'Teen Mom': 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts

It might have been around the second season that Teen Mom got too dark for me. All I wanted was to watch girls my age (16) go through my worst fear (the teen pregnancy part). What it morphed into was really the prologue to a Jerry Springer episode and that’s when things got too sad for me. Anyway, no matter how long you stuck in there or how thoroughly you devoured every second of the MTV mom-umentary, there’s a lot we missed. Oh, but don’t feel bad — I’m not claiming you're a sloppy viewer. These are just things that've happened that are so messed up, the show purposely didn’t allow them to air. Of course, no gross deed goes unwritten on the Internet. So get a hot bath ready, because you're gonna need it to scrub off all these horror stories you’re about to sink into.

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15 The Crew Partied With The Moms' Friends


According to F10, the said cameraman was "promptly fired." Rightfully so! I'm pretty sure that would be a conflict of interest. Not to mention this man was on the job...and who knows how old the girl was that jumped in the hot tub with him. As trashy as Teen Mom can be, that just has bad news all over it.

14 Leah Messer May Have Lied About Why She Went To Rehab


Leah Messer has certainly changed throughout the years. When she went to rehab for anxiety, she might have also been checking into the facility to kick a substance addiction. Okay so it's never been confirmed that she checked in for drugs, but it was highly rumored she was addicted to prescription meds and kept the true reason for her visit to rehab from the father of her children, Corey Simms.

The two had a rocky relationship and she didn’t want Corey taking away her kids. It's weird that two people wouldn’t get along when it’s a strong possibility that one is lying about why they’re in rehab... isn’t that just a little white lie and not a gigantic whopper?!

(Spoiler: that’s a ridiculous whopper of a lie).

13 Jenelle's Stayed Out Of Prison... So Far


Jenelle Evans' rap sheet is no light bedtime story. She’s been arrested at least 13 times over the past few years and not just for jaywalking... There’s heroin possession, driving without a license, attacking her ex-fiance’s new girlfriend with a mason jar filled with water (or just plain old battery, but she actually avoided charges on that one). Jenelle’s somehow avoided lengthy jail time by… doing what exactly? No idea, I can’t even get cops not to write me a ticket when I don’t come to a full and complete stop. I swear I’m super polite — I don't know what the deal is.

Anyway, the last I heard, Jenelle was concerned her record might make it difficult to get a job in the medical field but she graduated from a medical assistant program regardless.

12 Gary Shirley Violently Resisted Arrest


In perhaps the most perversely progressive moments of Teen Mom, we all witnessed Gary Shirley get beat up by Amber, his baby mama. I don’t think pre-teen me had ever considered whether domestic abuse manifested in power dynamics, where the woman is the abuser and the man the victim, but oh boy did MTV provide a strange teaching moment. That really was one of the toughest things to watch.

Gary fought back eventually but not in the right way... After being arrested for driving with a suspended license, he resisted arrest to the extent that the officer required two sets of handcuffs to keep him restrained. I didn’t even know that could happen. Did he bend the metal or something? How is that even a thing, Gary?

11 Farrah Abraham Falsely Accused A Driver Of Abuse


We’re going to be deep in Farrah territory for a while now because what she does aren’t “antics” or “shenanigans.” They’re just super messed up. Her actions are more like travesties than anything. Take lying about abuse for instance. Farrah went from accusing a driver of inappropriate actions to admitting there was absolutely no physical contact between them, but rather he looked at her weird...

The taboo of women falsely accusing men of abuse is so much more prevalent than actual false allegations, but it’s been used as an excuse to not listen to a lot of vulnerable people over the years. It’s just such a toxic myth that gets thrown around to marginalize victims. So this isn’t just one mistake, it’s like throwing a burning log on a raging gas fire.

10 The Crew Can't Use Farrah Abraham's Bathroom...


From the most serious issue to the dumbest — Farrah doesn’t allow crew members to use her bathroom (it can’t be that nice. Is she just awful? Probably?) so she has a Port-a-Potty delivered to her home right before shooting begins.

It’s so ridiculous for a reality TV “star” (generous use of that word) to treat their crew as inferior. These are the people you’re going to spend hours a day with. Even the Kardashians allegedly think of their crew as family, for whatever that’s worth. So relegating these people who could be super close to you, having witnessed so much of your life, to peeing outside is just… cold; it's a great reason to totally mess up Farrah Abraham’s bathroom if you ever get the chance.

9 And There Were No Ramifications When Farrah Shoved A Producer


Wow, who could believe that a woman who lies about abuse would also resort to violence?

The screaming match was over Farrah wanting to take on other projects and her producer, Larry Musnik, reminding her that that’s legally not an option for her because she signed a contract. So, sorry Farrah, but Teen Mom has to come first.

This business altercation became physical and Farrah screamed at him to get off her property. I mean, sure, that’s how I handle business disagreements with my boss, too (she’d totally resent a producer being called her “boss” and the chain of command can get a little muddled with actors and crew, but he’s more in charge than her). Shoving and screaming as adults is totally normal, right?

8 The Kids Weren't Always Fed

Hollywood Life

If these other posts didn’t depress you, this one definitely should, because there’s nothing like a hungry child speaking with bad grammar. The Teen Mom 2, season seven premiere, was jam packed with memorable moments, but Leah Messer, delirious with exhaustion, driving her unfed kids to school might take the cake. Ugh, I feel bad talking about cake and hungry children but I’d also love to eat some cake.

The verbatim quote from daughter Aleeah is, “You’re always worried about everything else except going to pick us up and giving us lunch. I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat.”

Well, that’s a punch to the gut, is it not? What do you even say to that? Do you just sink into a deeply sad cavern?

7 Leah Messer's Home Was Epically Disgusting


While we’re in Leah's neck of the woods, one cameraman got extremely candid over a Reddit AMA about their very least favorite people on the show, which was practically everyone.

In response to who had the most disgusting home, it was said that the mom’s live in “filthy houses (dog poop on the floor, bloody tampons sitting in a corner for months, weeks old food everywhere, etc..) one of the worst is Leah; filthiest person i've met (sic). when feeding her twins she would spill a bunch of cheese puffs on the nasty carpet and the girls would crawl around and suck up the cheese puffs, no hands involved. This made me cry a few times.”

So her home was so dirty that it made an adult cry. That’s… not a skill to brag about but it is definitely something.

6 Only One Mom From 'Teen Mom 2' Has A Regular Job


Depending on how Jenelle’s foray into the medical field turned out while she was fighting the uphill battle against her own criminal record, Chelsea Houska might be the only teen mom putting her education to good use.

(I know, it’s straight up bizarre Farrah isn’t clocking in to a 9-to-5 job or working on an upstart, but I’m going to trust the Internet on this one.)

Chelsea attended a program as an aesthetician, obtained a license, and hopes to open her own salon someday. So let’s focus on that glimmering nugget of some kind of future instead of what that means about all the other moms, of which there are many. Let's hope Chelsea stays on the right path for her two babies and husband of two years!

5 Kail's Mom Is An Alcoholic


Granted, Kailyn Lowry can’t possibly be the only child of alcoholics on this mangled show, but she’s the most vocal about it.

In her memoir, Kailyn recalled that, “I’ve seen what can happen when you’re addicted to alcohol. I’m afraid the same addiction runs through my blood” and discussed how her parents never looked after their children the way children should be taken care of. That translates to her mother disappearing for days on end and young Kailyn inventing lies to excuse her mother for showing up drunk to her school. Later, it meant running with a bad crowd to feel like part of a community and fights, lots of them.

Family is the greatest support system and when that’s taken away… well, tough things get a lot tougher, that’s for sure.

4 Leah Messer's BF Moved In After One Week

After two divorces in quick succession, Leah Messer was keen to keep her romantic life private from, you know, the entire world. However, it came out that T.R. Dues is actually her boyfriend (though she claimed they were friends). Okay, that’s not much of a twist. Except, oh wait, they moved in together after only a week of dating? After two failed marriages? Look, I get if this listicle is super judge-y (because it is) but what I’m really judging are the preventable mistakes. Moving in together too soon scares me like spiders and snakes scare most people. It’s just such a bad idea. And with children and a slew of exes? Girl, spend some time alone and check in with yourself. This isn’t a recipe for anything good.

3 Kail Had An Extremely Private Miscarriage


This one is just sad. There will be no judgement in my tone with this one. Kail became pregnant by her husband, Javi Marroquin, with what would have been her third child and his second. The pregnancy, however, was not successful and little else is known, which is totally fair. It’s an incredibly painful subject and not everything was meant to be on reality TV. Not every moment needs to be filmed or dived into on a reunion episode that’s more of an informal cage fight. Well, it could be, but not if the subjects want to leave the show with their souls intact.

While Kali isn't vocal about this upsetting moment, I think young moms who have also been in this situation can relate to her heartbreak.

2 Chelsea Houska Got An Engagement Pig


From the straight-up sad, to the quirky and cute! At least we can take a breather for now.

Shortly before getting engaged, Chelsea Houska was given a pet pig by boyfriend Cole DeBoer. Funny French sounding name? Check. Piglet named Pete and a happy ending, hopefully? Double check. It looks like this one is one of the few nice things that happened on that entire show and it involves a pig, as all my favorite things do.

Oooh, Teen Pig! Perhaps it could be Pete has babies except he’s a teenage pig which is a totally normal age for a pig to reproduce. Or it’s too old... Whatever, he can adopt in that case! Either way, he’s mature enough to be a father.

MTV, if you’re reading this, hit me up. I’ve got ideas and Pete’s got a built in audience.

1 The Crew Can Never Interfere


And now, the must gut wrenching fact of all... What with MTV guidelines and the documentarian nature of filming reality TV, the crew can’t never interfere with what goes down on camera. Never, ever. Not when a grown man is being beat up and not even to call Child Protective Services when a child is eating filthy food in a trash-filled house. The crew couldn’t even hold the babies, which sounds irritating (it’s a baby and it’s so close! Squeeze those cheeks and sniff its head!), but it’s a lot more painful that they couldn’t even do their best to change these children’s lives. You could argue that by filming these stories they shared with them with a huge audience and helped the kids in that way, but that’s probably not how it felt in the moment.

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