15 Surprising Details About Miley's New Boy Toy, Cody Simpson

News of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s split sent shockwaves through the celebrity gossip world. When Miley Cyrus quickly entered into an intimate relationship with her close female friend, Kaitlynn Carter, things started getting really interesting.

But now, since that short-lived romance has come to an end, Miley is involved with a new Australian hottie, Cody Simpson. The two lovebirds are new and exciting and everything we need in a perfect Hollywood love story.

But who is Cody Simpson? He isn’t just Miley Cyrus’ love interest of the month; Cody was well-established in the entertainment business long before he caught Miley’s eye. Cody Simpson is a talented singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. He might be Miley’s new beau today, but he’s got a lot more to offer the world.

15 Cody Simpson Was Born In Australia


Miley must have a thing for Australian men, because just like Liam Hemsworth, Cody Simpson was born in Australia. On January 11, 1997, Brad and Angie Simpson welcomed to the world their wonderful baby boy in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Cody currently resides in Los Angeles, but his Australian roots are always with him.

14 He Got His Start On YouTube


Similar to the way Justin Beiber was discovered, Cody Simpson was found over YouTube. During the summer of 2009, when he was just 12-years-old, Cody began recording songs in his bedroom and uploading them to the popular site.

After uploading his cover of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” he was discovered by the Grammy-nominated music producer, Shawn Campbell, according to Fan World.

13 His Sister Is A Model


Talent and good looks run heavy in the Simpson family. Cody’s younger sister, Alli is a well-known Australian model and fashion columnist. She has gained attention from several different fashion and beauty brands all over.

Following in her brother’s footsteps, Alli also has her own music videos uploaded on the internet and has received millions of views, according to IMDB.

12 Cody Simpson Has Some Very Popular Exes


We know Cody Simpson is dating Miley Cyrus now, but she isn’t the first big name he’s been tied to. According to People, Cody has dated both Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. A leaked photo of Cody and Kylie kissing on a rooftop exposed their short-lived 2011 romance.

After Kylie, Cody was then tied to Gigi Hadid for a couple of years.

11 He Was Once 'Egged' During A Live Performance


During a May 2011 performance in Sydney, fans threw eggs at Cody while he was on-stage. In an interview with the Australian radio show, The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Cody admitted that he wasn’t actually hit with the eggs.

He was very upset, on behalf of the rest of his fans, though, because the rest of the show had to be canceled because of security concerns.

10 His Relationship With Gigi Hadid Ended Because Of Their Schedules


Cody Simpson’s relationship with model, Gigi Hadid lasted for two years before they went their separate ways. According to People, the decision to end things was mutual. Their conflicting and busy schedules became too much for the relationship.

In an interview with DuJour, according to People, Cody also admitted the highly publicized part of their relationship made him uncomfortable.

9 He Is An Emotional Guy


Cody is a self-proclaimed emotional kind of guy. According to Cosmopolitan, Cody admitted he is in touch with his emotions.

“I am; I've always been really in touch with myself and my emotions and my body. I feel things pretty easily. Love makes me emotional, for sure. I get homesick sometimes, that makes me emotional; being away from family and home,” he said in an interview with Cosmpolitan.

8 Cody Is A Huge Supporter Of Environmental Education


The environment and what happens to it is a major passion of Cody Simpson’s. According to Teen Vogue, Cody grew up feeling deeply connected to the sea and the earth. He believes the contamination of the oceans and plastic pollution is human-imposed and a huge problem.

Cody has made it his life’s mission to spread awareness and incite change.

7 He Was Once A Contestant On 'Dancing With The Stars'


Cody appeared as one of the contestants on the 18th season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” He was partnered with Witney Carson, a popular professional dancer.

Although Cody and Witney did not take home the winning prize, they did last five weeks on the show before being eliminated, according to ABC. Even though Cody finished in 9th place, he did consistently receive high scores.

6 Cody Left His Record Label To Escape The Industry Bigwigs


At the age of 17, Cody made a huge decision to leave his record long-time record label, Atlantic Records, according to Teen Vogue. “When I was on the label, a lot of things were dictated by bigwigs and whatever,” Cody shared, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, “And for me, that's not how I like to do business; I like to be very organic and natural.”

Cody now runs his own record label called Coast House Records.

5 He Once Wrote A Song Entirely About A Bee


We know Cody feels very strong about the environment, but his love for nature goes further than spreading knowledge. A lot of Cody’s music has those feel-good vibes to them, but one song, in particular, has a surprising meaning behind it.

According to Cosmopolitan, Cody’s 2015 song, “ABC” is pretty much all about bees and how important they are to the earth.

4 He Is A Super Talented Swimmer


Cody spent a lot of time in the water while growing up in Australia. He is a very talented swimmer and even trained with the Miami Swimming Club.

According to TV Over Mind, Cody took part in the 2009 Queensland Swimming Championships, where he won two gold medals. These days, he’s a member of the University of California’s Trojan Swim Elite team.

3 Cody Simpson Released A New Song Written For Miley Cyrus


Cody Simpson continues to win the world over as Miley’s new love interest. He has made her happier than she has been in a long time, and now he has released the sweetest song, written for Miley.

“Golden Thing” was released just a few weeks after Miley and Cody’s relationship became public. In the song, he sings about Miley having the “golden thing” and how they’ve shared “a thousand thrills” and “a thousand chills.”

2 He Loves Being On Tour


A lot of musicians find touring to be exhausting and uncomfortable, but Cody loves everything about touring, according to TV Over Mind. He thinks traveling on the tour bus can be fun and gives him the opportunity to see and experience new places every day.

The fast-paced life of living on tour is something he lives for.

1 Cody Can Turn Up The Romance In Any Situation


Cody and Miley are totally couple goals these days. Everything they post makes us swoon and cheer for their blooming love. During Miley’s short stay in the hospital, Cody stayed by her side.

Normally, hospital rooms and tour buses aren’t exactly the most romantic places to share with your girlfriend, but Cody has his ways. He thinks tour buses can be “cozy,” according to Cosmopolitan, and while Miley was laid up in bed he didn’t hesitate in serenading her.

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