How To Recover From The Holidays And Go Sugar-Free This January

Feeling a little blah after a luxurious holiday season of eating and drinking? Tired of eating cookies (if that is even possible)? Maybe it is time to try the "Sugar-Free January" challenge to cut back on the sweets and kick your body into back into high gear.

Lindsay from A Pinch Of Yum proposed this one month cleanse on her blog as a way of resetting your body after the holidays. Lindsay's blog not only includes the instructions for the cleanse but also meal planning sheets and checklists so that you can join the journey.

What I like most about Lindsay's approach to Sugar-Free January is that she does not recommend restricting ALL types of sugar. Instead, for this cleanse she encourages everyone to adapt it to their own needs and preferences. For example, Lindsay says she will not cut out dark chocolate as it is one of her favorite things. The overall goal is not to be on a super restrictive diet, it is to adjust your eating habits and cleanse your body.

Does Sugar-Free January sound like something you want to be a part of? Are you looking to decrease your sugar intake in a general way? Don't worry we have you covered. If you want to cut out sugar this month here is what you need to do.

Step one: Head over to A Pinch Of Yum and print off Lindsay's Sugar-Free Meal Plan Template.

Step Two: Create a Meal Plan and sugar-free checklist that suits your personal needs. I decided to keep the teaspoon of white sugar in my tea every morning because it makes me happy.

Step Three: Find some great sugar-free recipes that coincide with your preferences. Lindsay has lots of ideas on her blog but you can also find others by searching around such as this Almond Matcha Smoothie or this  Creamy Ginger Carrot Soup.

Step Four: Take it easy. Don't be too hard on yourself if you eat a few treats this month. The goal of this challenge is to make you feel better, not worse! Allow yourself time to experiment with your meals and just have fun.

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