Taco Bell Launches Tasty Holiday Clothing Collection

Taco Bell is rewarding its loyal customers by launching a clothing collection filled with items to celebrate the holiday season.

When you think of Taco Bell and the holidays' they don't necessarily go hand in hand. However, the fast-food chain is about to change that with their fantastic new holiday clothing line that is going to be a must-have on your gift list this season.

All of the clothes feature the restaurants signature red, yellow and orange, which don't necessarily scream holiday but that should not deter you from checking out the items. There is a slew of other colors that fit into this festive time of year. Plus, each piece of clothing is made of cotton and fleece to keep you warm on the cold winter days.

No holiday collection is complete without fun or ugly sweaters and depending on your style, Taco Bell has both. The sweaters come in the classic holiday designs with Santa and Christmas trees on them. But there is also one sweater that has the tacos all over it and features the company's iconic bell right in the middle. Its colors make this the perfect cool and ugly sweater all in one.

Those who love spending the holiday in their pajamas are going to want Taco Bell's loungewear. One of the items is a two-piece set with pictures of the fast food chains iconic sauce packets all over the pants and a super comfy t-shirt that says "tis the season to be sauced."

There are also fuzzy onesies that come in the color of each sauce packet. Example, the yellow one represents mild sauce, which is evident because each sauce’s name is on the onesie. The best part of these bad boys is they also come with a hood. These onesies will bring you back to the days of being a kid and wearing the fuzzy fur pajamas with the feet in them.

Taco Bell's new holiday clothing collection can be ordered on the fast-food chain's website, but you might want to act fast. All items are in high demand, and there is no word on how long the holiday collection will be for sale.


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