19 Surprising Things Ferrari Owners Can’t Do With Their Cars

For decades, Ferrari has been one of the most desirable car brands for people of all ages. Owning it is one of the reasons people try to be successful. And for those lucky few who can afford it, buying one is practically a no-brainer. This is simply because, since its inception, Ferrari has never compromised when it comes to making beautiful machines which perform as well as they look. They always compete for top honors in racing disciplines like Formula 1, and their road cars are some of the fastest ever built.

Despite the avalanche of new, competing supercar brands, Ferrari has maintained its status quo by integrating its culture both within the company and with car owners. They have also implemented a series of controversial rules that both their staff and car owners have to follow. Potential owners are made aware of this even before they buy the car, since they have to be vetted and chosen by Ferrari as a worthy owner. This makes Ferrari owners an exclusive group. But the hurdles don’t stop there. Ferrari has made the news a couple of times, like when they told owners not to paint their cars pink, or even the time that they had problems with Deadmau5’s livery.

As Ferrari owners have come to learn, these rules and limitations come with their purchase as standard. And there are even things they cannot do with their cars which they could do with other car brands. If they don’t like it, they can just resell their car, and even that has limitations. So, let’s look at the ways in which Ferrari is limiting how owners use their cars.


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Supercars are generally not practical. After all, they are built for one thing only: to go fast. A close second is to look stunning. Anything else is not a priority. With a model like the Enzo, you can tell this quite easily. The car has a number of limitations, from a tiny trunk to a windshield wiper which is an inconvenience most of the time.

The long windshield wiper was shaped to resemble the one on Michael Schumacher’s Formula One car. It cannot fully retract, so it blocks the view of the passenger. And owners have to live with it.


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Nowadays, most cars come with a fair amount of fine print; especially the expensive kind. Every car brand has its own rules, from Bugatti to Lamborghini. However, Ferrari is a special case. They make all new owners sign a contract where the owner agrees not to resell the supercar in the first year of ownership.

Ferrari models are hardly ever lower in price, so this is a tempting move for people who want to make a quick buck. But Ferrari wants to discourage people who flip cars, so if that’s your purpose, you have to stay with the car at least one year before you move it on.


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Ferrari takes a lot of effort and precision to look and perform as well as they do. So, the car manufacturer doesn’t believe in owners making any customizations after buying their models. However, many owners disagree. After all, almost half the people who buy one are athletes, musicians, actors, and other celebrities. Celebrities like to stand out from each other, so they love customizing their cars.

One celeb is Deadmau5, who covered his logo with a custom “Purrari” one. The car manufacturer was not impressed. They issued a cease and desist order, which could have led to their repossession of the car.


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Ferrari generally frowns upon owners making any customizations to their car. That said, they have come to accept that they can’t control everyone who makes a change to their Ferraris. They generally turn a blind eye to custom paint jobs, as long as the car doesn’t look like Deadmau5’s weird Ferrari above.

But this changes when it comes to a pink paint job. According to Ferrari Australia’s representative Herbert Appleroth, the brand rejects the color pink because it is not in line with their company’s standards and ethos. Some celebrities have still custom-painted their cars pink, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for every driver to do so without the possibility of receiving a cease and desist order.


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A Ferrari costs anywhere between a few hundred thousand dollars and a few million. So, it’s not a small investment. That said, some owners get tired of the car pretty fast; maybe they don’t like its lack of practicality or the rules they have to follow get on their nerves, or maybe the car takes a lot of money to maintain. Whichever the case, they may want to sell the car.

But they can’t just sell it to anyone. They have to alert Ferrari before moving it on since the Italian carmaker might be interested in acquiring the car. And this way, Ferrari can ensure that they maintain control of who buys their cars.


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Ferrari owners belong to an exclusive club. These are the ones who have the money and influence to be brand ambassadors. However, many of these owners never have just one Ferrari. To be part of the club, you should own two or more.

However, this narrows down the list considerably to only a handful of owners. One Ferrari is already a heavy investment upfront and major investment over time; with several Ferraris, you’ll just be hemorrhaging money. Not many people are in that position where they can afford the cost of maintaining several of these supercars and not feel a pinch.


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A Ferrari might be most people’s dream car. However, owning one and maintaining it are completely different. The cars burn through fuel so fast that you’ll wonder if the gas tank has been punctured and is leaking valuable fuel. Another problem is that for every problem the car develops, no matter how small or large, you have to take it to your nearest Ferrari dealer. If you don’t, this affects the car’s resale value.

This ends up driving the daily price of maintaining the car to the point that you can’t use it as a daily driver; except, of course, if you have money to burn.


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The fuel door is one of the many minor annoyances with various Ferrari cars. For one, you cannot open it once you switch off the car. This is a direct contradiction to most people’s routine, which is to turn off the car when they are at a fuel pump, then open the fuel door.

If the car is already off, you have to turn it back on and open the fuel door. And with some Ferraris, opening the door is an even bigger challenge; owners have to place the key in the ‘Ignition 1’ position to open it. This is one area sure to frustrate a lot of owners.


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When a new Ferrari rolls off the assembly line, it’s already been given a low suspension. You could lower it even further, but that would make it impractical for most roads which aren’t highways. Even at its default suspension, the car is a nightmare to navigate through uneven roads, potholes and speed bumps. Drivers will be terrified at taking their expensive car to lots of places for fear of damaging it and having to take it to the Ferrari dealership for costly repairs.

To overcome this problem, Ferrari offers suspension lift kits. However, the problem with these kits is that they only work for the front of the car. This doesn’t help anyone.


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Ferrari generally doesn’t want any owner to make modifications to their cars. This starts with small things like paint jobs, but they are considerably firm about mechanical modifications. This includes making any changes, whether big or small, to parts like the exhaust, the engine, and any mechanical parts in general.

So, drivers who want their Ferrari’s exhaust to sound a certain way are out of luck. So are the ones who want to add modifications like NOS; which, to be honest, doesn’t make a lot of sense in a car which goes as fast as a Ferrari.


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Ferrari is among the world’s most popular car brands. But so are its rivals, from Lamborghini to Bugatti. But most people have a preference. Ferrari attracts those who value history and elegance, while Lamborghini attracts those who love speed and raw aggressiveness. These two companies, in particular, have had a rivalry which spans decades, from the inception of Lamborghini.

This rivalry has filtered down to car enthusiasts. So, as a Ferrari owner, it is generally frowned upon to own a car from their main rivals. The manufacturers both endorse this rivalry as they want owners to buy more of their own cars.


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Managing climate control is a problem with some Ferraris. The Enzo, in particular, has an extremely limited temperature range. You can set the coldest setting at 66 degrees Fahrenheit, while the warmest is at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike most other cars, this is extremely inconvenient; when winter comes around, the car probably spends most of the time indoors.

That’s not the only problem. The controls are also pretty complicated; it’s hard to make heads or tails out of them, with a number of dials, arrows, and buttons. Ferrari also made the car vents unconventional, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the owner.

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Ferrari cars offer some of the best driving experiences you’ll ever find, and based on performance, they are well worth the asking price. But owners looking for practicality will have a hard time with Ferraris. The Enzo and F40, in particular, are notorious for having little space to store things.

With these cars, the best you can hope for is storing a small jacket and maybe a small bag. Grocery shopping with them is out of the question unless you use the co-driver’s seat to store your luggage. Rear-engine models like the Monza SP1 and SP2 are just as bad.


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We would expect in-car lighters to work effectively in every car and not bring complications. But this is a Ferrari, so owners will also have trouble adjusting to the lighters here. The first problem is that lighters even exist in these cars. Unless you’re driving a convertible, smoke will ruin the interior of most Ferraris.

For the drivers who simply have to smoke in their million-dollar car, and don’t care about its effects on both them and the car, another problem exists, the design. The lighters are slimmer than conventional ones, which makes using them a bit complicated.


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Ferrari is a brand which doesn’t compromise when it comes to making cars. This has proven to be both good and bad to owners. One of the controversial moves the Italian car manufacturer has made is to integrate their turn signal buttons directly into the steering wheel.

To Ferrari, the stalk on the steering wheel simply won’t do, and the buttons are their solution. Their reason for this was that the driver will not have to take their hands off the steering wheel to indicate, especially if they are driving fast. This just raises the question of why someone would indicate while speeding.


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When it comes to Ferrari models, the Enzo is probably the most divisive. The car honors the founder of Ferrari, and it’s certainly striking to look at with incredible. However, it has numerous little niggles which add up to make the car impractical for most people.

Take, for instance, the hood. To open it, you start by pulling a lever to access the hood release hatch. Then, because of the massive size of the hood, two people need to lift it. If that wasn’t enough, a third person has to put in the hood prop and hold it.


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By now, we know that Ferrari loves making and enforcing rules and limitations to car owners. Few people like following rules, especially the ones who can afford to buy and maintain such expensive vehicles. But with Ferrari, they usually have to make an exception, because not following them can lead to a significantly lower valuation of one’s car when trying to resell, and Ferrari might even acquire the car by force.

So, even though some of the carmaker’s rules might not make sense, we just have to accept them if we want to own some of the world’s most desirable cars.


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Ferrari generally frowns upon young people; well, people younger than 40 years old. They usually get a ton of requests to buy their cars, and they use a system to determine who is worthy and who isn’t. So, unless you’re a celebrity with a lot of followers—which is guaranteed to help the brand maintain its image as something to be desired—your chances of successfully owning one are slim.

This applies to both selling and reselling. Ferrari owners cannot sell these cars to people under 40, because the brand usually acquires these cars then resells following their rules.


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Simply owning a Ferrari is not enough to buy a second one. The cost isn’t the only reason that a lot of Ferrari owners don’t have two or more cars; they also have to be vetted again. Whether it’s a brand-new model or a secondhand one, Ferrari might require to see your history of owning secondhand cars.

If you haven’t followed their rules with your current car, or if your history of car ownership isn’t exactly glowing, or even if you’re under 40 years old and not a celebrity, then you’re out of luck. Your first Ferrari might just be your last for a long time.


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