20 Stunning Photos of Genie Bouchard And Bianca Andreescu

Eugenie Bouchard and Bianca Andreescu are two of Canada’s most well-known and successful female tennis stars. Eugenie rose to prominence back in 2014, when she became the first Canadian-born player to reach the singles finals in a Grand Slam tournament. She also achieved a career-high ranking of #5, but due to her recent struggles on the court and with injuries, her ranking has fallen considerably.

Meanwhile, Bianca has captured national and international spotlight thanks to her incredible 2019 season. In one year, Bianca won the Indian Wells Open, Rogers Cup, the US Open - and also defeated Serena Williams twice!

Although Bianca has outshone Eugenie on the court, both women are not shy about posing for the camera. Eugenie has already posed for several notable magazines, but both women are very photogenic and look nice in front of the camera. Here are some of the most stunning photos of Eugenie Bouchard and Bianca Andreescu, on and off the court!

20 Genie's Black And White Dress

via Vogue

To start us off here is a simple yet nice photo of Eugenie Bouchard in a lovely black and white striped dress. As any of her IG followers would know, Eugenie has had a lot of practice perfecting her modeling pose - and that is certainly on full display in this photo! Both Eugenie and the view behind her look lovely.

19 Bianca Relaxing By The Water

via Pinterest

Bianca has had such a whirlwind 2019 tennis season, so it is understandable that sometimes she just wants to hang out by the water and relax. That is what she seems to be doing in this photo, as she relaxes by the water is a tranquil, yoga-like pose. Bianca seems at peace by the water, in her yellow and black outfit.

18 Genie's 2017 News Year's Eve Party

via Dress2019.com

In this photo, Eugenie is showing off a glimpse of what it’s like at one of her New Year’s Eve celebrations. She confidently poses for the camera in a radiant dress with her sparkler in hand before she gets ready to celebrate the start of the new year in style! If only we could snag an invitation to what surely a memorable party!

17 Bianca Relaxing In The Pool

via Pinterest

In this photo, we see Bianca relaxing by the pool during a recent trip that she took to Scottsdale, Arizona.  Although Bianca is more focused on her tennis career rather than pursuing modeling, this photo is just one example that she would make a great model if she chooses to pursue that path.

16 Genie's Lavish Lifestyle

via Sunshine Coast Daily

If you scroll through any of Eugenie's social media accounts, then you know that she definitely loves to travel to many exotic locations. This photo showcases the lavish lifestyle that most of us could only dream of. For instance, here we see Eugenie taking in the shoreline at an Australian resort while relaxing by the pool in a stunning bathing suit.

15 Bianca's Red Bathing Suit

via Tennis Tonic

This is a photo of Bianca Andreescu that was taken a couple of years ago before she rose to prominence during her breakout 2019 season. In this photo, Bianca is wearing a nice two-piece red bathing suit while showing off her toned, athletic body.

14 Genie's Athleticism

via Pinterest

Eugenie is certainly not one to shy away from showing off just how athletic she is. That is exactly what is on display in this image. Eugenie, striking an athletic pose for the photographer, is wearing blue and black skin-tight exercise clothing that leaves very little to the imagination.

13 Bianca At The 2019 China Open

via Tennis Tonic

This lovely photo of Bianca Andreescu was captured on the red carpet, as she was on her way to the reception at the 2019 China Open. Bianca looks both stylish and confidence as she poses for the camera, and deservedly so. She entered this competition with confidence since she was fresh off an impressive US Open tournament victory.

12 Genie On The Red Carpet

via TheBigLead

Whether it's because of her talent on the tennis court or her model-like good looks, Eugenie has been invited to countless red carpet events. She has a knack for looking stunning no matter what dress she is wearing, and that remains true in this sparkly multi-colored dress shown here.

11 Bianca On The Rocks

via Pinterest

This is another stunning photo of Bianca Andreescu hanging out by the water. This time, we see her in a nice yellow top as she poses atop a mountain of rocks overlooking water as far as the eye can see. She is not afraid to show off her long, athletic legs that are the result of years on the tennis court.

10 Genie Relaxing On The Sofa

via Talk Tennis

Sometimes athletes and celebrities are always wearing expensive clothes, going to fancy parties, and it makes them seem so different than the rest of us. However, as we see in this photo, Eugenie can look just as nice while posing on a sofa in a comfortable-looking top and shorts.

9 Bianca's Floral Jacket

via Sports Illustrated

In this photo of her, we see Bianca apparently glimpsing at a display or a mannequin in the window at a shop in downtown Toronto. In this posed portrait, Bianca is sporting a nice flower jacket with matching shorts and top - all while showing off her impressive toned body.

8 Genie

via Fixie News

This is yet another example of how Eugenie Bouchard always manages to look flawless as she walks a red carpet event for the swimsuit edition of the Sports Illustrated magazine. She is wearing a stylish black dress and a beaded necklace, as she poses for the camera with confidence.

7 Bianca Celebrating A Victory

via Fox Sports

Here we see a rather candid photo of Bianca Andreescu, with a look that tennis fans have gotten used to seeing lately. This photo was taken after one of her many victories during the 2019 tennis season. Even though her season is over, hopefully, we will get to see many more of these celebrations from Bianca in the future!

6 Genie Hanging Out At A NASCAR Race

via Hollywood PQ

Here we see Eugenie Bouchard at a NASCAR race in 2018, where it looks like she was able to go down to the track and mingle with some of the racers and their pit crews. This is one of her simpler looks that she manages to look rather stylish in, as she wears a strapless black top and shorts.

5 Bianca's Appearance On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

via NBC Connecticut

This is a photo of Bianca Andreescu during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Bianca got to do interviews on several notable talk shows to talk about her breakthrough 2019 season and US Open victory over Serena Williams. This also means that she got to wear some really nice outfits, such as the dress shown here.

4 Genie At The Dock

via Pinterest

Here is one photo that was taken a couple of years ago, this is a simple photo of Eugenie just relaxing on the dock as she poses for the camera. Even in this rather simple white two-piece outfit, Eugenie once again shows that she can look stunning in just about anything!

3 Bianca's Hometown Celebration

via CTV News

Here we see Bianca with a radiant smile as she listens to the Bonnie Crombie, the Mayor of Mississauga, speak glowingly about Bianca's accomplishments during her hometown celebration for her US Open victory. Bianca even had a street in Mississauga named after her (Andreescu Way) and received a key to the city!

2 Genie's Focus On The Tennis Court

via Yahoo Sports

In this photo, we see Eugenie showing off her concentration and focus on the court as she awaits the serve from her opponent. This photo proves that Eugenie is able to look just as good on the court as she does during any of her modeling shoots for the magazines or other companies she poses for.

1 Bianca Celebrating Her US Open Victory

via Tennis Tonic

This photo captures Bianca Andreescu hoisting her US Open trophy high atop the Rockefeller Center, with the bustling New York skyline behind her. According to The Daily Hive, Bianca is wearing a stylish black designer dress designed by a Canadian. That is only fitting since she had all of Canada cheering her on during her finals match-up.

Sources: cbc.ca, thedailyhive.com

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