12 Pieces Of Affordable Furniture That Look Stunning In Any Space

For some of us, decorating a house gives us life. For others, just having a place to sit and a place to sleep is fine and dandy. However, we can probably all agree that when it comes to furnishing a home, affordability is key. Sure, there are some items that we will splurge on – like a California king mattress or a couch that is the perfect combo of sturdy and soft. For other items around the house, like storage, chairs and accent pieces, we would like to save a few dollars, if possible. It all needs to look super cool, of course, to add fun, funky, and fresh touches to our homes!

That being said, we have rounded up 10 pieces of furniture here – storage carts, modern desks, stools, side tables, ones full of shelves and places to sit. These are 10 pieces that won’t break the bank and that still look sleek, fun, attractive, and neat.

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12 Rolling Utility Cart

Via: Overstock

If you don’t own a utility cart, get one – right here and right now! They can be used as islands, rolling bars or coffee centers in the kitchen. They can hold products in the bathroom. Or you can be rolled out when you need them. You can get this cart from Overstock.com, in three different colors and it costs just $48.

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11 Office Desk

Via: LexMod

Some people have enough space for a designated home office to do work. For those of you who don't have a lot of space in your home, we recommended this sleek desk. It has two tiers and several cubbies to store office supplies. It looks super clean and contemporary, and it’s available through LexMod for just over $100.

10 Tray Ottoman

Via: Big Lots

A storage ottoman is a must-have item, and this one is only $34.99 at Big Lots. You can prop your feet up on it after a hard day of work. Friends can sit on it when you have large groups over. Blankets, magazines and other knick-knacks can be hidden in it. Plus, when those guests are over, you can set out food and drinks on it, too! With so many purposes, this little guy is just great.

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9 Industrial Stool

Via: Bed Bath & Beyond

Add a pop of color to your kitchen with these barstools! They come in two heights and a variety of colors. They cost around $50 at Bed Bath & Beyond. The industrial look is not for everyone, but this option is a really great one if you’re looking for cool seating at a bar or counter.

8 Side Table

Via: TJ Maxx

Most people at least have a nightstand, a coffee table, and a kitchen table, but we love having similar pieces all around the house. Where else are we going to put the mail when we come in or place our drink while we’re talking? This side table is the perfect accent piece, and it is available at TJ Maxx for just under $30!

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7 Accent Stool

Via: Overstock

Another fun piece of furniture that can be added into any room is an accent stool. Most of the stools have really cute designs, too! Sure, the main purpose they serve is for extra seating, but if you like exposed wood and/or animal print, this is the piece for you! You can find them for $27 at Overstock.

6 File Cabinet

Via: Target

A file cabinet is a very useful item! You can get this one from Target for $49.99. If you have office space, this will come in handy for storing files. Even if you don’t have a home office, think about contracts, medical records, birth certificates and other important papers. They all need a home, and now, with this piece, they can have one.

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5 TV Stand

Via: Walmart

A television stand is another important piece of furniture, and we just love this one. This television stand costs $99 at Walmart and it definitely gets the job done! In many homes, families, and friends are often gathering around the TV, so you want something sturdy yet attractive, like this one. This stand has plenty of space for books and other decor items to jazz up any entertainment area.

4 Shelved Bench

Via: Amazon

Spice up your entryway with this bench. You can get this item on Amazon. It is just over $100, and it can serve so many purposes. You can sit and take your shoes off, store umbrellas, bags, and other things you grab while running out the door. You can hide away anything you want in these great drawers. Let's be real, we all need more drawers in our lives!

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3 Drawered Nightstand

Via: Wayfair

Speaking of hiding things in drawers, we love a good storage-focused nightstand. At Wayfair, you can purchase this cute nightstand for just under $50. The books you read at night and the glasses you use can be stored in one of the drawers or the lotion and chapstick you put on each evening. This can store so much for you!

2 China Cabinet

Via: Jet

Running out of space for all your dishes? Then we suggest this china cabinet from Jet, which is $89.18. It is tall and skinny, meaning you won’t take up too much space. Plus, it has a solid door so it doesn't always have to be organized or tidy. But it does have a glass door so you can show off your pretty china (since it never gets used but needs to be shown off anyway)!

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1 Love Seat

Via: Overstock

Last but not least, we have this great piece of furniture; add more seating to your space with this love seat. It is available at Overstock for $162, and it is actually a convertible piece. It can quickly and easily go from an oversized chair to a flatbed that guests can use when they spend the night. It is a multi-functional piece that won't take up too much room, won't break the bank, and will enhance your home!

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