19 Teen Car Owners Who Definitely Need Some Guidance

Teenagers are basically made from a mix of optimism, ignorance, rubber, and magic. It's virtually impossible for them to be physically injured by performing ridiculous acts of stupidity... well, at least until the day they finally take things one step too far.

For this list, we've found some of the most ridiculous teens the internet has ever seen. Whether talking about insanely rich kids with no respect for money, or teens with no respect for other's property - or their own well-being - even some who seem to deactivate their brains at the worst possible time. These teenagers are in desperate need of some guidance.

We're not sure who could guide them, though it's blatantly obvious that their parents have failed. Just scroll down and check out some of the ridiculous things they're up to.

19 Crashed The Aston

via Instagram

This poor kid crashed the Aston Martin, that's just horrible - we get it! However, when you've crashed a ridiculously expensive sports car and then daddy gives you a Bentley to drive afterward, we kinda feel that you're not allowed to complain. Clearly, both the kid and his parents need some guidance.

18 Lambo Complaints

via Drivetribe

A video that made its rounds on the internet starts off with a dad saying his daughter is 16 years old and he got her a present. He shows her the keys, she gets excited but when she sees a Lamborghini Countach she loses her mind... and not in a good way. Apparently, she wanted a "Lamborghini Aventador, not a dinosaur." She needs guidance!

17 Bad First Car

via Daily Mail

That moment when you're opening your birthday presents, expecting to get a Ferrari... but instead you get a brand new Porsche. It's easy to see why this teen was miserable. Poor kid, his birthday was ruined by his inconsiderate father! He'll probably need counseling for decades to come - good thing he can afford to pay for it.

16 Peasants

via The Sun

Sure, he's got a cool car, we're not gonna argue about that. However, this whole thing where spoilt rich kids call normal people peasants shows that they're in serious need of some guidance. We doubt that will ever happen though, but every now and then, karma kicks in and makes the world a happier place for the rest of us.

15 Car Surfer

via Washington Post

Car surfing videos are wildly popular on YouTube, and it seems plenty of teens are willing to put their lives on the line to perform the feats. The stunt is a dangerous endeavor that has claimed more than one life, and it's not just one person who needs some guidance regarding this.

14 Drove Into Swimming Pool

via Auto Evolution

The day was going swimmingly for the two teenage girls until someone went off the deep end and redefined the term ‘carpool.’ Ok, we will try and remain pool-itically correct when saying the two teenage girls who drove a 2002 Lexus ES300 into a pool were not harmed after the accident. Someone should tell them to slow down when it's freezing though... and stop playing with their phones.

13 Too Young To Drive

via The Sun

Remember when you were 15 and you were too young to drive your Lamborghini? Except you didn't have a Lambo, and your parents would tell you to get your lazy butt on your bicycle if you wanted to go somewhere. We're impressed with this kid's car of choice, less so with his parent's guidance.

12 Meh, A Cream Porsche

via Pinterest

Apparently, getting a Porsche for Christmas wasn't good enough for this girl. She wanted a white one, not a cream one - and this entirely ruined Christmas for her. This reminds us of Norman Bates in American Psycho, trying to find the perfect shade of white for his business cards. She's in desperate need of some guidance... and should probably be locked up.

11 Bugatti Taxes

via Next Shark

A Chinese tycoon’s son took to social media to complain about Canadian taxes after buying a Bugatti Chiron worth 3.8 million USD using his dad’s Union Pay credit card. Chen posted a picture of the invoice on his Instagram stories, saying that the amount of taxes made his “heart feel tired.” We're sure others are tired of his ridiculous complaints.

10 16-Year Old Expected $231,000 Gift

via Yahoo

Nicolette was so spoiled that she and her mom ended up on Dr. Phil. She has always been given everything she ever wanted - thousands of dollars to spend on designer clothes, purses, and shoes, and that she has a personal trainer and used to have a driver. She expected a $231,000 gift from her mom for her 16th birthday - Dr. Phil surely had his work cut out for him here.

9 Extreme Pet

via Daily Mail

What is it with rich people and keeping exotic animals as pets? What's wrong with a normal cat? Or a dog? Imagine bringing a tiger in the car - that's pure insanity. This young lady is clearly in need of some guidance, but we fear her parents might not be the right people to give it to her.

8 Dad's Other Place

via The Sun

You're right kid, that looks like a horrible place to spend the weekend... If you're one of the most spoiled brats in the world. Luckily there's a Lambo there which would allow for a swift escape, or have the driver take them in the Rolls Royce. This teen probably needs a good spanking more than guidance.

7 Cheetah Maserati

via Daily Mail

We're not sure what this young man is thinking. Is this how he makes driving a Maserati a better experience? Does he have a cheetah in there because it's faster and more reliable than his Maserati? Any sudden braking or acceleration and we wonder what will happen to both the feline and the driver. This young man definitely needs some guidance.

6 Bird Box Challenge

via Deseret Digital

A 17-year-old girl allegedly participating in the "'Bird Box' Challenge" caused a two-car accident when she attempted to drive while her eyes were covered. One would think that anyone with half a brain would understand that's a bad idea?! Traveling about 35 mph, she pulled her beanie hat over her eyes, started swerving, overcorrected, and went into oncoming traffic.

5 Street Racing Teen Hit Cop Car

via 10News

A teenager who was street racing struck an unoccupied police vehicle to escape a traffic pursuit. That right there tells us he's in desperate need of guidance. But it gets worse - he was stupid enough to return to the scene and rammed a street sign as he lost control trying to escape again - This time he was arrested. So many mistakes in one night.

4 Teen Parking Porsche

via Leisure Wheels

Apparently, this teen Porsche driver doesn't have a license, and when mom was out of town he decided to go for a spin. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't get the luxury SUV to fit in the narrow garage and ended up just forcing the car in... and it was all captured on video by the neighbor. The police contacted the kid, so he'll probably receive proper guidance now.

3 Crashed Into Exam Building During Driving Test

via Fox News

A teen in Minnesota hit a bit of a snag during her driving test when she crashed into the building of the exam office. Apparently, she put the car in drive when it was supposed to be in reverse, so we guess the 60-year-old woman who was administering the test wasn't doing her job then?! Perhaps they're both in need of guidance?

2 Velvet Maserati

via Daily Mail

The kids over at Rich Kids UK are at it again. We don't even have a problem with the girl sitting on the Maserati's hood and risk denting it. We assume they can afford to get that fixed. However, there are no excuses for wrapping a sports car in velvet. It just shows you can't buy taste and style.

1 LV-Supreme Ferrari Kid

via Luxury Safes

Rashed Saif Belhasa, or "Money Kicks" as he’s known on social media, has an online presence that seems to be dedicated to showing off his excessively lavish lifestyle in the Emirates. We're not sure why he thought it was a good idea to wrap a $250,000 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in a red Louis Vuitton/Supreme collaboration print. It looks ridiculous.

Sources: Instagram, The Sun

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