20 Stunning Photos Of Buffy That'll Make Freddie Prinze Jr. Jealous

To many people, and I happen to be one of them, thought the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the very best shows on television. It was not only great then, but it still holds up as an awesome show even today. It was incredible for a whole lot of reasons not to mention how incredible the cast was. But even with a whole bunch of awesome and talented castmates, none shined as much as Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Buffy Summers.

Sarah is married to someone who is a pretty big star himself, Freddie Prinze, Jr. The two met when both were starring in I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997 and started dating soon after. They got married in 2002.

One has to wonder if Freddy looks back at those old Buffy days and gets jealous thinking about how hot she was. Well, if he reads this list he will.

20 Pretty But Dangerous

Buffy was gorgeous but tough. As those of you know who watch the show, Buffy was a normal 15-year-old in the fictional town of Sunnydale California, who was called to be a vampire slayer. Freddy must hate thinking about how hot Buffy looks in this particular photo.

19 Ready to Go


Buffy was a reluctant hero at first, all she wanted to do was chill out with her friends and go to the mall, but she soon embraced her destiny. Kind of anyway. Check out this photo with her looking like she's ready to fight. You have to admit Sarah is cute as all get out.

18 Angel and Spike

You know Freddy simply has got to be jealous when he sees photos of Sarah when she is hanging out with Angel and Spike. Sure, she never really got romantic with Spike, but he still was pretty cool looking. She and Angel got really steamy. That must have made Freddy mad.

17 Bloody and Beautiful

Well, maybe Freddie doesn't get jealous when he sees Buffy all beaten up, but I am sure he gets pretty mad. What must it be like to see the mother of your children constantly fighting off demons and vampires? I don't think Freddy is a big fan of seeing his wife in danger all the time.

16 Friend or Foe?

Freddy must really hate Spike. Played by James Marsters, Spike was one of the most polarizing figures on the show. At times he seemed like someone Buffy could trust, but could she really? No way. She couldn't trust Spike as far as she could throw him.

15 Goth Babe

Even though Buffy was definitely a good girl through and through, every once in a great while she would show off another side and get a little bit goth. Freddie must sometimes wonder what kind of girl he married, I mean she must seem so nice when she is home.

14 Beautiful But Deadly

Sometimes Freddy must get a little freaked out about how many demons, monsters, and vampires Buffy has killed on screen. I mean, if she complains to him about how he needs to do the dishes more often then he probably better pay attention and get them done!

13 She's Deep

Buffy isn't the kind of girl any guy could marry. When she was 15 she started having all sorts of violent dreams about women killing monsters, then she was told by her first watcher she was "the chosen one." Apparently Freddie likes women who are complicated.

12 Punked Out

At first, Buffy was a total good girl, but as time went on she started to get a bit of a different look. It was the same with Sarah Michelle Gellar. One has to wonder if Freddy likes the fact that Buffy, and Sarah, are so complicated. It probably doesn't hurt she's so pretty.

11 Hanging Out At Bars

Freddie doesn't look like the type who would expect his wife to just sit around and never go out, but still, it doesn't seem like he would want her to go out clubbing all the time either. He must hate looking back and seeing her hanging out at The Bronze looking hot.

10 Getting Cozy With Angel

Back when the show was in its prime the relationship between Buffy and Angel, played by David Boreanaz, was pretty steamy. Freddie must absolutely hate watching those old episodes. Whether they were acting or not, the relationship they shared seemed pretty real.

9 Having Fun

I am sure Freddie is the kind of guy that likes his wife to have a life of her own and have a good time. Still, he must get a little jealous at all the good times she had. Here is a photo of Sarah laughing like crazy during a blooper reel. Why can't Freddie make her laugh like that?

8 The Gang

You know when your wife or girlfriend has a whole squad of friends she hung out with before the two of you met? Does it ever make you jealous? I am just guessing but this crew looks like they are pretty tight, and that just might make Freddie feel a little left out.

7 She Needs Protection Sometimes

I mean sure Buffy can totally take care of herself, she is a vampire slayer, after all, but seeing your wife constantly menaced by demons has got to be hard. Here is Buffy being threatened by a not all that scary demon. She looks cute even when she is scared.

6 Girl Next Door

Even though there is no doubt Buffy had more than a bit of an edge about her, she still has a girl next door vibe going on. Even in this photo where she is wearing a red leather jacket, Buffy still looks like the kind of girl you can take to the prom if she let you that is.

5 She had a Cute Sister

Although Michelle Trachtenburg was pretty young when she played Buffy's younger sister Dawn on the show, she still was very pretty. Can you believe that Michelle is not 34 years old? Sarah Michelle Gellar is now 42.  Both of them still look pretty awesome.

4 She Had Magical Powers

You know when you're someone's husband or boyfriend and the woman in your life can do things you simply can't do? Well, Buffy could do all sorts of amazing things. Freddie must be a pretty secure guy to go out with a woman who not only is gorgeous but is magical as well.

3 Buffy Was a Big Star

Sure we know that Freddie Prinze Jr. has appeared in all sorts of big movies, but it still takes a pretty secure guy not to get jealous of his wife's or girlfriend's success. Buffy was a super big deal for a while and she still is. You have to wonder if this makes him feel insecure sometimes.

2 Do Her Friends Like Him?

Sure Buffy's friend Willow, played by Alyson Hannigan, was kind of a nerd and super nice and all, but that doesn't mean she would like just anyone Buffy went out with. You have to wonder if it bothers Freddie looking at Buffy hanging out with such cute buddies.

1 Total Smokeshow

You know the number one reason Freddie might be jealous of Sarah when she played Buffy, well before she met him? Well, it's simply because she was so hot. Buffy was an amazing character, who people will remember for a long time. And it doesn't hurt she is so good looking.

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