10 Creative Ideas To Maximize Space In A Studio Apartment

Does your studio apartment feel cramped? Are you wishing you could splurge for that bedroom? Well, we can all agree that whether your living room is in your bedroom, or your bedroom is in your living room, studio apartments are small. However, the open floorpan of a studio apartment leaves so many design options, that your mere 450 square feet can feel like 1000. So, before you give up on your studio for a bigger place, check out 10 of the most stylish and effective studio apartment designs that will show you how to maximize your space.

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10 The Dresser Bed

This one is so charming. Something about this angle makes this studio feel so spacious. We love that the table is foldable and attached to the wall, making it so the space can become even bigger, and using an end table as a coffee table is a great idea. But what we really love is how they put a bed on top of their dresser.

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This is genius! Not only does it maximize the small space, it makes for a lot of storage, and we all know that when working with small spaces, storage areas are key.

9 The Writer's Studio

Here's another quaint little studio. They literally have everything anyone could need into this little space, and still have the floor space to do more. This is how you maximize your space. By doing little things like buying a smaller couch, throwing the TV on the wall, and using a small ottoman as a coffee table, they were able to get the most out of this space.  The design is modest and simple, but it also has so much personality. And even with all the stuff they have in here, this design allows you to move through the space without being cramped, and that's what we love the most.

8 The Studio Hotel

We just love this one so much! First of all, this studio is super vibrant and spacious. We almost thought this was a fancy hotel at first sight. The large windows allow for lots of natural light, making this space feel bigger than it is. And by utilizing a bistro dining set, they save even more floor space, not to mention, their headboard divider has successfully created separation between the bedroom and the dining space. Talk about maximizing your small space.

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The design of this studio is both elegant, and efficient, and we're thinking about stealing this idea for our next apartment.

7 The Review Curtain

Now we all know that studios come in varying square footage, but even though this one is clearly on the bigger side, the owners still had to get creative to maximize their space. Sometimes you don't want your living room in your bedroom, and these studio owners found a way to fix that problem. By adding this stylish review curtain, they created separation and privacy. They essentially made a bedroom and by opting not to include a couch in this space, they have maximized their space to the fullest. We love the design in this place. It's beautiful, resourceful, and something we can see ourselves doing in the future.

6 The Bookshelf Divider

This design is so cute! There are so many great things going on in this studio, that we don't even know where to start. But first, let's start by acknowledging this genius bookshelf divider. Not only does it create an ample amount of storage, which once again is key, it created separation between their bedroom and their living space. They did this while also finding a way to preserve as much floor space as possible, making this space feel bigger than it is. You throw a stylish and small couch in there with a coffee table that also provides storage, and you have successfully maximized your small space.

5 The Double Duty Sofa Bed

The title of this one says it all. The owners of this little studio apartment had their work cut out for them as far as maximizing this small space. However, by using the bed as both a bed and a couch, they can entertain friends, without taking up too much floor space. Additionally, by hanging things on the wall, like that cute little plant, they save floor space while adding much needed storage.

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This studio is the perfect little space. There are no cramped corners here. Not to mention, the design will get anyone's creative juices flowing.

4 The Opulent Studio

This next one is probably our favorite on the list. This chic little studio design maximizes space so well, that we can't believe how spacious it looks even with all that furniture in there. Unlike others on this list, there is no separation in this space, but they did allow for some privacy by adding a curtain to their bedposts.

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This space flows so well, and by opting for smaller versions of each piece of furniture, they successfully get everything they need, without having to sacrifice too much floor space. This design is elegant and opulent, but most important, it's efficient. They have loads of storage, ample seating, and all that natural light coming through the window creates the illusion of a bigger space.

3 The Chic Loft

Here's another studio that is clearly on the bigger side, but the owners still maximized their space to the fullest. Wall-to-floor widows make this space big and bright, and those small coffee tables save a lot of much needed space. They managed to get a full sectional couch in there, and that shouldn't even be possible, not to mention a queen sized bed. This studio is stylish, super chic, and uses all design aspects to an advantage. They managed to get all of their favorite things in there, and by keeping everything in this white or pink color scheme, they made the studio look spacious and airy. We might be a little jealous of whoever owns this one.

2 The Hanger Light

We can't get enough of this boho paradise! The rustic feel, coupled with that adorable hanger light in the corner makes us fall in love with this studio design. This studio is so minimal and spacious, and by opting for a sofa bed instead of a regular sofa, the owners get to have it all, without sacrificing any space. Not to mention, by having a smaller coffee table and TV stand, they get the most out of their space without feeling cramped. The owners really knew what they were doing with this one.

1 The Wall Oven

We absolutely love, love, love this last one! There is so much seating in there that it's kind of amazing. Although there is no designated sleeping space, well, until that couch folds out, these owners maximized every inch of their studio apartment to create a spacious and vibrant space. There is storage for days, and that double duty sink area is awesome. The small coffee table, and foldable dining table help maximize their space so well, and every piece of furniture in this studio serves a dual purpose. This charming little apartment has everything we need.

These ten studio apartments are equally stylish and spacious, and we can't get enough of it. But what did you like about these apartments? Should your apartment be on this list? Talk to us in the comments below!

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