10 Super Healthy Toppings For Oatmeal (That Actually Taste Good!)

Oatmeal is one of those breakfast foods that has a lot of things going for it: it's cozy, comforting, and also good for you. Oats are a whole grain that have fiber, and they also have important nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and folate. Maybe you're an old pro when it comes to eating oatmeal and chow down on a bowl every single morning. Or maybe you're interested in the idea of eating a healthier breakfast, at least in theory, but your mornings always get away from you and all you can manage is a cup of hot, steaming coffee.

You can definitely jump on the oatmeal train and add some toppings that are also good for you... and taste awesome, too!

Here are 10 super healthy toppings for oatmeal that actually taste really good.

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10 Nut Butter


Everyone loves peanut butter. That's just a fact. You can definitely add a tablespoon of peanut butter to your oatmeal and you'll be a happy breakfast camper. In one tablespoon, you're getting eight grams of healthy fats.

You can also try different kinds of nut butter, like almond butter, which has calcium and would be an awesome addition to your bowl of oatmeal. Almond butter is just as rich, creamy, and nutty as peanut butter, and it's also been pretty trendy for a while now.

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9 Chia Seeds And Hemp Seeds


You might not love the taste of seeds and might be balking at the idea of putting chia and hemp seeds on top of your oatmeal. But here's why it's a good idea: they are both so incredibly good for you... and you honestly won't even notice!

Chia seeds are full of fiber and protein and calcium, and if you add two tablespoons to your oats, you can mix them and barely notice. Hemp seeds have a lot of protein, so your bowl of breakfast will be protein packed.

8 Fruit


You know that fruit is healthy and has vitamins and minerals. It might feel hard to get in enough fruit every day but an easy way to do that is to add fruit to your oatmeal that you've made for breakfast.

Fruit is an awesome topping for oatmeal that is both healthy and delicious. It's on the sweet side which is good news if you like sweet breakfasts. From peach and apple slices to cherries or bananas or any kind of berry, you have endless fruit options to choose from when it comes to toppings. You can try a new one every day of the week and you won't be bored at all!

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7 Homemade Jam


Have you ever tried making jam in your own kitchen? You'll not only cut down on sugar (since you don't even have to add any at all) but also any weird ingredients that are in jams that you buy at a grocery store.

A lot of people make homemade jam that has chia seeds and fruit. It makes an absolutely delicious topping for oatmeal since, well, it's jam, and we all know that jam tastes awesome.

Try this recipe for chia seed jam from Oh She Glows. It's got blueberries and vanilla in it and would be the best topping possible for your bowl of oats.

6 Granola


Granola is super fun to eat since you get a lot of different things in it, from crunchy oats to seeds and dried fruit. If you make granola at home, you've just immediately made things a whole lot healthier than if you had purchased some in a store. You're saving yourself a lot of sugar and random ingredients, and you'll definitely avoid any chemicals.

Make a batch of granola that suits your fancy, from pumpkin to apple to even something more savory, and grab a handful to use as a topping for oatmeal. It'll add crunch to the soft oats and make you very happy.

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5 Toasted Pecans Or Almonds


Whether or not you routinely grab an apple and a handful of almonds for an afternoon snack, you know that nuts are good for you. Nuts have healthy fats and those give you energy.

Nuts do taste good, but if you're not really into them, then toasting them briefly will make them taste a lot better. They taste, well, toasty, and that is a really nice thing in the morning. You can toast pecans or almonds, either in the oven or in a pan (just watch super carefully so nothing burns), and top your oatmeal with them.

4 Pumpkin Seeds


Are pumpkin seeds a staple of your daily diet? Are they even something that you eat on a weekly basis... or ever? It's possible that the answer is no since you might not be all that into the idea of eating seeds.

Maybe trying some pumpkin seeds as an oatmeal topping will change your mind and make you fall in love with them. They're crunchy and savory and taste really good, and they're also healthy – they have protein, healthy fats, iron, and Vitamin K.

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3 Freeze-Dried Strawberries


Strawberries are a favorite fruit for a lot of people. They're juicy and sweet and taste like dessert.

Freeze-dried strawberries are basically a kind of dried fruit and they also have fiber, which is good news when you want something delicious to top your oatmeal with that is also good for you.

How delicious does a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and freeze-dried strawberries sound? It's like a cool, new twist on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

2 Shredded Carrots

Pinterest/Oh She Glows

Okay, you're thinking, "How can shredded carrots be a delicious topping for oatmeal?"

Here's how: if you make this recipe for Carrot Cake Oatmeal from Oh She Glows.

Yes, Carrot Cake Oatmeal. There are a lot of recipes that are dessert for breakfast type of deals and this is just one example, and it sounds and looks absolutely amazing. Whip this up and top your bowl with shredded carrots to get all of the nutritional benefits of carrots while still enjoying something sweet. It'll be really cool to eat vegetables for breakfast and actually smile and like it.

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1 Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a popular topping for oatmeal. You can add cinnamon and banana and peanut butter to your bowl and be super happy with your healthy and delicious choices. There really isn't much that is tastier than that.

Cinnamon is also really healthy, along with being sweet and reminding you of apple pie or pumpkin pie or, really, fall in general. Cinnamon is not only an anti-inflammatory but also has antioxidants which, according to Healthline.com, "protect your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals." It couldn't be easier to sprinkle some on your cooked oats.

Who's ready for some healthy (and yummy) oatmeal?

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