Taco Bell Patrons Hold Candle Light Vigil For Burned Down Restaurant

Who knew people loved Taco Bell so much? Apparently, they do as patrons of the fast food joint held a vigil for a Taco Bell location that burned down.

One Alabama town was so upset by the loss of their beloved Taco Bell it held a candle light vigil in honor of the restaurant.

A Taco Bell was burned to the ground in a massive fire in Montgomery, Alabama and the residents decided a vigil was necessary. What started out as a joke on Facebook, ended up being a special dedication to the town’s favorite 24/7 fast food restaurant.

An official Facebook event was posted and more than 100 people should up to pay their respects. However, the candlelight vigil could not be held on the property of the burned down Taco Bell since it is still considered an active fire scene. Therefore the event was held next door at the Arby’s.


The vigil wasn’t just about mourning the loss of the fast food restaurant. It was also a chance for people to reflect on something nice in light of the state of current events.

“It just gave people something to talk about other than all the negativity that’s going on right now,” Katie James, who organized the event, told the Associated Press.

Some attendees at the vigil used the event to throw shade at some of the other less popular fast food restaurants in the area, like Waffle House and Arby’s.

“Sometimes they’re out of waffles. At Taco Bell, they’re never out of tortillas.” Said Ashley Nicole Portis referring to the nearby Waffle House.

The owners of the Taco Bell said they “were overwhelmed by the display of support from its patrons.” They also shared that the restaurant will be rebuilt but did not give any information on when that will happen. All employees are working at other locations until the new Taco Bell is complete, but many were in attendance for the vigil.

Posted by Katie James on Sunday, January 21, 2018

Residents in Montgomery, Alabama love their Taco Bell so much that when an electrical fire burned it down, they held a candle light-vigil. Attendees posted videos, photos and comments from the event, which quickly went viral. There was an outcry of love and support for what the patrons were doing. It is a pretty cool story. Who would have thought a Taco Bell would bring so many people together?


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Taco Bell Patrons Hold Candle Light Vigil For Burned Down Restaurant