20 Stunning Pictures Of Female Tennis Stars In Yoga Pants

The life of a female tennis player competing in the WTA is tough. On the outside looking in, it’s glamorous, is all about staying in nice hotels, eating in nice restaurants, travelling the world…oh, and of course playing in the odd tennis tournament! But, as these 20 would testify, there’s far more too it than that.

Female tennis playing have to contend with a lot. There’s everything that goes into being professional sportswomen. Then there are the constant comparisons that are drawn between themselves and their male counterparts. They’ve got to do something that stands out. Even if they’re having an off day and their standard of tennis isn’t up there, these 20 certainly stand out. They catch the eyes of onlookers and evidently the cameramen even when they’re on the practice courts and are in training mode. They’re beautiful athletes, but are just visually stunning when in yoga pants. These are 20 pictures of female tennis stars in yoga pants.

20 Mandy Minella

via tennisforum.com

Mandy Minella hasn’t reached the heights many thought she’d reach when she turned pro in 2001. Her ranking’s quite low and she’s certainly not the most well-known player on this list…well, not when taking her achievements, ability on the court into account anyway. She a mightily popular player for other reasons!

19 Sania Mirza

via listal.com

For a woman that plays solely on the doubles circuit, it may come as a surprise to learn that Sania Mirza is one of the most popular tennis players in the world. She’s hugely popular in India where she’s revered as an A-list star. She’s got star appeal, charisma, oh and of course she’s beautiful. Look at photos like this and it’s unsurprising that she’s got millions of IG followers.

18 Sabine Lisicki

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This little pocket rocket from Germany has fans all around the world due to her never-say-die spirit and the emotion she brings onto the court. It’s fair to say she also has a lot of fans due to her IG photos. Sabine likes to stay fit and strong and looks good doing it. She doesn’t hold the record as the world’s fastest female server for no reason.

17 Simona Halep

via: celebmafia.com

Simona Halep is strong, feisty, and has won many fans because of it. Her attributes have meant she’s one of the best players on the WTA. Her commitment to her craft has meant she’s won two Grand Slams. On her day she can just blow her opponents off the court. It’s evident that she’s certainly got some muscle under those yoga pants.

16 Angelique Kerber

via: instagram.com

Angelique Kerber is another lover of yoga pants when in training mode and we’re glad she is. Once upon a time, Angelique was the shy and retiring type. She found the fame and attention tough to deal with. She’s certainly come out of her shell, is far more active on social media, and the tennis world is all the better for it.

15 Heather Watson

via: zimbio.com

Heather Watson’s a big deal to those in the UK and to a lot of tennis fans around the world. To-date she hasn’t really made an impact on the tennis scene, but she’s certainly a popular figure. Heather’s committed to fitness off the court and takes her training seriously. She also practices a lot of yoga and so must have a lot of yoga pants lying around.

14 Johanna Konta

via: Instagram.com

Britain’s number one tennis player has been making waves on the WTA in recent years. She’s close to realizing her potential on the court. Johanna isn’t that active on social media. But occasionally, pictures like this make the rounds and grab everyone’s attention. This is a 90s video look. The yoga pants certainly complete the ensemble.

13 Garbine Muguruza

via: Instagram.com

Garbine has aspirations to become the world’s best so she takes her training very seriously. She’s also something of a fashionista and takes delight in wowing tennis fans with her stunning photos on social media. Garbine can pull off any outfit but yoga pants compliment her athletic physique gloriously, and Garbine certainly knows it.

12 Maria Sharapova

via: Instagram.com

Maria Sharapova knows how to work it in terms of tennis, her marketability, business, and all-round style and persona. She’s another fashionista and has been up there in terms of being one of the most beautiful people in sports, not just tennis, for over a decade. Maria doing her stretches in yoga pants – there are few better sights.

11 Serena Williams

via fortune.com

Serena Williams can only be described as being a beast on the court. She’s genetically gifted, possesses a tremendous amount of strength and muscularity, a range of other physical attributes and athletic prowess that enables her to power her opponents into submission on the court. She has everything, is the perfect athlete and a world-beater of epic proportions.

10 Caroline Wozniacki

via: instagram.com

When it comes to polls of the world’s most beautiful athletes, Caroline Wozniacki always fairs pretty well, that is if she’s not at the top spot. Caroline is effortlessly beautiful and can pull off pretty much any form of attire. When it comes to yoga pants, she rocks them like the best of them.

9 Elina Svitolina

via: pinterest.com

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina has always been there and at the top of the rankings. She’s right up there in the popularity stakes too, not that tennis is about that of course, it’s just a welcome by-product! This pic is from a recent photoshoot and shows Elina modeling some training gear. It’s no surprise the company chose her to market their yoga pants.

8 Julia Georges

via: perfect-tennis.com

Julia Georges has had a decent time of things on the WTA tour. For the most part of her career, she’s performed decently. She performs more than decently when it comes to increasing and appealing to her fanbase on social media. Pictures like this of her in yoga pants certainly help.

7 Eugenie Bouchard

via: thecanadianencyclopedia.ca

Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard is one of the most popular players, athletes full stop, in the world. She’s stunning in every sense of the word, knows it and isn’t shy about flaunting it either. Eugenie’s something of a model too and looks good in pretty much anything she wears, certainly in yoga pants.

6 Victoria Azarenka

via: reddit.com

Victoria Azarenka’s a headstrong woman. She’s someone who plays life to her own tune, isn’t preoccupied with what others think of her. Victoria’s received plenty of hate and ridicule because of it, but also plenty of fans. Pictures like this of her in yoga pants will certainly help to increase her fanbase, not that she wears yoga pants for that reason of course.

5 Dominika Cibulkova

via: flickr.com

Dominika announced her retirement a matter of days ago, but she just had to make this list. She’s one of the most beautiful players in the world of tennis. Those who’ve seen her IG which resembles a modeling portfolio would be hard-pressed to disagree. This is a pic of her in a more relaxed setting, but she still shines.

4 Bianca Andreescu

via: flickr.com

At the age of 19, Bianca has the tennis world at her feet and has already made great strides. She’s young, fearless and pushes hard on and off the court. Bianca’s mightily fit, which is what you’d expect from a teenager and loves to train in yoga pants. Her IG’s full of her in training poses!

3 Petra Kvitová

via: twitter.com

Petra is the tennis world’s sweetheart. She a “Czech lefty with a big heart” as described on her IG profile. She needed the heart to come back after her terrifying ordeal a few years ago. She sustained an injury that left her fearing for her tennis career. But she’s been pushing hard in the gym, amped up the intensity and has shown a lot of heart to get back to winning ways.

2 Belinda Bencic

via: youtube.com

Belinda Bencic has just enjoyed a stellar season that’s caused her to climb up the rankings. It’s a season that’s gotten her out there, gotten her name known to the masses. She’s in her early 20s and pushed by her father, her coach, she spends a lot of time on the training courts.

1 Donna Vekic

via: donnavekic.com

This pic has been obtained from Donna’s very own website. She knows she’s looking good, is the type of image that people want to see, and markets herself superbly. Her IG is awash with stunning pics too. Donna is slowly climbing the ranks, making a name for herself on the court and off it.

Sources: WTA

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