Hero Sixth Grader Helps Car Owner Find Bus Driver Who Hit Their Vehicle And Ran

A school bus driver had allegedly committed a hit and run with a car, but a sixth-grader that witnessed the entire situation found a way to notify the owner of said car.

According to Andrew Sipowicz, who is a senior at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, he went out to check if his car was okay after his roommate told him that a school bus stopped right beside his car. That’s when Sipowicz noticed the damage on his 2012 red Ford Mustang, along with a note, explaining what had happened.

The note was surprisingly signed by a student at Houghton Academy, who is in the 6th grade, and stated that while the bus driver was trying to pull off the bus, she ended up hitting the parked Ford Mustang and making a dent in the car. The student had later gone back to the scene of the crime, in order to write the note, apologize on behalf of the bus driver, and draw the bus itself.

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The reason why the 6th grader actually ended up being a witness to the entire situation and remembered the bus well enough to draw it on the note from memory, was because the student was actually on the bus when the event happened. She said that the bus stopped near his car every day, to drop her off, and in the process of pulling off, the car got hit.

When Sipowicz found the note, he was a lot more relaxed after being angered from the incident. He took to Twitter to share the note and the dent that the bus had made on his car, saying that he was very thankful for having the 6th grader saving him from having to spend a few thousand dollars in damages and repairs. Furthermore, he said that he was especially impressed at the detailed drawings of the two kids sitting at the back of the bus, yelling due to the situation.

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Sipowicz then called the school and talked to a teacher who recognized the handwriting to be from one of her students, and said that the school was going to award the 6th grader with a citizenship award for her “outstanding leadership”. He also contacted the bus company, First Student, and they said they were going to cover the entire repairs of the car, provide him with another car while his own is being repaired, and fire the bus driver that hit the Ford Mustang.

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