20 Surprising Facts About WWE Divas That Vince Wants To Keep On the DL

Women’s wrestling has been a huge part of WWE’s success. Throughout the years we’ve seen the company create a slew of stars that young girls look up to. Stars such as Wendi Richter, Trish Stratus, Lita, and the 4 Horsewomen are considered pioneers in women’s wrestling.

These women have shown they have the looks, charisma, and athleticism to make it in a male-dominated sport. While these women kicked butt inside the ring, behind the scenes their lives were filled with secrets.

Being a public figure, some of these secrets are well known with the fans. However, there are a few secrets that fans don’t know about. Vince McMahon and WWE officials often try to keep certain stuff about their stars under wraps. Whether Vince does this for his own benefit or for the wrestlers is unknown. So let’s take a look at some facts about WWE Divas that Vince prefers to keep on the down-low.

20 Dawn Marie's relationship with Kurt Angle

Wrestling valet Dawn Marie entertained fans throughout her time in ECW and WWE. Onscreen, she was involved in romantic angles with Torrie Wilson’s father Al, and later Charlie Haas. But offscreen Dawn Marie was briefly in a relationship with Kurt Angle. Neither star has commented on the rumors, but Dawn Marie and Kurt are considered one of wrestling’s secret couples.

19 Emma's shoplifting and firing

Tenille Dashwood’s career as WWE Diva Emma was plagued by bad luck. One of her misfortunes came in June 2014 when she was arrested in Hartford, Connecticut for shoplifting an iPad case from Walmart. Following the shoplifting incident, WWE fired Emma, but due to fan outrage, rehired her a few hours later. The charges against Emma would be dropped, and she would later leave WWE for the independent circuit.

18 Amy Weber's harassment from Randy Orton

Former Diva Search contestant was in WWE for only a few months. During her time in WWE she served as the onscreen valet for JBL. But Weber left the company in early 2005, and she would later cite her reasons for leaving due to harassment from Randy Orton and other male wrestlers.

17 MSG Screwjob with Wendi Richter

With the help of her friend Cyndi Lauper, Wendi Richter defeated The Fabulous Moolah for the Women’s Championship in July 1984. However, a year later at Madison Square Garden, Richter lost the championship to a masked opponent, who was later revealed to be Moolah. Richter had no idea that Moolah was her opponent or that she was supposed to lose the championship. She was so furious with the screwjob that she quit WWE that same night.

16 The Fabulous Moolah's past

The Fabulous Moolah is considered a pioneer in women’s wrestling. However, in recent years her legacy has been tarnished due to allegations that she exploited the female wrestlers at her training school. When plans were announced to name a women’s battle royal after Moolah for WrestleMania 34, fans were outraged. After the public backlash, WWE switched the name to WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

15 WWE's favoritism towards blondes

Throughout the years, WWE has come under criticism for how they treat their female talent. One criticism that fans continue to point out is how the company favors blonde wrestlers. Vince has a preference towards blondes, and we’ve seen stars such as Trish Stratus and Charlotte Flair have multiple, and lengthy title reigns.

14 Christy Hemme's relationship with Triple H

After winning the 2004 Diva Search, Christy Hemme appeared to be on her way to a successful wrestling career. However, a year later she left the company. Rumors were that Christy may have been involved with Triple H, and when Stephanie McMahon found out, she fired Hemme. Christy has gone on record to say the rumors weren’t true.

13 Gail Kim eliminates herself from battle royal

When Gail Kim returned to WWE in 2008, the former Women’s Champion hoped for better success than her previous run. However, Kim’s second WWE run would prove to be another flop. On an August 2011 episode of RAW, fans noticed that Kim eliminated herself from a women’s battle royal. A few days later, Gail confirmed that she was indeed leaving the company again.

12 Alicia Fox's troubles

For 13 years, Alicia Fox has been part of WWE. The former Divas Champion has always been a favorite among the crowds. However, in recent years Alicia Fox has been experiencing personal problems. The star reportedly has trouble with alcohol and even wrestled in a match while she was drunk. Her recent absence from television has fans and others concerned about her well-being.

11 Melina and Batista's relationship

Melina’s wrestling career has often been overshadowed by her personal life. The former Women’s Champion was in a long-term relationship with wrestler John Morrison. However, in 2005, rumors circulated that Melina had dumped Morrison to pursue a relationship with fellow WWE star Batista. In a 2015 interview, Melina debunked the rumors and said that she and Batista were just friends.

10 Sable's harassment from the locker room

Former Women’s Champion Sable has had a tumultuous relationship with WWE. In 1999, at the height of her career, Sable left the company. She would later file a lawsuit against the company and claimed she was the victim of harassment by the entire locker room. In one incident, wrestler Sean Waltman apparently destroyed Sable’s luggage with some, well, waste...

9 Kelly Kelly's dating life

Kelly Kelly was one of the most popular stars during the Diva Era. Yet, the star’s personal life often took the focus away from her ring work. Kelly has dated a few other wrestlers. Her suitors included: Test, Justin Gabriel, Batista, and Dolph Ziggler. There were also photos of her hanging out with Chris Jericho.

8 Sunny's troubles

Original Diva Sunny’s name keeps making the news. However, the news isn’t about Sunny’s wrestling career, it geared more towards her personal life. The star has faced a string of legal problems, which has kept her in and out of the courtroom. Aside from her legal issues, Sunny’s new career as an actress has drawn a lot of controversy.

7 Paige's relationship with Alberto Del Rio

Paige’s life has been filled with a series of hardships. One such moment came when she began dating wrestler Alberto Del Rio. The relationship caused concern for Paige’s fans and co-workers, who felt Del Rio was a negative influence. The couple had a rocky relationship, which came to an end in November 2017. Paige has since then cleaned up her life and returned to work for WWE.

6 Chyna's firing

The Chyna/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon saga is one of wrestling’s biggest real-life stories. After discovering that her boyfriend Triple H was now dating Stephanie, Chyna was let go from the company. WWE claimed Chyna left on her own terms; however, it would later be revealed that Vince McMahon fired her, and many felt the situation with Stephanie and Triple H played a role in Chyna’s firing.

5 Debra's marriage to Stone Cold

In September 2000, wrestling valet Debra married WWE’s top star Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yet, a few years later it would be revealed that things weren’t exactly perfect for the couple. They had a volatile relationship, which resulted in police being called to their house. Following the incident, the couple divorced in February 2003.

4 Mickie James and John Cena

Before he began a relationship with Nikki Bella, John Cena dated another WWE Diva. Cena and Mickie James began dating in real-life after they were paired together on WWE television. However, their relationship would be short-lived. Cena went on to marry and divorce Elizabeth Huberdeau. As for Mickie, she would later marry wrestler Nick Aldis with whom she has a son.

3 Alexa Bliss' injuries

Alexa Bliss is one of WWE’s hottest, young stars. She’s already a five-time Women’s Champion, and a former Tag Team Champion. But now questions are arising about Alexa’s future in wrestling. Within the past year, Bliss has suffered numerous injuries that have kept her out of the ring. Despite claims that she’s fine, the injuries have led to speculation that Alexa’s wrestling career could be coming to an end.

2 AJ Lee's struggle with bipolar disorder

Early in her career, AJ Lee had a gimmick of being a crazy chick. She exhibited mentally unstable behavior as she interfered in Daniel Bryan and CM Punk’s matches. Yet, what WWE or fans didn’t know is that in real-life AJ Lee had bipolar disorder. Lee went into great detail about her struggles with bipolar disorder in her memoir Crazy Is My Superpower.

1 Charlotte Flair's marriages

Currently, Charlotte Flair is in a relationship with WWE star Andrade. But what some fans don’t know is that Charlotte has been married and divorced twice. Both marriages were filled with their share of drama, which Charlotte wrote about in her biography Second Nature. Charlotte seems happy in her new romance with Andrade, and maybe the third time will be the charm for her.

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