17 Times Pikachu Was Kind Of A Bad Person

You have got to love the adorable yellow ball of fur. He is cute as a button and we just want to squeeze his cheeks, but we probably shouldn't! Here’s the thing, Pikachu and his trainer Ash Ketchum ha...

17 Worst Things Ash Ever Did To Misty

Ash Ketchum may be one of the most iconic anime protagonists, but that doesn’t mean he’s  a good person. On the contrary, Ash seems to possess an almost fathomless well of selfish indulgence, ignoranc...

20 Pokémon Redesigns We Can’t Unsee

Pokémon's creatures have captivated people all over the world. From their simplistic art style, there is a lot of personality that is displayed in each of the Pokémon’s official art. Through the passi...

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