20 Surprising Facts About The Duck Dynasty Family

There have been many shows that have shocked the nation on television, from networks such as HBO, TLC and adding to the list is A&E's 'Duck Dynasty'. Whether you've heard of the show, watched a few minutes or are a die-hard fan of it, you can't help but agree that it is somewhat entertaining.

The show revolves around the Robertson family living in Louisiana with a huge passion for duck hunting season. Although the show isn't for the faint of heart, it certainly shines a light on the massive successes one can have from duck hunting.

Despite the entertainment factor, some very questionable moments have led to cast members being suspended from the show! Although it isn't highlighted within the series, we've got you covered. Here are 20 surprising facts about the 'Duck Dynasty' family that'll definitely shock you.

20 Phil Robertson Anti-Atheist

Phil Robertson the "leader" of the family alongside brother Si, has made some very questionable comments in the past, one of which was very anti-atheist. According to the Washington Post, Phil condemns any atheists and has used some bad storytelling to denounce their beliefs.

19 Male Cast Members Must Keep Beards Long

Believe it or not, the long beards are just part of their brand. Phil and 3 out of his 4 kids along with brother Si are all contractually obligated to keep their beards at a certain length. It is no surprise that the long beards tie into the overall look of being duck hunters, but who would've thought it was mandatory!

18 Reed Robertson Couldn't Handle The Fame

Reed Roberston, who is Phil's eldest grandson, is one of a few family members who are unable to cope with fame. Not only do we not see Reed too much on the show, but he has made several statements regarding the show and how it's caused negative effects on his mental health.

17 Si Robertson Kicked Out Of School

The younger brother, Si Robertson, is the only one of the two that does not have a wife and kids. Despite brother Phil having four of his own and nearly 15 grandkids, it appears Si left the excitement for his younger years. According to She Knows, Si was quite the partier back in his school days, so much that it led to him being expelled for good!

16 Phil Robertson GQ Interview

It appears Phil Robertson has found himself in the hot seat quite a few times, but this particular time was the worst. Phil did an interview with GQ magazine where he made many homophobic comments and claimed that homosexual behavior was sinful. This led to a nationwide backlash and a temporary suspension from the show, says A&E.

15 Willie's Fame Created Family Tension

Willie, who is Phil's third born, was one cast member who let the fame and fortune get to their head. Despite the family seemed quite level headed and grounded, Willie enjoys the spotlight more than others. According to USA Today, Willie's behavior and obsession with fame led to a lot of tension between the Robertson family.

14 Phil Robertson's Addiction

In addition to being anti-atheist and gay, Phil Robertson has yet another skeleton in his closet that has surfaced into public knowledge. According to Radar Online, Phil has had a past of substance abuse and alcoholism. This topic has been discussed by his kids and their experience and recollection of growing up with a father suffering from addiction.

13 Family Has A History of Mental Illness

With alcoholism affecting more than just Phil, the Huffington Post reveals how many of the cast members of 'Duck Dynasty' have found themselves struggling with mental health issues. From addiction, depression, and suicide, the cast has definitely been through it.

12 Phil Was In A Steven Bannon Film

If you aren't familiar with Steve Bannon, he was the Chief Strategist. Although he no longer holds that position, he and Phil Robertson are quite buddy-buddy. Their friendship was showcased when cast member Phil Robertson appeared in one of Bannon's movie as a favour.

11 Family Helped Elect Vance McAllister

Keeping in theme with politics, the Robertson family also played a role in the election of Vance McAllister. The Republican member of the U.S House of Representatives was elected in 2013 after being endorsed by the family, the only shame is that McAllister had no clue what he was doing.

10 The Show Is 'Guided Reality'

Much like other reality shows out there, A&E's 'Duck Dynasty' is said to be a "guided reality" rather than a true depiction of the Robertson family. According to the family themselves, the show does not capture their real life, and is as they put it "guided". Is there any reality show out there that is true reality?

9 Phil's Beliefs In Marriage

As if the past statement of Phil Robertson weren't enough, the star managed to hammer in yet another nail in his coffin with a statement regarding marriage. According to CNN, Phil believes men should marry women when they are young. "Marry 'em when they are 15 or 16," said Phil Robertson in an interview, shocking many viewers.

8 Duck Dynasty Lawsuit

'Duck Dynasty' has found themselves in a very heavy lawsuit, however, it doesn't involve any of the cast members. Several of the show's producers have been involved in a major lawsuit regarding the production company and extortion of sorts that have led to their termination from the show. According to Variety, the producers have since been fired and are now being sued by ITV for fraud and extortion.

7 Family's Violent Past

It appears the Robertson family has had quite a dark past. When dealing with addiction, it is no surprise that violent outbursts follow. According to Looper, Phil Robertson has been known to get into an intoxicated state leading to a brawl or two at times. This aspect of their life rarely gets aired on television, making the "guided reality" aspect of the show more understandable.

6 Extremely Rich Before Show

The patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson has a net worth of over $15 million, says Fame 10, and that is not just money made from the show. The family has had a very lucrative hunting business before their stint with A&E. Once you add in their nearly $200,000 salary per episode, you've got yourself a wealthy bunch of Robertsons.

5 Questionable Hunting Techniques

Although A&E's 'Duck Dynasty' features more of the family drama than any actual hunting, the series also has a show on YouTube. In these more telling videos, the Robertson family has been recorded hunting ducks and using their teeth in order to fully ensure a duck has been hunted properly.

4 Family Aren't Big On Hygiene

With massively long beards, a lot of time amongst the wildlife, it is no surprise that many of the Robertson men lack vital hygiene. Phil Robertson admitted in an interview once that there "is not a lot of personal hygiene going on", which does not make matters better for how others view this family.

3 Phil Suspended From Show

Due to his horrible remarks regarding the LGBTQ+ community, A&E officially suspended Phil Robertson from the show for a whopping nine days. Yes, you read that right. Robertson who has insulted many different communities was only given a nine-day suspension from the show. It sounds like a tiny slap on the wrist if you ask us.

2 Marriage Trouble With Willie & Korrie

In addition to Willie's craving for fame, it appears there has been some trouble brewing between him and his wife, Korrie. Many of the family members have openly discussed this matter, claiming how they are "praying" and "doing everything they can" to keep the two together and happy.

1 Clashes With PETA

When you've got a show that focuses on duck hunting, wearing fur and poor treatment of other animals, we are not in the slightest bit surprised to find out that PETA, an animal rights organization, has had it out with the family and show for years! According to EW, the organization tried many times to get the show canceled.

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