20 Tattoos These Fans Will Probably Live To Regret

Getting a tattoo is no small decision to make. With permanent ink and subcutaneous application, a tattoo is one of the most permanent things you can do to your body. Of course, tattoos are a wonderful way to express yourself, keep what's really important close at all times, or just to have because you like them.

Many people get tattoos that relate to their passions, likes, and hobbies. For cosplayers, this can be any kind of fiction, whether comic books, anime, cartoons, books, movies, television shows, and the like. But not all tattoos are equal, and there are plenty of horror stories. Let's take a look at some tattoos that these cosplayers will totally regret soon.

20 A Bit Off On The Proportions

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The Lion King is a fantastic movie, a true classic. Everyone loves it. Some people love it so much that they want to get a tattoo of it. Some people love it so much they want to get a whole back tattoo. But, this one is going to be a huge regret, as the proportions are awful. At least it's not on his face.

19 As Terrifying As It Gets

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While I appreciate a good Hulk tattoo, there are plenty out there that just don't do it. This is one of them. In fact, this is one of the most terrifying ones out there. The wrong kind of tattoo artist was commissioned to do this, obviously, and this one is full of all kinds of regrets.

18 Call The Tattoo Removal Specialists

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Having Sonic the Hedgehog on your leg is one thing, having Sonic with his pants being pulled down by Shadow is an entirely different ballgame. The kind of ballgame where you cover it with makeup in public and spend all your money to get it erased. Still better than the live-action movie they're making though.

17 Have To Look At It All The Time

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While there are countless people who love the Minions, the fact is that they are a scourge on our society and should never have been thought of, let alone animated. These little Minion tattoos are going to end in a whole lot of regret. I can't imagine having to look at them all the time.

16 Just Keep It In The Comic Book

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While Thanos is a pretty cool character, and both the comic books and movies are legendary, putting almost a full sleeve on your arm of his snarling face just doesn't seem like an idea that won't end in all kinds of regrets. But, to each their own I guess. Why don't we just keep it in the comics?

15 Not So Super, Man

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Being a proud father is one of the greatest feelings in the world. There's no feeling like it and it does make you feel like a superhero. But this tattoo may not have been the best way to express the joys of fatherhood. If this were my father, I'd have a long talk about tattoo composition with him.

14 Like A Snapshot From The Movie

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This is the kind of tattoo decision that will be hard for any casual fans of the franchise to swallow. I love The Lord of the Rings, the books, the movies, all of it. But that doesn't mean I'll get something like this done to my body. At most, it would be original art from the book, and not a massive snapshot of Elijah Wood. If nothing else, it is nice.

13 Many Regrets Will Be Had

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Regretting a tattoo is something that starts small, in the hopes that you'll get used to it, the faith that it was a good decision. But the years pass on and soon enough there's nothing more that you hate than the decision to get such a baffling tattoo– A tattoo like Master Chief riding Pumba, for example.

12 Might Be Time For Laser Removal

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We all love Smeagol, he's one of the most fascinating and impressive characters to make it to the silver screen. Yet, somehow that doesn't inspire everyone to get a ridiculously detailed tattoo of his screaming face on their body. The same can be said of baby Groot, who is just randomly tattooed right below the other. They both look nice enough, but they're a strange duo to pair together.

11 Not Going To Age Well

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While this tattoo is objectively pretty well done, with great colors and a retro style that's kind of cool, the fact of the matter is that this tattoo just won't age well. A tattoo has to stand up to the test of time, as it will last for most of a lifetime. Vegeta drinking a martini doesn't exactly scream "timeless."

10 Not So Friendly Spider-Man

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Stick and poke tattoos are pretty cool tattoos to get. They are small, simple, and oftentimes quite elegant because of how they're made. Of course, most people get a small symbol or shape of some kind, not an entire drawing of Spider-Man. He doesn't look so friendly, or in shape.

9 Funko Batman's Words Of Wisdom

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Tattoos can be topics of conversation and admiration in public by strangers and friends alike when they are well done. Even when they are well done, however, a strange tattoo concept can actually hurt the image altogether. Funko Batman actually looks quite nice here, but attributing a quote from Batman Begins to him feels... wrong.

8 Pound It, Dude

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It's unclear why anyone would get a tattoo of an old NES controller, but that's exactly what this person did. And not just on their arm, or their leg, or out of sight. No, they got it right on their hand and knuckles. It's not that this is a bad or dumb tattoo, it's that getting a tattoo right on your fist will naturally lead to some issues later in life.

7 Unrefined Penmanship

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This tattoo is about as cut-rate as it can get. You get what you pay for, and that's especially true for tattoos and picking a tattoo artist. The penmanship isn't absolutely terrible, but it's important for a tattoo artist to keep their fonts clear and concise. It does have an unrefined quality that works in its favor, but a sturdier hand likely would have done a much better job.

6 Regrettable Decision

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Putting a Minion on your knee in permanent ink is a decision that any cosplayer will regret, if not now then in a few years. The knee is such a visible place to get a bad tattoo, and this person will have to look at one of the world's worst creations every day for the rest of their life.

5 A Scary Place For A Mask

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Masks go on faces, not on hands. Plain and simple. And while I love the Zelda games, as well as Majora's Mask, as much as anyone else, the fact is that getting a tattoo of the titular mask just doesn't make sense. It certainly doesn't help that the Mask looks genuinely frightening when implanted on a human fist.

4 The Stuff Of Nightmares

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A Minion Captain America would without a doubt destroy all the good in the entire world, and indeed the entire universe. To dream up such a thing is a mistake in itself, to get a tattoo of it just violates all kinds of unspoken but very important rules. At least we're not the ones who have to see it everyday.

3 Used To Be An Adventurer...

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For those Skyrim fans, this tattoo will make all kinds of sense. Some of the guards in the game always say the same dialogue every time you pass by, "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee." While it's a pretty funny thing, it's not worth getting a giant tattoo of an arrow through your knee. Especially one that looks so viscerally real.

2 You Get What You Pay For

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Getting a sleeve of Batman's face is one thing, but getting a clearly aged and tired sleeve of Batman's face is an entirely different story. So much of tattoo decision making involves picking the best possible artist, so they don't mess up your skin for good. While this Batman would probably look fine enough in Batman Beyond, his older face does the tattoo no favors.

1 Doctor Who?

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For Doctor Who fans, it's obvious that Matt Smith is one of the best. Not to say he's outright better than the others, but he's a fan favorite and a personal favorite of mine. Of course, that doesn't inspire me to get an entire tattoo of his face as the Doctor. And even if it did, I'd pay top dollar for better quality.

Sources: Reddit, Free Tattoo Pictures & Pic Deer

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