Sugar Cookie-Flavored Milk Is Available At Target Just In Time For The Holidays

Sugar cookies and milk is the perfect combination for the holiday season; even Santa likes them together. Target has taken people's love for of these two items and created one sweet product: Sugar Cookie Milk.

People Food was first to share the news that Target has released Sugar Cookie Milk just in time for the holiday festivities to begin. The product is exactly what the name says it is, which makes most of us think of a delicious treat.

However good it sounds, this milk is not for those who are looking to be healthy or are counting calories. It is made from whole milk, not fat-free. One serving contains 200 calories, has 4.5 grams of saturated fat and 26 grams of sugar. In all honesty though if you are even entertaining the idea of drinking Sugar Cookie Milk, health and calories are definitely not on your mind.

The concept behind the new bold milk is to remind folks of the holiday season and leaving cookies out for Santa. It seems as though it would be a great addition to a cup of coffee but drinking an entire 8-ounce glass might be too much for some people.

There is already a ton of hype surrounding Sugar Cookie Milk. Social media has been buzzing ever since it was released last week. The consensus is that people are psyched about it. Those who have tried it, absolutely love it and the price is not bad either. One carton will only cost you $2.49.

If Sugar Cookie Milk is not your thing, Target has three other flavors in their holiday milk line for customers to enjoy. Chocolate Mint Milk, Maple Pecan Milk, and Cinnamon Vanilla Milk are all on sale at Target locations right now. Chocolate Mint Milk sounds pretty good, but the other two do not sound appetizing at all.

However, all of these milk flavors are only available for a limited time. There is no official end date for selling them, but it will likely be shortly after Christmas. It sounds like a long time, but it will be here before we know it.

What do you think about Target's new Sugar Cookie Milk? Does it sound delicious or gross to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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