• Teacher's "Pet": 15 Hilarious Messages Students Left For Their Teachers

    The strangest things can end up coming out of kids’ mouths sometimes. They’re young, so they haven’t quite reached an age where their filter is fully developed. This means that a lot of the time they’ll say whatever comes to mind. They pick up on every little thing, and when they do, they’ll make sure that they let you know about it. They’ll tell it to whoever is there to listen, and a lot of times this means that their teacher gets to hear it.

    Teachers spend seven hours a day, five days a week with these kids, so it makes sense that they get to hear a lot of the wonderful little nuggets that make their way out of their pupils’ mouth. Sometimes they’re even lucky enough to get a reminder of just how random these youngsters can be in the form of a note.

    I keep all of the notes from the children that I’ve encountered while substitute teaching. They actually made the effort to make something for me, so I figure the least I could do is keep it and care for it. I’ve never been lucky enough to get something as funny as the letters on this post, but I treasure all of my gifts regardless.

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    Apology Accepted

    This note is really sweet. Most of the time, when kids act up they’ll say some little forced apology. When they do it, you know that they’re not really sorry. You realize that they’re going to do the exact same thing again, but you just accept these things and move on with your life.

    This child, however, not only said that they were sorry, but they even took the time to write it in a note. They didn’t have to do that, but they were truly apologetic for what they did, so they wanted to do something to prove that. And the note isn’t superficial either. They didn’t just say sorry and move on. They actually gave an explanation as to why they were behaving the way that they did.

    The kid had some soda in the morning, which is unusual, so the extra sugar made them more hyper than usual. And to top it all off, they got a puppy the previous night! I’m an adult, and it would be hard for me to go to work the next day and act like everything was normal if I had a puppy waiting for me at home. That’s why I definitely understand what this youngster was going through.

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    Thanks Ben

    This child is brutally honest. Teachers know that a lot of things that they teach get forgotten. It would be great if the kids picked up on everything that came out of your mouth, but the truth of the matter is that some things go by the wayside. Ben was just letting his teacher know that. But just because he forgot the lessons that his instructor taught him, didn’t mean that he didn’t like the person who was teaching him.

    A lot of times, it’s not the lessons you learn, but the people you encounter that have the biggest impact on you. I don’t remember most of the things that I learned throughout my education, but I do remember the teachers who taught them to me. I can’t even say that I know most of the stuff that my favorite teachers taught to me. If I was going to remember anything, it would be from those individuals, but that’s not the case. What I do remember, is how they made me feel. Their kindness or their humor or the fact that they weren’t willing to give up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself, are the things that stuck with me. And Ben feels this way too.

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    Turn Up

    Sometimes students forget that teachers have a life outside of school. I remember one time when I was in junior high school, I ran into my religion teacher in IKEA, and I lost my mind. It was weird seeing her there because up until that point, the only place I ever saw her was at school, so seeing her outside of it was mind-boggling. This student, on the other hand, realizes that their teacher is going to be going other places outside of school during the summer.

    During summer vacation, students don’t just get a break, but the teachers do too. Yes, the educators still have to go to training and further their education, but they do get a temporary respite from being around a classroom full of kids all day.

    They might even be able to sleep in until a reasonable hour. And when you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to be at school, that means that you can stay out late and actually hang out with other adults. You can go to bars and to clubs and not have to worry about showing up to class the next day nursing a hangover. Mr. Michaels knows this, and he will definitely be taking advantage of that!

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    Nice Try

    When I was in college, I had this friend who had a professor who encouraged students to use their “resources” when preparing for an exam. This instructor said that if you happen to have another friend who was taking the same class at you, with the same professor, but had it at an earlier time, then this person could be a “resource.”

    For example, you could ask tis buddy what was going to be on the test so that you would know what to study for.

    That’s all this kid did. They knew that they weren’t going to do well on the exam, so they came up with another way that might allow them to have success. So, their preparation included bringing in five bucks, and attaching it to their paper in the hopes that their teacher might give them a better grade. And just in case their instructor didn’t know why the money was connected to the exam, they wrote, “wink wink,” so that they would get the hint. It was worth a try. It didn’t work. But at least we know that when this kid’s back is against the wall that they don’t just give up. They exhaust all possible resources until someone tells them “no.” And that is a good quality to have if you want to find success in this life.

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    Child Abuse

    So it’s more than a little bit concerning that this kid’s music teacher touched another student. There are some times when an adult touching a child is acceptable. For instance, when I played sports, my coaches would occasionally have to touch one of us to show us how we were supposed to have our bodies while we were competing. That was fine. Sports are physical. Music is not.

    So if I walked into a music class and saw somebody touching a student I would not be pleased.

    And if I witnessed someone with their hands around a student’s neck then I would report them before they even had a chance to explain themselves. After witnessing something like that, it makes complete sense as to why this child never had a favorite music teacher. If this was the only experience that they had with learning music, then it would be pretty easy for someone to come in and become their favorite music teacher. The bar was set so low that anyone could’ve been better than the one who choked the boy. I don’t have a musical bone in my entire body, but if I was this child’s first instructor after this incident then I’m fairly confident that I would’ve gotten this note too.


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    Compliment For A Good Grade

    You know you’re getting old when slang starts coming around that you don’t like. The first time I heard the word “fleek,” I didn’t think it was cool. I wasn’t like, “Oh, this is something I need to add to my vocabulary.” It just sounds weird, and to be perfectly honest with you, if I were to use it, I would probably sound like the adults who tried to use words like “tight” when I was a kid.

    This term just feels so wrong coming from my mouth, so I don’t use it. And I would go as far as to say that if I heard anyone my own age use it then I would probably look at them like they had just lost their mind. That being said, I’m still young enough to know what it means. If my parents heard it they would have no clue what it meant, but I at least understand when it’s appropriate to use. And chances are, so does this teacher. Or at the bare minimum, they would be able to figure out what it means. They would know that a student wouldn’t be bold enough to write a disrespectful letter to them, but they would have no problem with sending something nice.

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    The long jump was my second favorite event when I did track and field in high school (triple jump was my first). Sprints and the high jump were fun, but nothing beats getting to soar through the air and into a sandy pit. If you’ve never done it before, you might think that it looks pretty easy to do. You may believe that you just run and jump into a giant box filled with sand, but it’s more than that. It takes precision to do it.

    You have to count the number of steps it takes for you to get from your starting place to the end, and you have to trust yourself enough to just run normally.

    When you first start doing it in meets, you might get nervous as you approach the board, and since you don’t want to go over it and waste a jump, you might stutter step or end up jumping too soon in order to correct for it. In both cases you wind up with a short jump, and it’s all because you didn’t trust yourself. That’s why you have to make sure that you get to a place where your stride is the same every single time so that you hit the board when you’re supposed to.


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    Good Teacher, But Not Great

    I’ve had some pretty great teachers over the course of my life. I’ve also had teachers that were good, but I would never tell them this if I thought they were good and not great. Clearly not everyone can be your favorite and that’s okay.

    What’s not okay is letting them know that. Telling them that would be like giving them a backhanded compliment. The first part of the complement sounds good, but the second part is actually low key brutal.

    In these types of instances it’s best to tell them nothing at all. Kids don’t know this though. This child probably thought that they were saying something that was really nice. They believed that their teacher was going to be really happy about her not being their favorite. But even though this isn’t the best letter that a person could receive, this woman probably still enjoyed reading it. If I was her, and I had been given this note from a pupil then I would’ve started cracking up after I read it. It would’ve stung a little bit, but the unabashed honesty of the words would’ve brought a genuine smile to my face. And I would be thankful for that.

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    Bey Hive

    Members of the Bey Hive have an intense loyalty to Beyoncé like I have never seen with anyone else in my lifetime. The singer can do no wrong in their eyes.

    I have a friend who’s a huge Queen B fan, and when Blue Ivy was born, I was discussing how absurd that name is. My buddy kept on telling me how wrong I was.

    She kept saying how Blue was a normal name and how it was cute. But then when I asked her how she would feel if I named my future daughter Purple, she actually took a step back for a second and considered my point of view.

    I could tell that after my comment, she thought that naming your child after a color was a weird thing to do, but she would never admit to it because that would mean that Beyoncé did something less than perfect. And in her eyes, that would essentially equate to blasphemy and treason in the highest degree!

    This teacher is clearly a huge fan because you would have to talk about the pop star quite a bit for one of your students to draw you wearing a shirt that says, “Beyoncé is my BFF.”

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    Sound Advice

    This is such “mom advice.” When something’s wrong with you, moms will tell you to do something even if that thing isn’t going to help your problem at all. It’s like they just want to say something to come off as helpful, so they say the first thing that comes to mind. Like, whenever I had an ailment my mom would just tell me to go and drink some water. This one was her favorite to use. Funny enough, 99% of the time, doing that never helped with anything, but by telling me to do that, I guess she could at least pretend like she was helping me out with my problem.

    She would also tell me to just go and lie down. This one worked more often than the drinking water thing did, but it was still pretty much useless to me most of the time. And even though this letter is typical mom advice, listening to it is actually beneficial in a lot of cases. Sometimes going number two can make you feel a lot better. Even if the source of your discomfort is something else, releasing a load can relieve some discomfort in one part of your body.

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    I Guess Yelling Is A Good Thing

    I don’t like getting yelled at, and I don’t know too many people who like this to happen to them either. Usually when this occurs, it means that you’re in trouble with someone.

    I don’t yell at other people just for the heck of it, and I don’t know anyone who does it for fun either. That’s why it’s really strange that this student enjoyed having it happen to them.

    It’s fairly likely that they were doing something bad when it went down, but this didn’t matter to them. They liked that this was their punishment. They loved it enough that they wrote this in a note and decided that they would give it to their teacher to let them know. Maybe this first grader just happens to be aware enough to realize that sometimes punishments are a good thing. They know that when they’re punished that it allows for them to realize that they’ve done something wrong, and that because they know that their actions were unacceptable they can change them in the future so that their behavior is better. And this little one wants to be a better person, so they truly are thankful that their teacher has chosen to use this form of sentencing on them.

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    That About Sums It Up

    When you teach little kids, you’re just as much of a disciplinarian as you are a teacher. Really young children haven’t learned how to do things that come so naturally to older kids. They fidget, they talk when they’re not supposed to, they annoy other classmates just for the fun of it, and so much more. While you do get this kind of behavior in older kids, it’s not nearly as frequent as it is with the younger ones. That’s why I’m not surprised that this instructor had a student who was problematic for them during the entire year.

    This is another very self-aware first grader. He knows that he’s been acting up all school year. He’s probably seen his teacher’s frustration whenever they see him misbehaving, so he realized that it’s probably a good idea for him to apologize for all of the trouble he’s caused. His mother may have picked a card to give to the teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, but she probably never expected that the personal message that her son would choose to write would’ve been something as honest as this. Hopefully the fact that he’s sorry means that he won’t be talking so much next year.

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    So the caption for this image says “Asked my students to write a review of my class at the end of the semester. This one...just read it, and note that I teach at a COLLEGE, not elementary school,” and I really hope that it’s not true.

    How on earth was this something that was written by a college student? The penmanship looks like something that a first grader would’ve done, and the grammar is pretty concerning as well.

    Not to mention, if this is indeed from a college course then you shouldn’t really be expecting to play games. If you do happen to have a class where you do this then you’re lucky, but it’s definitely not a requirement at this age level.

    Another explanation for this could be that the student didn’t just take it seriously. I dislike filling out end of the year evaluations because any suggestions that I make about the class isn’t going to affect me personally. That’s why most of the time I just write a basic sentence because I don’t care enough to put in enough effort to do something that goes into depth. But even though I don’t care about writing an extensive review, I would never do something like this. This is just ridiculous.

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    A Two-Time Offender

    Something has to be really funny to you for you to risk facing the punishment that comes along with laughing in your teacher’s face. You’re supposed to respect this person, and laughing at them isn’t the way to do that. And I know that as soon as Janaye did it, she instantly knew that she was in the wrong. This message of respect is instilled in to you at very early age, so there’s no way that she thought that her behavior was appropriate. But I do sympathize with her, because I’ve come close to getting into trouble for laughing in an adult’s face. And that person just so happened to be my father...

    One time he was yelling at me, my sister, my brother, and my mother because the kitchen wasn’t clean. I knew he was being serious, but in my mind his reaction was overkill. It was ridiculous to get that upset over something like an unclean kitchen. And that’s when I started laughing. Thankfully I was hiding behind a wall during his tirade so he didn’t see me, but the rest of my family did get pretty upset with me after he left. They knew that if I had gotten caught that we all would’ve paid the price.

    Holding On To Hope

    Even though a prepubescent child clearly wrote this, it still reminded me of the hope someone older would feel when they’re attracted to their teacher.

    I never had this problem because none of my teachers were attractive. But if I did then I would definitely be able to relate to this letter, especially if I was in high school. In high school, depending on the age of your instructor, their might not even be that big of a gap between the two of you.

    If the person is in their early 20’s and you’re in your late teens then this is a fairly respectable difference. It’s inapt, of course, because you’re under the age of 18 and they’re over the age of 18, but if you were both in your 20’s, then it wouldn’t be so bad.

    When I was in my early 20’s I told myself that I wouldn’t have a problem with dating anyone in their late 20’s because in the grand scheme of things, that gap is actually quite minimal. The opportunity may have never presented itself, but if it had then I definitely would’ve jumped on it. I wouldn’t date someone in their early 20’s now, but that has more to do with the fact that I prefer people that are older than me to those that are younger.

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