Ted Alexandro Debuts New Comedy Special

Described by Time Out NY as “One of the funniest comedians working today,” Ted Alexandro, known to fans of late night for his appearances on Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as well as his Comedy Central specials, will soon debut Senior Class of Earth, a new stand-up special.

Filmed at the Comedy Cellar's legendary Village Underground in New York, Senior Class of Earth addresses current issues, including the role of men in today’s society, which according to Alexandro is to keep all electronic devices charged.

One of five kids, Alexandro was born in Bellerose, Queens, and graduated from the City College of New York with a degree in music. He then transferred to Queens College where he obtained a Masters in elementary education. He was inspired to go into education by his mom, who taught high school religion, health and sex education. After graduating from Queens College, he taught elementary school music for five years while performing at comedy clubs at night.

Alexandro has been praised for addressing issues surrounding comedians and the #MeToo movement by discussing the cases of Bill Cosby and Louis CK with his usual dry sarcasm. In a recent appearance, Alexandro said, “Look, there are mechanisms in place for justice. Eventually, justice is served. Women complain that they’re second-class citizens. But look, Bill Cosby raped dozens of women, decades went by, the allegations were widely known and reported, comedian Hannibal Buress told some jokes about it, it went viral, and eventually justice was served. The system works!”

He also called out Louis CK for pretending to be an advocate for women while engaging in some pretty misogynistic behavior. “Why can’t we just let Louie go back to writing jokes about how men are the greatest threat to the safety of women? But he doesn’t just write jokes — he walks the walk! And I think that is to be commended. He’s a performance artist,” he said.

On Twitter, Alexandro addressed the issue in a more serious tone, writing, “I was shocked, saddened and outraged when I first heard what Louis CK did and I’m still shocked, saddened and outraged nine months later."

Aside from comedy, Alexandro is also an activist, having co-founded The New York Comedians Coalition, which helped increase wages for comedians in New York City clubs. He has also been active in the Black Lives Matter, The Climate March and Fight for $15 movements.

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The co-creator and star of the award-winning comedy web series Teachers’ Lounge with Hollis James, Alexandro plays a music teacher at a New York City elementary school. Guest stars have included Judy Gold, Jim Gaffigan, Dave Attell, and Michael Che, who have played faculty members. Aside from his own shows, Alexandro is currently touring with Jim Gaffigan on his Fixer Upper Tour, across the US, Canada, and Europe. He’ll also appear on Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast on October 2 and Conan on October 4.

Senior Class of Earth will be available for purchase at atcspecials.com and through Vimeo On Demand on October 4.

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