22 Tasteless Bumper Stickers We Don’t Feel Bad For Laughing At

Right away we have to say that this is probably one of the most hilarious car-ticles that we've done in some time and it is just too bad that we couldn't fit in all of the really tasteless bumper stickers out there but...well, we can't get into anything too risque. That doesn't mean we can't have fun though.

That being said, here are over 20 tasteless bumper stickers that we definitely don't mind laughing at. They're meant to be all in good fun (for most people) so why not make fun of it, right? So let's check out those back ends...

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22 Falling Kids


We think that this one might get pretty stressful at times. What if the driver of this vehicle isn't particularly good or they have someone driving behind them who is incredibly impatient and honks to get them out of the way? They might stress that they actually lost a kid! But they would be spending slightly less on gas...

21 No More Sick Days


This is probably not something one might expect to find on the back end of a car. It's a good thing we all know that this isn't realistic because it might be strange thinking of a corpse riding around town in the car. Of course, we are sure there have been enough people out there to actually fake their demise to get out of a situation.

20 Wide Load


We love this one, for sure. There is something about the incredible honesty in this one that just makes us laugh. Bigger vehicles do tend to be shaped like bricks. And there are also a lot of impatient people out there so the fact that this sticker just tells all of those people off in one go is awesome.

19 Low On Funds


Well, this is definitely not always a truth but it is hilarious nonetheless. There are plenty of people who are in "gold-digging" relationships out there. They do go both ways but there is a stereotype for a reason and it is that same reason which will cause many of us to laugh at this one. Poor guy though...literally.

18 Through The Cosmos


Sure, it is a little childish to make this joke considering that Uranus has a proper pronunciation that most people seem to start using once they're out of their college years, but the hilarity of having a Saturn and then mentioning that the driver's other ride is Uranus is a great play on the brand and the "planet".

17 TunaShamed


Alright, obviously for those religious people out there this one might not be as funny but for the rest of us...this is hilarious. Why? Well, we're assuming that this person simply meant to show off the cross unashamedly. But it really does look like this driver is Tuna shamed...and we're wondering just what that is.



Oh, we imagine there are a lot of people online who really don't like this one, but we're also guessing that most of those same people are not looking up car-ticles on this site. We just don't expect that there's much crossover there. Regardless, we think this is a very accurate take on PETA...at least many of us are apart of this version of PETA

15 Literacy For The Win


We love the play on this one. Typically the "if you can read this" sticker is followed by something like "you're too close". Instead, however, it's followed up with "I'm not impressed. Most people can read." Perfect! It throws the driver who is getting too close and gives them a chuckle while they're at it.

14 Off To Work


Wonderful! So many people tell others to go to that place downstairs every day. However, many of those people also happen to think that their job is in that same fiery furnace and what better way to tell someone off while keeping them away from your workplace than sticking this to the bumper?

13 GTA Driving School


This is actually one of the scariest of all the bumper stickers. There are not many people out there who drive at all carefully or legally in GTA: Vice City. The thought that someone learned to drive from that game is just an incredibly concerning thing and may keep people from getting too close!

12 Goodbye To The Sticks


The "stick figure family" is a very constant thing on the backs of cars so that people can tell everyone how many passengers they might have in a vehicle and that they might have pets and/or kids. People should expect that a van might have seven or more people in it because of the available seating, but we like this clear disregard for the "Sticks" all the same.

11 Free Carbon Credits!


Alright, so this is one of those political bumper stickers and it is kind of lame when considering the website below it but the sticker other than the political part of it is kind of funny. They could basically say anything above the "SUCK HERE" part and it would still be amusing...many jokes to be made with this one.

10 Checking Out The Back End


Too many drivers out there (especially in Quebec) like to drive very close behind before passing (without a signal on) and it can be quite annoying. Some of us tap on the brakes just to give them a little startle and to get them to back off...but this bumper sticker does a pretty good job as well.

9 Unsteady Coverage


Who doesn't like a good insurance joke, right? Seriously, insurance is a pain but an obviously important thing to have. The fact that this driver is making a crack about it by way of a bumper sticker is pretty fun. To be honest, some of us aren't sure about our coverage either...Take that whatever way is preferable.

8 Highway Haiku


For those who don't know what a haiku is...likely there was less schooling in life. In all seriousness though, a haiku is a poem that has three lines and they have, in order, five, seven, and then five syllables each. Read the sticker again after understanding that and it becomes way funnier for those who didn't know what a haiku was to begin with.

7 Honor Students


This is actually a very sad bumper sticker...if it's true anyway. But we have to say that it is still funny that someone would put so much text on their bumper sticker expecting people to read it and discover that they are just bad parents. It is a daring move, for sure. That or they just don't care and it's hilarious.

6 Math Jokes Anyone? 


We are likely to come across more people here who can't stand math than people who love it but that is not totally relevant here. This bumper sticker is still funny even if readers aren't total nerds. The sticker is made even funnier when it plastered (pun intended) on a Ford Focus.

5 Hot Stuff


This is a very interesting one. We get what the owner of the truck is going for here but when actually putting this bumper sticker into practice, we spend more time laughing at the driver. So as long as someone is hotter than a shadow of a woman, they can be on the truck? Very strange.

4 Moronic Motoring


What wonderful way to tell off the driver behind without actually having to give hand signals or tap on the brakes or wait for them to sidle up and flip them off. This bumper sticker does it all...even before the driver behind does anything idiotic. What a perfect way to get at everyone riding too close behind.

3 World's Best Driver


This isn't necessarily a funny bumper sticker. Having a sticker that says "World's Best Driver" likely isn't accurate but it's not really all that funny until it's plastered on a car like the Toyota Prius. We just have a feeling that the world's best driver takes something a little more...appealing onto the road.

2 I Hardly Knew Her...


Well, this one is kind of rude when taken the way it is truly meant to be taken. It is a hilarious play on words though and while it doesn't really work unless spoken out loud, it is incredibly amusing. Maybe not for the SJWs out there but for those who get and appreciate simple humor out there...this is at least a chuckle.

1 The World's Best Bumper Sticker


Alright, so this one might not be too tasteless when it comes to comparison with the rest of the bumper stickers out there but that does not mean this isn't possible the best bumper sticker out in the world today. It basically says "stick it" to every person who uses bumper stickers and that makes us smile.

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