19 Supercar Knockoffs That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

When it comes to supercars and expensive luxury cars, we all wish we could drive and own them, but very few of us can afford to do so. Most of us make peace with that fact and admire these cars from a distance. However, there are a small handful of people that take matters “into their own hands” and get to work on creating “faux cars” that are designed to mimic the real luxury vehicles. While we’re sure this seemed like a fabulous idea at the time, some of these are such a stretch that they are simply hard to look at. The real deal is what we’re all seeking!

Let’s take a look at 19 crappy supercar knockoffs that aren’t fooling anyone …

19 Nissan Sentra Posing As A Ferrari F40

Via MotorAuthority

This is a bit of a stretch. A Nissan Sentra is about as basic as it gets, and you can only stretch this design so far. Kudos to the effort, as we can tell a lot went into this, but nobody is foolish enough to think this is actually a Ferrari.

18 Kitcar?

Via TheDrive

Ok, this is not Kit. This will never be. We’re not sure why this person even tried to do anything here, nor are we clear on what they were trying to do in the first place. Someone has too much time and money on their hands to come up with this “masterpiece”.

17 Chevy 350 Posing As A Ferrari Dino

Via Carbuzz

If anyone takes a glance at this and believes it to be a Ferrari, the issue lies there, entirely. We’re not sure who the designer thinks he is fooling, but none of us are falling for it. This is all wrong, on every level, and we’re wondering if it even starts!

16 R8 Knock - Off

Via TeamSpeed

The designer of this fake R8 was a little short on this build. No really, actually too short- this car is much longer in real life, and the knock-off is easy to spot, even from a distance. The configuration of the windshield is bizarre – the R8 has a gorgeous long and wide windshield, and this is compact and poorly done.

15 Corolla Posing As An R8

Via TeamSpeed

The body on this fake R8 is better than the last one, but what happened to the front end? Maybe these 2 designers can combine forces to make one of these properly! One of the most gorgeous features of the Audi R8 is the front end, and we’re sad that this build insults it by misrepresenting it so badly.

14 NOT Porsches!

Via TeamSpeed

Just because you nail the design of the Porsche lights, doesn’t mean we believe these to be real Porsches! This designer should have lowered the lights a bit as the placement is all wrong. Clearly, this is more compact than any Porsche. This brand is known for their sleek designs, and this knock-off doesn’t even come close to imitating it.

13 MX5 Acting Like A Ferrari 250


On one hand, we’ve seen worse knock-offs than this Ferrari, but on the other hand, we still don’t believe this to be the real deal. It’s a serious aesthetic upgrade from what the MX5 looked like when it was stock, but this build doesn’t quite look good enough to have anyone be duped by it.

12 Beetle Turns Into Porsche 356

Via Jalopnik

Eeek. The dimensions are all wrong, and we’d really like designers to stop trying to imitate Porsches. Porsche has such refined, classic, universally recognized exteriors, and it would take far more effort than this to fool the average onlooker.

11 MR2 Evolves Into Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Via DriveTribe

Oh boy. This MR2 was barely touched. We can still see the mainframe of the entire car. Side note to all you knock-off builders out there – it will take far more work than this to make a $4,000 car look like it’s a $250,000 car!

10 MR2 Knocks Off Lamborghini Murcielago

Via YouTube

This is well done – for the most part! If you’re driving past us very fast, we may pause to blink and take this to be the real deal. The problem is, you won’t able to drive fast enough to fool us in your MR2! The sound would be another dead giveaway. The interior of this car was so displaced compared to the work they did to the exterior.

9 Camaro Evolves Into Lamborghini

Via Jalopnik

The word on the street is that someone tried to turn their Camaro into a Lamborghini. Oh wait, is that what this picture is? Sorry, all we saw was the actual Camaro…we didn’t notice any resemblance to a Lamborghini at all! Maybe, just maybe, some more design work was needed here…

8 Camaro Turns Into a '57 Chevy

Via Jalopnik

A 1957 Chevy is a well desired, highly sought after classic car. So much so, that even people that don’t know much about cars, know what that car looks like. This Camaro would have been a great car within its own right. Now it just looks sloppy, and nothing at all like the ’57 Chevy we all have a picture of in our minds!

7 NOT A Thunderbird

Via Jalopnik

Yeah, so – nice job on…umm… well…the tires are great! Nothing else on this strange faux-build makes sense or even comes close to resembling a Ford Thunderbird. There’s a decent amount of work done on the front end and grille, and had the designer put the same amount of effort into the rest of the car, they may have found greater success.

6 Dodge Stratus Acting Like A Lamborghini Gallardo

Via Jalopnik

Turning a Dodge into a Lamborghini is a pretty tall order, and at some point, someone should have told the designer of this car to stop while he was ahead. This is just embarrassing. The configuration of the front end and hood are way off, and the side view still looks very much like the Dodge that it is.

5 JMW Becomes A Mini

Via Carbuzz

Yeah, so – there’s nothing really good we can say about this one. This is so clearly NOT a Mini Cooper. There isn’t even a child out there that would believe this fairytale. This design is such an epic fail - nothing was done right, and it’s fooling absolutely nobody.

4 Chinese Build  Abracadabra's Into A Rolls Royce Phantom

Via Carbuzz

Impressive to only the most novice of onlookers, most would be able to quickly assess this as being a Chinese knock-off of the $600,000 Rolls Royce Phantom. The body is too short, not wide enough, and all wrong in the worst ways. First-glance points exist, but within 2.5 seconds of viewing, this is easily recognized as being a knock-off.

3 The Porsche/Ferrari Combo

Via Carbuzz

We’re not entirely sure why someone would try to alter a Porsche in the first place. It’s a pretty slick car. The idea of turning it into a Ferrari is as far-fetched as this photo is. It’s not fooling anyone, nor would any of us want to be seen driving it.

2 NOT A Mini

Via Superunleaded

This car is definitely too long to be a Mini Cooper, and is certainly not as compact and adorably sleek looking as one, either. A Mini Cooper is not all that expensive to buy, either. The designer of this fake car could have purchased one for less than $30,000, rather than wasting their time and money on this unconvincing build.

1 Honda S2000 - Aston Martin

Via DriveTribe

At first glance, this one isn’t half bad! If we were to look at this for more than 5 seconds, the Honda S2000 features shine through and we can clearly see this is not an Aston Martin. We do want to give some credit to the designer though –at least we were fooled for a little while.

Sources: Hagertys, MotorAuthority

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