Taco Bell Hosts "Hiring Parties" With Free Food And Job Interviews

Looking for a job can be a dull pursuit. Trawling through different vacancies online while sending out dozens of resumes isn't exactly the stuff dreams are made of. Now, Taco Bell has decided to change the way they recruit staff by injecting some much-needed fun into the process, and honestly, we're suddenly disputing our career choices.

According to Bustle, the fast-food giant is looking to gear up for a busy summer by holding hiring parties. You might've heard of group interviews (and even struggled through a few) but this is an entirely new take on the usually terrifying ordeal. Taco Bell wants potential employees to shine - and not just from nervous sweat. Over 600 locations are throwing these events, which provide those interested in joining the team with a chance to eat free tacos while they try out for the job.


via tacobell.com

The chief people officer at the Mexican chain explained in a press release that these unique get-togethers will give candidates the opportunity to see what makes Taco Bell tick. If it sounds like something you could get on board with, then hop on down between April 22-27 and see if you can secure yourself a job (and some free tacos).

The company forecasts a busy summer and are looking for dedicated people who really appreciate the brand. As one of the most loved restaurants out there, it shouldn't be hard. Students looking for summer roles might find what they're searching for, while others wanting to make a career for themselves in the food industry won't be disappointed.

Taco Bell offers leadership development programs, taking you all the way from trainee to restaurant manager. Not only that, but the chain also offers education support in the form of tuition discounts and scholarships. If you're not sure that a hiring party is for you, you can still apply online the old-fashioned way and wait for a callback from the recruitment team at the head office.

We don't need a job, but we're pretty tempted to go to a hiring party anyway. Free tacos and an insider look at one of the biggest food places in the world? Yes, please!

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