided to put on a very creepy mask and hang out by the balcony of his apartment. Perhaps, he’s trying to impress someone. Or perhaps, he’s just trying to get everyone’s attention. Well, on that note, he definitely succeeded.

3 A ghostly apparition in Tiger Bay

via south-wales.org

Back in 2009, people were shocked to find this image taken from the Google Maps Street View of Tiger Bay in Cardiff. After all, according to a report from the Telegraph, this area was “the scene of murders and unsolved mysteries going back 200 years.” To make things creepier, it appears that the figure is dressed in Victorian clothing.

2 Ghost girl in a cemetery

via noticias.r7.com

Well, if you think about it, it is more than likely that a camera would catch a ghost at a cemetery. And it seems that is exactly what occurred when the Google Maps Street View camera decided to pass by the Martha Chapel Cemetery in Texas. As you can see, it seems there is a ghost of a little girl hiding right behind a tree.

1 Stuart Hotel ghost

via aol.co.uk

When Google Maps Street View decided to pass by the Stuart Hotel in Liverpool, England, it seems that it got more than just the image of the hotel’s façade. Instead, it also appears to have captured a ghostly image. To make things more disturbing, it is believed that the Stuart Hotel has long been haunted.

Reference: Irish Examiner, Daily Hunt, Metro, Live Science, Telegraph

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