Taylor Swift Released A Second Video For Delicate

Taylor Swift's video for "Delicate" turned out to be too... ummm... delicate for fans of Spike Jonze's work. When her montage came out during the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier in March, many detractors felt the piece, directed by longtime collaborator Joseph Kahn, was far too similar to Jonze's Kenzo World, right down to the facial gestures.

Cognizant that she may have drawn the ire of Jonze fans, who've reveled in his work on videos for Sonic Youth and The Beastie Boys, as well as his indie movie smash Being John Malcovich, Taylor's gone back to the drawing board.

More specifically, Taylor's ventured into the woods for the reshoot, away from anything reflecting the urban vibe of the first version. Released exclusively on Spotify on Friday, the video consists entirely of a vertical selfie of her running around in the wild for four minutes as she lip-syncs her way through the electropop piece.


She also gets more animated as she spins around in what could only be described as a pop superstar trying to connect with her natural surroundings. Compared to the more high-tech first version, this one's a pretty minimalist offering. Arguably, the setting would have been more appropriate for material she created back in her country music days.

Hopefully, this one won't have Swifties having to defend their favorite star from any other implications of plagiarism, although more desperate detractors might resort to claiming it is a ripoff of nature sojourns seen on more rustic cable networks like Outdoor Channel.

Swift made the announcement of the new "Delicate" video on Twitter to her 85 million followers on Friday, although she shed no light on the reason for creating the second version. At this writing, the Twitter post registered 77,000 likes, 19,000 shares and 3,800 comments, most of them positive.

Hopefully, those vibes will translate to more tickets being sold for Swift's forthcoming world tour in support of her latest album, Reputation. The junket launches in May in Glendale, Arizona and is slated to finish by November in New Zealand. Camila Cabello and Charli XCX have been penciled in to open for her at each stop.



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