Dog-Shaped Ice Cream In Taiwan Is Adorably Realistic

A growing trend of realistic dog-shaped treats has been making its way around Taiwan. While these treats may be delicious, it may be hard to eat.

Known for its sky touching towers and busy city life, the island nation of Taiwan is rich in culture and beauty. Within the hustle and bustle of Taiwan lays the cute, hidden gems, food eats that are taking the internet by storm. Recently, a realistic doggo ice cream is making people gush with awe and horror.

The sweet ice cream treat, which is sculpted into the shape of an adorable dog, brings kawaii realism into a chilled, delicious treat. Every minuscule detail on the puppy ice cream is spot-on, from the paws down to the wrinkly rolls of their bellies.

These pup-sicles can be found at Sowing the Sweets café. Fair warning: though the doggies are extremely cute when nestled asleep on your plate, a Reddit user shared a photo of the what the ice cream looked like midway through eating.

Dog Inspired Ice Cream Eaten Midway
Via: NextShark

The flavors come in chocolate and peanut, which Buzzfeed described as nutty and quite nice. For only $8 (250 New Taiwan dollars), why not try it out for yourself? This chilled pug ice cream is not the only treat that pays homage to man’s best friend. There are a number of dessert shops in Taiwan that have created their own dog inspired desserts.

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Hanamiwa Sweets marries matcha and hōjicha flavored shaved ice with a soft-serve nose and biscuit snout. If you want something with a little more substance and have a love for French bulldogs, than look no further than Doru. A favorite for Japanese curry rice, the café also offers a cake that resembles their cutest worker – a French bulldog.

WakeWake Studio brings the jiggly Shiba Inu to stick form. The dumpling on a stick, like the space, seems to echo and encourage social media usage. From their photo ready walls to their cuddly sweet treats.

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Mr. R Drinks offers a floating Shiba Inu marshmallow mocha, which is so realistic you might think the little guy was popping up out of your drink to say hello. The menu offers a variety of unique milk tea flavors, such as rose, matcha, Sakura, and even Baileys. The miniature Shiba Inu is also available in an array of colors like pastel pink, brown and black.

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Whatever you are choosing, these edible dog-inspired creations are a work of art for our eyes and stomach. We may need to start planning our trip to Taiwan!

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