Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth it? The Pros and Cons

We have all heard of tankless water heaters, but the reviews on these luxury water heaters give us mixed feelings. Some swear by them, but others have found them to be more of a hindrance than a blessing. You might be looking into purchasing a tankless water heater for yourself, and are weighing your options before deciding to take the plunge.

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We have created a list laying out the pros and cons of these specialty water heaters. It should help you finalize your decision as you decide if this is the direction you want to take. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of tankless water heaters!

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10 PRO: You Will Save on Your Electric Bill

Regular water heaters hold a set number of gallons of water within their tank and keep it consistently heated. This can use up a lot of energy as the water is consistently reheated time and time again.

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Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, remain unused until a faucet demands the production of hot water, which spurs the unit into action. This will reflect on your electric bill as the energy-efficient aspect of this appliance makes itself known and saves you money in the process.

9 CON: The High Initial Cost

A major con of these energy-efficient machines is the initial cost. There are some low-cost options, but it is a known fact that the price you pay is what you end up getting. If you plan to heat the water in your entire house the tank itself will cost you upwards of one thousand dollars.

This is much more expensive than a standard water heater that can be purchased for around four hundred dollars at a nearby store. It is also up for debate whether or not it is worth it because they don't always pay for themselves by the time they hit the end of their lifespan.

8 PRO: It Will Increase the Value of Your Property

Tankless water heaters are known to increase the property value of a home. The positives that come with this device just keep on giving, and this might influence your decision if you plan on selling your home anytime soon.

It can influence a buyers decision when choosing between two homes as this is seen as a luxury addition in terms of determining a sale price. This might not be applicable to your situation, but you never know what might be in the cards for you and your family in the next ten years.

7 CON: They Only Operate One Faucet at a Time

These units might produce hot water, but their output is limited to one faucet. This doesn't mean you can't try to run hot water in your kitchen and bathroom at the same time, but the results might be less than optimal.

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It has also been reported that these units can be finicky when it comes to creating a specific temperature, and more specifically, lukewarm water. This might be great for an individual, but families might want to look in another direction.

6 PRO: They Have Longer Warranties

Tankless water heaters have warranties that cover a longer period of time than your average water heater. There are some repairs that might need to be done in the first few years or adjustments that need to be made, and the warranties were created to cover them for an optimal amount of time.

It might hurt to look at the dent in your wallet after splurging on this product, but the warranty acts as the bandaid to ease the pain as it gives you time to recover financially from your purchase.

5 CON: They require Professional Installation

The price tag on the tankless water heater might not have scared you off, but the cost of its installation will. You might say you have a handy friend who offered to install it for you, but the issue is that it requires a special type of installation. The cost also goes up drastically for gas or propane tankless water heaters as it requires the running of new gas lines or the adjustment of old ones. The installation itself can leave you thousands of dollars in debt and any repairs limit you to dealing with certain vendors.

4 PRO: They Leave You With Extra Space

The average water heater is a giant tube-shaped device that takes up a large amount of space in our utility closets. Tankless water heaters change that as they are usually mounted on the wall, which gives you back all of the space you hadn't even realized you were missing.

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You won't know what to do with the space as you search for items to fill its emptiness with, but you will be eternally grateful that you went with a small tankless water heater.

3 CON: They Need to be Delimed Annually

Tankless water heaters are prone to buildups of limestone in their pipes, which is why it is necessary to have them delimed annually by a professional. This is just another thing to add into your total cost as you dish out more of your hard-earned cash each year so someone can help prevent your water heater from breaking.

This issue is especially prevalent in areas with hard water, as it can cause the lime deposits to form around the heating element and make the unit less effective.

2 PRO: They Have a Longer Lifespan

The major upside to the high cost is the lifespan of these units. They usually outlast their basic competitors by five to ten years, which increases the number of years you can wait to start worrying about replacing it again.

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It might seem like a big investment, but it is hard to argue against the years you and your beloved tankless water heater can spend together. Your friends might say it is a bad idea, but when they have to replace their water heater years before you do, it will show who made the right decision.

1 CON: Electronic Models Will Not Work in the Event of a Power Outage

We have witnessed some pretty nasty power outages in the past, and if your city happens to be the next victim, then you can say goodbye to your hot water. This may only be true for the versions that run off of electric, but it is the model that many customers go with because they tend to be priced lower than those of propane or gas.

You might be thinking that this could never happen in your area or you think you could live without it, but after a few days of cold showers, you might learn to regret your decision.

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