15 Stunning Candid Pics Of Country Music Stars

Women in country music tend to embody traits men find attractive. They’re wholesome, straight to the point and have voices that can serenade the masses.

While most country-western stars have the pipes to sell records and get on the radio, only a small collection of them have breathtaking looks. Some are legends that have been around for years, others are on the rise. Regardless of where they’re at in their careers though, it’s clear at first glance they’re endowed with a rare beauty.

Assembled below are candid photos of country western stars looking who look stunning even when the cameras catch them out of nowhere.

15 Lindsay Ell

via Zimbio

Her career may be just getting started, but already Lindsay Ell is one of country music’s hottest stars.

Not only does she sing but plays guitar too, making her a double threat. Even when she’s caught off guard, she manages to flash a smile for the cameras while looking over her shoulder.

14 Carly Pearce

via Entertainment Tonight

Although Carley Pearce was aware there would be photographers at this awards show, they still managed to catch her in an impromptu moment.

According to Entertainment Tonight, it was her first ACM Awards. “For me, it’s my first time, so I think, having that first-time feeling and also being able to share it with your fiancée, doesn't get better than that," she shared with ET.

13 Sara Evans

via Best of Comic Books

Sara Evan may be one of the veteran singers on this list, at least when compared to most of the others, but she’s still got looks that could kill.

Some of her top songs include “As If,” “Born to Fly” and “Sud in the Bucket,” which have helped catapult her to fame and fortune.

12 Kacey Musgraves

via Pinterest

Outside of music, Kacey Musgraves has lots of other interests, making her something of a Renaissance woman.

According to the site Useless Daily, she’s also an artist and a photographer on the side. Her first love is music though, and she first started writing songs when she was just 8-years-old.

11 Kelsea Ballerini

via Just Jared

Most celebs get bitter when the paparazzi sneaks a photo of them out in public. Kelsea Ballerini had a different response when they snapped this one.

She actually posted it on her Twitter account along with the caption: “My first paparazzi picture all by myself I feel like a big kid and also awkward.”

10 Miranda Lambert

via The Daily Mail

Things are looking up for Miranda Lambert after going through a public split with her former husband, Blake Shelton. She’s since moved on and married Brendan Mcloughlin in January 2019.

This photo shows the country singer walking through the streets of Manhattan where the paparazzi were just one step ahead (The Daily Mail).

9 Maren Morris

via InStyle

Even when she’s backstage getting ready, Maren Morris looks gorgeous. According to InStyle, this photo shows her getting ready for an after-party. “It was sexy but also easy to walk from party to party in,” said Morris of her dress to InStyle.

Her top songs include “My Church” and “I Could Use a Love Song.”

8 LeAnn Rimes

via Hollywood Hiccups

Most celebs don’t like paparazzi. There are suspicions, however, that LeAnn Rimes is working with the paparazzi or has some kind of arrangement set up.

According to The Christian Post, in a quote from Jennifer Row McCaughey, “She is not popular enough to have that much pap coverage, of course it is a set up.”

7 Jesse James Decker

via Netloid.com

Artists don’t always get noticed at first. They often have to work hard until they finally make it. Jessie James Decker went from getting rejected by labels to singing in front of sold-out crowds.

She’s living the American Dream and isn’t showing signs of stopping, even with the paparazzi hounding her at every turn (Flambeau Fest).

6 Danielle Bradbery

via Rolling Stone

In a similar vein to Carrie Underwood, Danielle Bradbery had help from a reality TV show. Instead of American Idol launching her career though, it was The Voice instead.

She won the fourth season and is already making music videos and recording music—and looking good every step of the way (Rolling Stone).

5 Taylor Swift

via BBC

Taylor Swift may have moved on to pop, but she got her start playing country music. One thing she hasn’t changed is her disdain for the paparazzi.

According to BBC, she once walked backward while walking a trail to evade the paparazzi. Hopefully, she doesn’t try it on the stairs.

4 Jewel

via kisax.com

Country singers often have humble beginnings. In Jewel’s case, she got her start touring with her family singing at hotels. According to The Daily Gazette, she started writing songs at 15-years-old. Not only did she hone her craft over the years but ultimately recorded hit songs. She’s also one of the hottest country stars today.

3 Shania Twain

via Pinterest

Eilleen Regina Edwards is better known by the name Shania Twain. Like many young artists, she started singing in clubs until she came to Nashville, Tennessee, which was a big step in her career. There, she recorded her first album, and the rest is history. She’s not only one of the most successful artists on the list but stunning as well (Britannica).

2 Carrie Underwood

via Zimbio

One of the biggest country-western stars is Carrie Underwood, with hits like “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and “Before He Cheats" skyrocketed her to stardom.

She got her start on the fourth season of American Idol, a reality TV show, which served as a launching pad for her entire career.

1 Julianne Hough

via Perez Hilton

Is there anything Julianne Hough doesn’t do? Not only does she sing but acts and dances as well. She even got to show off her skills on Dancing with the Stars in 2014.

Even when she’s walking her dogs, she manages to do her hair, dress up in high-heels and look stunning (TheTopTens).

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