7 Super Useful Cosplay Hacks

Cosplay is a super fun hobby to get into. There are so many different kinds of characters out there from comics, video games, anime, regular television, pretty much anything out there, somebody has cosplayed it. It’s a really great feeling going to a convention and having people take pictures of your cosplay – all that hard work has finally paid off.

That’s the thing, though. Putting on a finished cosplay is one thing, but the process of making it is another. Since most of the stuff we like to cosplay are from cartoons, that means that the laws of real-world physics don’t apply and outfits may not translate well into reality. It’s the job of a cosplayer, though to overcome these obstacles and make an outfit anyway.

Here are a few tricks for anyone who is a beginner or an advanced cosplayer. There are never too many shortcuts when it comes to cosplay, even if it only makes the creation process just a little bit easier.

7 Hand Socks For Different Colors

The nerd world has a ton of characters that are quite literally out of this world. In comics and cartoons, there are so many aliens and science anomalies that some characters have skin that is not possible in the real world. One way to cosplay a character like this is to paint your whole body green, purple, whatever, but that can get messy, especially as the day goes by. There is another way to get a realistic-looking unrealistic skin tone without having to invest in three containers of Ben Nye.

It’s a lot easier to make a set of gloves in the character’s color instead of using a ton of body paint. There are arm-length gloves with fingers already made in zentai suit material, so getting some of those will be the easiest. To get more realistic, glue on some fake nails to the gloves.

If zentai suit gloves aren’t your thing, there’s a cheaper way to do the same thing with pantyhose. These come around in all different kinds of colors and they are easy to replace. There’s just a little bit of sewing and cutting involved when it comes to the fingers, but it’ll still save a bunch of time that would be spent reapplying body makeup.

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6 Sock Boot Covers

A big part of cosplay is having to recreate clothes that don’t make any sense in real life – that’s really what the fun is about! While it’s still a challenge to reappropriate existing patterns from the craft store into the outfit you’re trying to create, that’s easy compared to trying to find shoes. With enough time put into it, any piece of clothing can be done but it takes a whole different set of skills to make shoes (especially ones that are comfortable).

One of the most popular shoe styles (especially for women) in comics/cartoons are high heeled, knee-high boots. Those are hard to come by at the local DSW, and even if you do come across a pair, they may be insanely expensive. Don’t worry – not all is lost, though! There’s an easy fix and that is with boot covers! Pretty much all you need to do is put a long sock over the shoe (cut some holes where need be) and voila! You’ve got a nice new pair of impractical shoes.

5 Hot Glue Details

Ever look at an intricate design on some armor and think to yourself, “Man, there is no way that I could get that kind of detail into my cosplay!” Hot glue, which is cheap and super easy to use, may be the answer to this problem. It’s very easy to trace a design over with a hot glue gun, and it will give your armor that nice raised look that you want. It works great with foam sheets, which are another go-to for armor creation.

Hot glue isn’t only useful for armor designs, though. It can also be good for other accessories, like a tiara, that has a lot of little details to it. The hot glue technique is also a quick and easy way to make durable and sturdy webs.

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4 Foam And Paint Is Everything

Making armor look like the real deal may seem super hard, but it’s actually really not that bad. To make some realistic-looking armor one does not have to be a metalsmith in any capacity, they just need to buy some foam sheets for 99 cents at the craft store. These things are super flexible and can be bent into most shapes with a little bit of heat.

To get the worn metallic look, get some different colors of metallic paint, mix them together, and paint away. Mixing different kinds of metallics will make it look a bit rusted and weathered, which gives it a more realistic look.

3 Go To The Thrift Store

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Making cosplays from scratch is fun, but the materials can get kind of expensive and sewing takes a lot of time that not everyone has. A good solution to that problem is to look around at your local thrift store for some good basics.

Thrift stores have a ton of weird clothing of all different styles and sizes, and they’re super cheap. You may not find exactly the right piece you’re looking for, but you’ll most likely find a garment or two that could be a good base for an outfit.

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2 Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are more than just things to put in between yourself and your comforter, and they can be very useful when it comes to making a costume. People have been using bed sheets for ages to dress up as ghosts, but they can be used for even more things.

Fabric can be expensive and bed sheets might just be a cheaper way to get the right color fabric if you just need a yard or two of it. They don’t come in that many colors, but it would get the job done. This would at least be a great way to recycle some old sheets that you may not want to use anymore.

1 Puffy Paint

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For all the things that hot glue might not be able to help with, there is puffy paint. This stuff is a wonder and is way more useful than just making t-shirts for football games in high school. It’s a fabric paint, so it sticks on pretty well and can be just the thing you need to make your cosplay really pop.

If you don’t have the steady hands for embroidery but your costume really needs some and you don’t have a machine, puff paint could really help you out. It’s a really good guide to help figure out where to put the needle next, and since it’s raised, it gives a really nice finished effect that looks like it was professionally done by a machine!

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