20 Stunning Photos Of Pamela Anderson In Her Prime

Pamela Anderson has been in the news a lot lately, for three big reasons. First, her son, Brandon, got into a bad fight was his dad, Tommy Lee, and this caused a lot of controversy online. Of course, Pam defended Brandon.

Next, Pamela got press for defending Julian Assange. Some people think Assange, who was the leader of Wikileaks, is a hero who exposes the truth, while others see him as a criminal and traitor.

After that, Pam broke up with a European footballer. She said he'd been two-timing her with his baby mama for a long time.

With all of this drama, it's no surprise that Pamela looks a bit different than she did in her Baywatch days. Take a look to see her earlier photos. She's always evolving.

20 Pamela Dazzled On Baywatch

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The California Barbie look that Pamela rocked during her Baywatch days wasn't one hundred percent natural. Photos from her high school days show that she's actually a brunette, according to Pinterest.ca. Her face looked just the same, though.

She wasn't a natural blonde, but she was definitely a natural beauty who turned heads.

19 She Stopped Traffic In Black And White

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At the height of her fame, Pam was one of the biggest pin-ups around. She had the fit figure, the mane of tousled blond hair, the pretty face and the deep tan. She had the form-fitting clothes that left little to the imagination.

Pam was in her early 20s in this pic, but she's 52 today.

18 She Rocked Her Daisy Dukes

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Pam's been going for retro glam looks lately, according to Radaronline.com, but she's opting for 50s-style glamour, rather than the Daisy Dukes and low-cut t-shirts she wore in her heydey.

Like most aging beauties, Pam has had to come to terms with changing. She focuses on causes, such as animal rights, but still cares about how she looks.

17 Pretty In Pink

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Pamela enjoys wearing pink and she wears it well. It goes well with her blue eyes, tanned complexion and blond hair. This look was extreme, thanks to the feather hat, corset and heavy eye shadow.

Kim Kardashian chose this look of Pam Anderson's for a Halloween costume in 2018, according to Bustle.com.

16 Pam and Tommy Lee Didn’t Last


Pam and Tommy Lee looked like the perfect glitzy California couple. He was a rock drummer and she was a bombshell.

While they seemed happy at first, their love wasn't destined to last. Pamela considers Tommy the love of her life, according to Thesun.co.uk, and has had a difficult time getting over him.

15 Born To Wear Crop Tops

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Pam is known for her attractive curves. In her prime, she had DD implants, according to Rollingstone.com. Pam later had those implants removed and replaced with implants a full cup size smaller.

Pamela was one of those celebs who normalized cosmetic surgery. Now, so many female celebs also have implants.

14 Cute In A Baseball Cap

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Back in the day, Pam went for sporty style sometimes and she did look good wearing retro versions of athleisure. These days, she's more into ladylike designs from high-end fashion designers.

She attended Paris Fashion Week in September of 2019, according to Radaronline.com. She's a fan of Vivienne Westwood, who designed Miley Cyrus' wedding dress.

13 Posing in Pastels

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Pam has a taste for pastels, which suit her. She still opts for pastels nowadays but doesn't wear high, pointed boots as often these days as she did back in her Baywatch and Barb Wire days, according to Stylebistro.com.

Nowadays, you're more likely to see her in pumps or strappy sandals.

12 Dolled Up To Perfection

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Pam definitely has a distinctive makeup look which hasn't changed as much over the years as you would expect. She goes for pale pink lipstick with shimmer, heavy eyeliner and mascara and a drawn-on, thin brow look.

Pam really believes in smoky eye makeup, according to Ca.hellomagazine.com. It's one of her secret weapons.

11 Pam Was Actually Born In Canada

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Pamela Anderson has posed in a stars-and-stripes bathing suit, and once epitomized USA glamour, but she was actually born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada.

Like a lot of Canadian celebs, she now calls the United States home, although she's spent a lot of time in Europe, too.

10 Pam Was Fantasy Material

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Pam was on some big shows with massive audiences, such as Home Improvement and Baywatch, so she definitely caught the eye of millions of guys.

She played Tool Time Lisa during the first two seasons of Home Improvement, according to Homeimprovement.fandom.com. She played C.J. Parker on Baywatch. Pam had mass appeal.

9 Looking Sporty In Stripes

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In her prime, Pamela Anderson was radiant in photos. She really glowed and looked very healthy. When she chose sporty outfits, she looked a lot more wholesome than she did in her body-con dresses and spike heels.

Pam may be less interested in sports at the moment, because of a drama-filled breakup with a French soccer star, according to Sports.yahoo.com.

8 Covered Up In A Sweater

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When Pam wears modest clothing, something just doesn't look right. It's just not her, or not what we're all expecting to see. We're used to seeing Pam in swimsuits or cocktail dresses or cut-off jeans or whatever, rather than sweaters that go up to her chin.

Fashion designers like Stella McCartney appreciate Pam's dedication to animal rights, according to Wmagazine.com.

7 Pam Loves Tight Clothes

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Pam generally prefers tight clothes. She's not one of those female celebs whose body has changed a lot over the years. She's still got a slim build with curves, although she had some curved downsized.

When Pamela wears the tighter stuff, it pleases her fans. Pam is five foot six and a half inches tall, according to Starschanges.com.

6 Another Modest Fashion Choice

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Pam goes for light pink when she wants to look her best and some of her pink tops are baggier than others.

Pam was rocking 90s style here, with the faded jeans, the big sweater, and the big hair. Over-sized styles were often popular during the 90s, according to Asos.com.

5 Flaunting Some Bling

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As Pam became more successful, she had more money for glam, including some personalized bling. Pam once designed her own jewelry line, according to Celebrityclothingline.com, but it wasn't really a massive success.

The pieces she designed had a Hollywood theme. She started making plans for the jewelry line in 2012.

4 Ready For A Night Out

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Blue is another great color for Pam. It sets off her eyes. This long, navy-blue dress really highlights her good looks.

This sleek and simple dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline was a bit more sophisticated than a lot of her fashion choices at that time and it looked amazing. Pam still wears navy dresses today, by Zac Posen and other designers, according to Coolspotters.com.

3 Pam Is A Beach Babe

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Pamela Anderson posing on the beach is just natural. It's the perfect backdrop for a Baywatch beauty. Pam isn't wearing the iconic Baywatch red bathing suit in this pic, but she still wears it sometimes, according to Thesun.co.uk.

She says that swimsuit is tiny, but we all knew that already.

2 Becoming A Household Name

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Pam looked really clean-cut in the early days before she became a big Hollywood star. She was an ingenue who was famous for her Playboy covers and then became a famous actress.

By 2015, she posed on the cover of Playboy 14 times, according to Upi.com. That's a lot of Playboy covers.

1 Pamela Is So Hollywood

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Pam got super-glam later on, during her Barb Wire days. Remember Barb Wire? That movie starred Pam as a great-looking nightclub owner. Of course, the character's name was Barb Wire.

The film was sci-fi and it was released in 1996, according to Imdb.com. It got a 28 percent rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sources: En.wikipedia.org, Imdb.com, Upi.com

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