19 Stunning Photos Of Kourtney Kardashian That'll Get Scott Disick Jealous

Not everyone is a fan of the Kardashian clan, but many do have a soft spot for the more down-to-earth Kourtney K. No saltiness here! Kourtney, who had a roller coaster romance with Scott Disick, is somewhat close to her ex-flame.

Kourtney and the father of her children, Disick, began dating in 2006. Through trials and tribulations, the couple never got married and eventually ended their relationship. However, with kids of their own, the two have remained friends. Those who keep up with the Kardashians are not all huge fans of Disick, but let’s give them props for acting like mature adults.

As a matter of fact, Disick, who is currently dating Sofia Richie, has been asked by his ex-girlfriend to move in with her – and yes, with Richie, too. Kourt thinks it would great for the children if the couple were around more often – how awesome? Needless to say, we’re quite sure that Disick often regrets not making it work with the gorgeous mama. Here’s a roundup of photos of the beautiful Kardashian.

19 Watch Out, Fellas

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Kourtney may be short and tiny but do not let that fool you, she’s as ferocious as a leopard!

Stunning in a strapless leopard print bodycon dress, Kourt showed off her wild side. And there’s one thing that is for certain, and it’s that Kourt has the looks that kill. Just nonchalantly sitting on a couch, she’s too much to handle!

18 Fierce & Sultry

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Kourtney is Kris Jenner’s first born and the fiercest of all! Unlike her sisters, Kourt does not need to put on her most revealing outfit to look dashing. Here she is, in a simple black bustier that she looks ravishing in. With a bold red lip, she not only looks confident but sultry, too. Too bad Disick doesn’t help her choose which earrings to wear anymore.

17 We’re Sure Disick Misses This Sight

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Kourt isn’t the type to always show off what she’s got, but when she does, she does so in all the right ways! The hot mama has still got it and she knows it. Here she is acting playful while posing bent over with her tongue sticking out. We’re not surprised she was able to snatch up her younger ex-boyfriend, Younes!

16 Ouch, Kourt!

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Being a Kardashian means you can absolutely wear whatever you want! And who else would be able to pull off a bandage leather dress? Disick’s ex-girlfriend, of course! Who helped her put on and take off the extremely tight dress? Oh, we know – not Disick!

15 Who Looks That Good?

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Even as a mother of three, Kourt is living her best life! This woman was blessed with incredible genes because there’s no evidence on her body that she gave birth more than once. The natural beauty, who donned a nude bikini, looks stunning even when she’s stuffing her face with bread.

14 Italian Style

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There’s no doubt that men go bonkers for Kourtney K! Yes, we’re sure most men would do just about anything to get as close as these men are to the A-lister. The mama, who looks super young, is sipping away on some collagen with her guy friends (as per her ‘gram caption).

13 Class & Sass

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Who’s that girl? Kourt looks like a star from the old Hollywood glam era! And if she looks like this daily, there’s just no way Disick could move into Kourt’s mansion with his new leading lady; Kourt is irresistible. What look can’t she rock? We’re digging this more sophisticated Kourt!

12 Sporty Spice

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Who would want to mess with the Kardashian clan with all the power that they have? We highly suggest Disick does not mess with his ex as she knows how to throw some punches. Despite her hectic schedule and being a single mother, she still makes time to get down and dirty.

11 Banana Split

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Kourt is quite the fashionista, and she knows what suits her perfectly! Here she is donning a floor-length silk yellow dress that hugs her body in all the right places. What we admire most about Kourt is that she often confidently wears no makeup, like in this photo. We’re sure Disick loved that, too!

10 She...Is...Bad

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This photo looks like a scene out of a film! A man and a woman are getting ready to hit the sack, while she’s in the bathroom getting ready and he’s waiting for her in bed and BAM, she opens the door looking like this! Our hearts are currently hurting and we’re sure Disick’s is, too.

9 Anyone Want To Play?

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If Disick ever wanted to get Kourt back, we’re sure he’d start playing some pool regularly. Showing off her incredible form in a skintight red bandeau along with matching red leather pants, the single lady surely sent many men into a tizzy with this photo on her ‘gram – even her ex.

8 She’s Unstoppable

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Who knew aluminum foil could look so good?

Kourtney showed off her curves in a skintight silver dress, and this happened right after she got into some hot water with Disick’s girlfriend. The mom-of-three went on with her night and partied away as she turned heads. We don’t blame her for looking that good – it’s natural!

7 Who You Looking For, Kourt?

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The Kardashians brought biker shorts back in style, and we are so thankful! Look at the 40-year-old’s incredible curves and flat stomach. Taken at Coachella, Kourt modeled her brother-in-law’s Yeezy pieces from head-to-toe. And maybe she was looking for a new man at the same time.

6 Thanks, Papa Scott

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Kourt does an exceptional job as a single mother! What boggles our minds most is how she finds the time to look so flawless on vacation with three children on her back. Disick and Kourt may still be friends, but we’re pretty sure it eats him up inside to see Kourt looking so alluring while on vacation with their children.

5 Kourt Needs No Man

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This Kardashian sister does not need to wear skimpy dresses to look like a bombshell! Kourt, who is a bit more “reserved” sometimes, looks just as gorgeous in a head-to-toe pantsuit as she does in a tiny dress. Looking like a boss lady, Kourt’s pose and stare are overly confident. She’s good on her own!

4 Ring, Ring, It Ain’t Scott Disick

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Kourt knows what she is all about, so we would not be surprised if her phone blows up with calls. Evidently, that is not her real phone, but laying back on her bed with a phone in hand, is a clear depiction of her life. He must really miss going home to her each night!

3 And She’s Got Brains

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Who said Kourtney never read a book? The Hollywood star is more than just a pretty face. She posted this photo of her fully clothed and reading a book in the bathtub, and we absolutely love it. Although the photo was evidently staged, we know that Kourt has the lifestyle to actually read a book while taking a bath. Too bad for you, Disick!

2 Lady In Red

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Red screams confidence and Kourt is one heck of a confident lady! Primarily known as the funny sister of the Kardashian clan, Kourt knows when it’s time to get serious. And when it’s time to get down to business, Kourt loves throwing on some red. We’re sure it spiced up papa Scott’s day!

1 Sleeping Beauty

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If Disick was still with Kourt, he’d be right there behind her on the bed! However, since that is no longer the situation, Kourt gets the ginormous bed all to herself. And despite her tiny frame, the queen needs space for all her glamourous things. She doesn’t need Disick to sparkle and shine.

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