20 Stunning Photos Of The Audi R8

German manufacturers have been making excellent cars for decades. Automakers such as BMW and Mercedes have also veered into the sports car segment to get a piece of the pie. Since Audi did not want to be left behind and wanted to capitalize on this niche market, they entered the race with one of the most prominent sports cars on the market – the Audi R8. Some drivers would even rather opt for an R8 over a Ferrari F30 or a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Although the standard R8 looks fantastic, some owners have invested money to make their car look even better. Others have left their R8s as the standard model. We collected photos of some of the most stunning R8s.

20 Dark Knight

via Fourtitude

There are only a few cars that you can put a spoiler on and have it work. This is definitely one of those cars. Although the owner went for an all dark car, the hints of red were a nice touch to give the car a slight variation. Considering the engine of this car pumps out 900 horsepower, it provides a thrilling ride.

19 Door Windows

via Flickr

It's not often that you see windows in doors on a car. When you own a superb vehicle such as an R8, and it's a convertible, you can fit pretty much anything and it will look good. This driver lowered the car and fit magnificent rims on the color. The color that he chose only adds to the car's beauty.

18 Bugatti Suit

via Auto News Mag

If you're unable to get your hands on a Bugatti Chiron suit, then you might be able to get the next best thing if you can buy an R8. Then, you wrap it with a Bugatti Chiron suit to make it look like it can set a world speed record. The rims and the wrapping job on this car is fantastic.

17 Speedster

via Fancy Tuning

Who wouldn't want to own this car? It looks absolutely amazing. The design is perfect for a racecourse. Only a few modifications were done to this car such as the mags, lowered suspension and the wrap, but it has made the car look a lot better. This car would also be nice as a daily driver.

16 Blue Diamond

via Wallup

Numerous sports cars look great in this color. There's something about the baby blue that makes a sports car look even more appealing. Who could resist this beauty? It seems that the owner of this car was so in love with the color that he couldn't resist having rims with the same color.

15 Gold

via Zero 2 Turbo

Audi did an outstanding job when they designed the R8. One of the few modifications that can make the design look even better is a gold wrap. That's exactly what has happened with this car. Just when you thought that an R8 couldn't get any more beautiful, then you see this beauty.

14 Infusion

via Wikimedia Commons

When you combine colors to wrap, getting the right combination is crucial. The other factor that matters is using the right ratio of the two colors across the vehicle. On this R8, the combination of red and black is absolutely stunning. Nice touches on the rims and the seats.

13 Sparkly

via Creative FX

One of the ways to make the R8 look even better than the standard model is by making it look like it's shiny all the time. Wrapping it in chrome will do the trick. Considering the owner of this R8 chose turquoise wrap, he made his car look almost like a BMW i8.

12 Street Warrior

via Evasive Motorsports

Owners of an R8 who want to make the car look like a road beast should ask the driver of this one for advice. The body kit that he fitted on the car made it look like an absolute speed machine. When you take your R8 for a race around the track, this is one of the ways to kit your car out.

11 Blacked Out

via Twitter

Regardless of which color you chose, having only that color cover the entire car usually doesn't work out well. That's not the case with this car. The owner decided to make the car completely black, even the rims, but it works since the shape of this sports car is magnificent.

10 Illuminated

via Flickr

This car looks magnificent. Not only is the wrap a great color, but it also provides a great reflection of the lights. The owner did a great job in choosing a matching interior, which suits the exterior and makes this vehicle look like the supercar that it is. No wonder this stunning car is on display.

9 Black And White

via Go Motors

A few years ago, it was a matte black wrap that took the world by storm. It seems that the new in-thing is a white exterior with black rims. Since many cars look stunning with that combination, it seems that combination is going to stay around for a while. This car looks awesome.

8 Camouflage

via Pinterest

There are only a few cars that look good in a camouflage wrap. The R8 is definitely one of them. The great touch that the owner of this one did is adding a touch of yellow patterns throughout the vehicle. That's helped to give the car a bit of a bright color but enough to keep it dark.

7 Lights Up

via Pinterest

One of the things that the Fast and Furious movie franchise has inspired car owners to do is experiment with lights. Not only is the wrap on this car superb, but the owner decided to fit lights on the rims and by the grille. That combination has worked extremely well and made the car look spectacular.

6 Matte Black

via Top Speed

When you're a famous football player, you can afford just about any car that you desire. Mario Balotelli decided to go for an R8. To make his car look different, he went for the classic matte black wrap. It looks great, and the touch of yellow on the rims makes it look even better.

5 Skater Boy

via Mafia Cars

Nyjah Huston is one of the best skaters in the world. When he's not on his board, he likes to be behind the wheel of a nice car. Besides owning a Lamborghini, Huston also has an affinity for the Audi R8. He wanted to jazz up his ride, so he decided to combine black and turquoise.

4 Burnt Orange

via Sportech

At first glance, one would probably think that this car is a Lamborghini Gallardo. It's not only the Italian manufacturer who can make their cars look good by combining burnt orange with black rims, as the owner of this Audi has done the same. A job well done.

3 Racer

via SR66 Design

Owners of the R8 Spyder who want to make their cars look like a street racer can take inspiration from this car. The wrapping job is magnificent, and the nice touch was the bent spoiler. This car looks magnificent, and the modifications make the car look even faster than what it is.

2 Matte Grey

via Reforma UK

If you want a dark wrap but don't want to go for the matte black, then the next best option is grey. In my opinion, the matte grey looks better than the black. Although the owner didn't combine a lighter color with the matte grey, it still makes the car look good, especially the black rims.

1 Standard

via Youtube

Sometimes the standard design is good enough. Some R8 owners want to make their vehicles even better, but Audi's standard model is so beautiful that no adjustments are required, especially when it's in red. It doesn't hurt that it's a convertible and that the black interior matches the red paint.

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