Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: 15 of the Nicest Serial Killers of All Time

Anyone who has seen a horror movie, or even the news, is familiar with serial killers. Usually, they're depicted as maniacal, knife-wielding, blood-thirsty psychopaths with no sense of humanity. But not all serial killers are the fearsome beasts that attack you in silence from the shadows. Some of these serial killers can actually be quite kind, handsome, and charismatic men with wholesome upbringings and who are active in their community. The men on this list are known for being considerate crooks and they are probably some of the nicest criminals you'd ever meet (you know, aside from the "killing people" part).

15 Richard Chase

According to /u/SHUT_DOWN_EVERYTHIN_ , Richard Chase (a.k.a. The Vampire Killer) was a serial killer who refused to enter houses that were locked. For those who don't know, legend says that vampires (which according to some sources he claimed he was) cannot enter a house if they are not invited in and Richard took a locked door as a clear sign of unwelcome. He may have gotten his vampiric title from refusing to break and enter (that is just a heinous crime isn't it Mr. Serial Killer?), or perhaps he was giving this nickname due to his obsession with blood and the sadistic way he killed his victims. One thing is for sure, tonight I will definitely be locking all my doors before I go to sleep tonight.

14 Ted Bundy


"He'd wear a fake cast on his arm and ask a pretty brunette to help him load his kayak on his car. One woman he tried this and noticed the passenger seat missing and got spooked.

She saved her own life trusting her instincts. She identified him with the name of Ted. (The fact that he gave her his real name tells me that he was quite confident in her not ever getting away.)"-/u/bubbles_says

Good ol' Ted Bundy; the inspiration for countless horror films and nightmares for decades. What made Ted unique at the time was the fact that he was such a handsome, clever, kind man and the fact that he used the kindness of strangers as a way to capture his victims. He even worked for a suicide hotline and coworkers claimed he seemed to genuinely care for every person he saved. We no longer saw serial killers as the scary unknown monster lurking in the shadows. Instead we realized that even our next door neighbours and childhood friends could have real skeletons in their closet.

13 Edmund Kemper

"I don't know if I'd say he's a very nice guy, but Edmund Kemper is incredibly smart and self-aware. After turning himself in to police because he knew he was completely out of control, he wound up granting numerous interviews to the FBI when they were creating VICAP. He also doesn't seem keen on bragging or puffing himself up. His discussion of his crimes, while not remorseful, is very matter-of-fact, with a ready acknowledgment of how terrible they were."-/u/Pettibon_Junction

"Edmund Kemper, definitely. He's one of the few serial killers that turned himself in, for starters, and he's willingly refused parole because he's afraid of killing more people if he were to be released. He's also known for being a standup inmate: he does volunteer work to help out around the prison and is generally extremely well behaved. On top of that, the detectives that worked on his case said they really liked him. I mean, if you watch interviews of him, you can kind of see why. He just seems like a calm, friendly, and well-spoken guy."-/u/SupaKoopa714

12 Ed Gein

"Ed Gein was basically just the nice, kind of strange guy in town. He just loved his mom and minded his own business. He also only killed like two people. There was just the small

matter of digging up women's graves to make a woman suit. Honestly, if he was around today when it was socially okay to be transsexual and there was ready mental health assistance for victims of abusive parents/troubled childhoods, he might've just been a normal person."-/u/awesomeness0232

Ed Gein was the inspiration for many films, including "Psycho", "Silence of the Lambs", and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" due to his decision that the only way to become a woman was to turn her into this seasons latest rage in bodysuits. Skinning aside, anyone who knew him described him as the kindness person they knew. Everyone was genuinely shocked when they found out exactly what his wardrobe and furniture were made out of.

11 Harold Shipman

"Harold Shipman was our family doctor. It was very shocking when the truth came out. He had came to our house many times whilst my mum was pregnant and she always noted how good he was at taking blood... He was always nice and polite never rude to anyone which is why him being a mass murderer was so shocking. He did diagnose my grandma's stomach tumor as trapped wind - she had a HUGE lump, he probably wanted to take her money too, luckily he was discovered a week or two after this."-/u/katiya

"...He wasn't my doctor, I went to the surgery across the road, but he was well known in our town. I was quite young when the gruesome truth emerged, but so many people who thought they knew him were incredibly shocked at what he'd done."-/u/theendofcake

10 John Wayne Gacy (a.k.a. The Killer Clown)

"He was considered a pillar of his community... It's really quite a tragic story, his first victim woke up before he did and Gacy found him in the kitchen holding a knife so Gacy

panicked and killed him. But it was only afterwards that he realised he wasn't holding a knife to defend himself, he was cooking them both some breakfast (according to Gacy anyway)."-/u/WhatsInYourPants

"To everyone who met him, John Wayne Gacy seemed a likable and affable man. He was widely respected in the community, charming and easy to get along with. He was a good Catholic and sharp businessman... He also spent much of his free time hosting elaborate street parties for his friends and neighbors, serving in community groups and entertaining children as "Pogo the Clown"."-/u/shadecrimson

9 Perry Smith

"He was smart, liked poetry, played guitar well and sang. He would pick up hitchhikers just to help them out. Even right before he was about to murder he was nice. He wouldn't let his partner in crime rape any of their female victims. Also look him up, I'd say he's probably the best looking killer I've ever seen."-/u/Oliviatolstoy

The book, "Cold Blood" written by Trueman Capote was written about this Seth McFarlane look-a-like. A lesser known fact was that once he was arressted, Smith shedded his nice guy image and was busted for contraband (including a saw blade, glue, pliers, and a roulette game) and went on a hunger strike in the first year of being imprisioned because what else is there to do in prison?

8 Bernhardt "Bernie" Tiede II

"His trial had to be held in another town because everyone thought to highly of them and they were afraid that the jury would be biased. Additionally he was released in 2014 and as part of his probation had to live in Richard Linklaters garage."-/u/thegiantcat1

However, opinions of him changed and aligned with those that we expect to be directed toward a serial killer (come on guys, I know these people can be terribly nice but we have to remember that there is a bit more cloud to this silver lining) when he went back to court this past April and the family of his victims took to the stand resulting in a sentence of 99 years or life to the already elderly man.

7 Jeffrey Dahmer (what is a serial killer list without him?)

"This was who came to mind for me too. He actually said that he shouldn't be let out because he thought he'd do it again....and didn't want to but had a compulsion. He seemed very aware that something was different about him but struggled with how to change that. It was pretty heartbreaking (no pun intended) until you remember the horrific things he'd done." -/u/beggingoceanplease

"My grandma's friend tells a story about how her son was one of the police working on the Dahmer case (after he was caught). He interviewed people at the bar he frequented and they all said he seemed like a nice guy. When the news would play a missing persons report (about one of his victims) he would always joke, "Yeah, I've got him chained up in my basement" (or something to that affect), and the bar patrons would laugh and thought he was funny."-/u/Isugg

6 Robert Berdella

"He used to take in junkies off the street and give them a home. That's often how be chose his victims, he did help a lot of young homeless people, except ya know the ones he raped, tortured, and murdered. His reasoning for killing one of his victims was that he didn't want to make His cab driver wait outside too long."-/u/thrw_awyy

Here we have another serial killer nice guy. He started a neighbourhood watch program, wrote for his local paper, was a quiet yet upstanding citizen, and everyone was shocked when they found out. Well, we can't expect these guys to run up and down the streets screaming about it can we? Otherwise they'd never lure enough victims to reach serial killer status.

5 Charles Whitman

"Reminds me of Charles Whitman, who may have actually been turned into a murderer at least in part by a brain tumor affecting his amygdala. Before climbing a clock tower and murdering 15 people (and injuring about 30 more), he murdered his mother and wife, and left a note next to his mother."-/u/DragoonDM

I'll spare you from reading the note but his evident remorse and confusion makes him come across as a victim to his own neurochemical imbalance caused by the aforementioned tumor pressing on the region of his brain that houses his amygdala which controls emotions, empathy, and how you feel towards others. This tumor shutting down the functions of the amygdala explains why this quiet, kind, mild mannered man turned savage with little to no warning.

4 Colonel Russell Williams

"Russell Williams was a colonel in the Canadian armed forces, who had piloted the British Royal Family, and was considered a 'shining bright star' and a model officer. He was the Wing Commander in charge of the largest military base in Canada until 2010."-/u/shippinglaw

We never think of soldiers as the type who could commit such crimes, we hold them up to a higher standard and forget that they are humans just like everybody else and that the everyday life of a soldier is not something humans were meant to experience. This “shining bright star” of a colonel was the paragon of all things soldier-y and his shockingly disturbing crimes were, surprise, a shock to everyone who knew and worked with him as he was “such a nice, hard working man.”

3 Peter Sutcliffe (a.k.a. Yorkshire Ripper)

"I know a guy that went to school with him. Said he was nice, but really weird."-/u/icorrectpettydetails

I know, I know. This man is not the poster child for kindness and good behaviour, but not everyone pops out of the womb with a insatiable blood lust. According to some, he came off as a genuinely nice guy. Which makes you wonder what that guy on tinder has in mind when he keeps messaging you that he is a "nice guy." As of August 11th, he is being moved out of his current prison as doctors proclaim he is not mentally ill which makes further mockery of the unsuccessful mental illness plea he used when he was originally arrested.

2 Gary Ridway (a.k.a The Green River Killer)

"Ridgway graduated from Tyee High School at age 20 in 1969 and married his 19-year-old high school girlfriend Claudia Kraig. He joined the Navy and was sent to Vietnam, where he served on board a supply ship and saw combat. When questioned about Ridgway after his arrest, friends and family described him as friendly but strange...He had become religious during his second marriage, proselytizing door-to-door, reading the Bible aloud at work and at home, and insisting that his wife follow the strict teachings of their church pastor. Ridgway would also frequently cry after sermons or reading the Bible."  He would eventually snap and become one of the worst serial killers of all time, inspiring some films of his horrors. I've always been more cautious of the happy family suburban prototype because they always seem like the ones who go off the deep end eventually."-/u/shadecrimson (who got his information from Wikipedia )

1  Dennis Nilsen (a.k.a. The Kindly Killer)

"Nilsen's scholastic record was above average, though not exemplary. Although he displayed a flair for both history and art, he was known to shun sports of any kind...Nilsen informed his mother that he intended to join the army, where he intended to train as a chef. Nilsen passed the entrance examinations and received official notification he was to enlist for nine years' service in September 1961, commencing his training at St. Omer Barracks in Aldershot. Within weeks, Nilsen began to excel in his army duties; he would later describe his three years of training at Aldershot as "the happiest of my life"."-/u/shadecrimson (who got his information from Wikipedia)

Who would of thought that this star soldier and above average student would become a famous necrophiliac serial killer?

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