10 Teams That Could Be Interested In Antonio Brown (10 Teams He Wouldn’t Play For)

Last season, many people would say Antonio Brown was the best wide receiver in the NFL. A year later, he's a free agent with no teams calling him right now. Brown had six consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, which will likely be broken this season. He's arguably the most complete wide receiver in the game if you take away his shenanigans.

Brown's social media antics along with the allegations have kept him away from signing with a team. Brown met with the NFL to discuss his situation and to try and pave a way back into the NFL.

Many would argue that Brown did this all to himself. He forced himself out of Pittsburgh and then forced himself out of Oakland before even playing a game. He played one game in New England before they released him once the allegations came up. If he's guilty, his career will certainly be over. Since the allegations, there hasn't been any additional information on the story, which means a return could occur.

20 Interested: Tennessee Titans

via Tennessee Titans

The Titans don’t really have a need for another wide receiver but adding one of the best in the game would be a huge help. Ryan Tannehill is playing good football and adding one of the best wide receivers in the game would give him a legitimate safety net. They’re missing that go-to guy in the receiving corps and could fix that by signing Brown.

19 Wouldn't Play: Los Angeles Chargers

via Sports Illustrated

With Philip Rivers near the end of his career, the Chargers seem further away from winning a Super Bowl. They need to address the quarterback position and plan for Rivers’ retirement and make some other decisions to plan for the long term. It seems Antonio Brown wants to win, and Los Angeles seems a ways away.

18 Interested: San Francisco 49ers

via CBS Sports

George Kittle and Emmanuel Sanders have been out, which hurts this offense. Even with them in, it doesn’t hurt to add another weapon to a playoff team. Imagine Antonio Brown playing for the 49ers, it would be a good time. The 49ers would have a true number one wide receiver, and it would make this 49ers offense much more dangerous.

17 Wouldn't Play: Buffalo Bills

via The Buffalo News

Before Antonio Brown was traded to the Raiders, he was nearly traded to the Bills before he basically said he wouldn’t play for them. It’s ironic because he never played a down for the Raiders. If he rejected the opportunity then, he won’t willingly play for the Bills even if it’s one of the few options he has.

16 Interested: Philadelphia Eagles

via Bleeding Green Nation

Despite the media hyping up the Eagles’ offense prior to the season, they seem to need another wide receiver. Alshon Jeffery is banged up, DeSean Jackson is out for the rest of the season, and Nelson Agholor has struggled. Antonio Brown would fill a major void, and give Carson Wentz his best receiver yet.

15 Wouldn't Play: Chicago Bears

via Bear Goggles On

Allen Robinson and Antonio Brown would be a deadly wide receiver duo, but he likely wouldn’t be interested. Adding an All-Pro wide receiver won’t help Mitch Trubisky’s struggles, as he tends to miss a lot of open players. Brown is smart enough to know that playing for the Bears wouldn’t help save his career.

14 Interested: New Orleans Saints

via Bleacher Report

If the Saints could land Antonio Brown, they would definitely be the best team in the NFL. No one is stopping Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas with Drew Brees as their quarterback. Plus the Saints defense has been fantastic this season. If this team wants a real shot at winning a Super Bowl, the risk would be worth it.

13 Wouldn't Play: Cincinnati Bengals

via Cincy Jungle

Antonio Brown signing with the Bengals would likely hurt their draft pick, and he wouldn’t benefit either. It’s a lose-lose situation, so neither side would be interested. Ryan Finley looked awful in his first start, and that might be the last thing Brown would want to be a part of. It’s best the Bengals rebuild. That includes parting ways with A.J. Green.

12 Interested: Los Angeles Rams

via NFL Mocks

With Brandin Cooks’ dealing with a concussion, the Rams really need another wide receiver. Cooper Kupp has been fantastic, but if a team can take him away, Jared Goff really struggles. Pittsburgh did it perfectly which led to a Rams’ loss. Antonio Brown would open up the field completely, and maybe help get the Rams’ season back on track.

11 Wouldn't Play: Denver Broncos

via Mile High Report

Without Joe Flacco, maybe the Broncos have a slightly better chance of signing Antonio Brown. The real issue is the Broncos have made it clear they’re re-building of late, trading their top two wide receivers. There’s potential for the future, but the inconsistency at the quarterback position makes it a bad position for Brown.

10 Interested: Indianapolis Colts

via Stampede Blue

Surprisingly, Jacoby Brissett has kept this Colts team in playoff contention, despite Andrew Luck retiring two weeks prior to Opening Day. He’s done this with inconsistent offensive weapons, so adding a player like Antonio Brown would be huge. The team is pretty modest so his surroundings could potentially humble him, and the receiving group would be great once T.Y. Hilton is back.

9 Wouldn't Play: Miami Dolphins

via Sun Sentinel

The idea of Antonio Brown signing with the Miami Dolphins is hilarious. Brown might love the luxurious lifestyle in Miami, but it’s a dead end. The team has played better of late, but they’re still one of the worst teams in the NFL. Not knowing who the quarterback of the future would also hurt the idea of wanting to spend time there.

8 Interested: Green Bay Packers

via PackersNews.com

Even with Davante Adams back, the Packers need to add another wide receiver. They’re depending a lot on Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones in the passing game, and really need another wide receiver on the outside. Teams can double team Adams and take him out of the game, but they can’t do that with Antonio Brown on the other side. Brown also would get to play with a top-3 talent.

7 Wouldn't Play: Washington Redskins

via ESPN

If Antonio Brown won’t play for the Dolphins, he definitely won’t play for the Redskins. The difference is, the Redskins have a future quarterback. The issue is, Dwayne Haskins hasn’t shown he’s capable of being a good NFL quarterback. He needs to focus on connecting with Terry McLaurin before bringing anyone else in.

6 Interested: Baltimore Ravens

via Action Network

Antonio Brown has shown his support for Lamar Jackson on social media, so it would be pretty interesting to see them pair up. Jackson has done a lot with his feet, but if you add Antonio Brown, Jackson can evolve more as a passer. Defensive coordinators would hate having to create a game plan to play the Ravens.

5 Wouldn't Play: New York Jets

via New York Post

Business would be booming for Antonio Brown in the Big Apple, but if one team should be interested, it should be the Giants, and he might not even play there. The team has potential but hasn’t been able to be consistent. Brown would consider the idea of playing in New York, but it would likely have to be the boys in blue.

4 Interested: Atlanta Falcons

via CBS Sports

A common trend amongst teams that Antonio Brown wouldn’t play for is bad teams, but he may play for this bad team. The Falcons have a really good offense, but the defense has hurt them. This team can definitely be a playoff team next year, and if Brown is willing to stay with a team past this year, this could be a good opportunity.

3 Wouldn't Play: Oakland Raiders

via Newsweek

The Raiders should try re-signing Antonio Brown, despite the drama they dealt with. They’re a borderline playoff team in need of a playmaker, and Brown already has some experience with Derek Carr and knowledge of the playbook. Brown likely wouldn’t be interested, as he already forced himself out once before.

2 Interested: Dallas Cowboys

SB Nation

The Cowboys don’t need another wide receiver, but a receiver corps of Amari Cooper, Antonio Brown, Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb might be the best of all time. Dallas is struggling, mainly due to poor coaching and the inconsistent run game. If the Cowboys want to put all their eggs on this season, Brown helps their passing game even more so. Jerry Jones' support could also help Antonio Brown clear his name.

1 Wouldn't Play: Pittsburgh Steelers

via Sports Illustrated

Antonio Brown still supports many of his old teammates in Pittsburgh, but the relationship seems broken. The Steelers definitely need an Antonio Brown type play, as Juju Smith-Schuster is not a number one option. It would help the Steelers greatly having him back, but a broken relationship and poor quarterback play would likely prevent that from ever happening.

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