Teen Wearing Nirvana Shirt Can't Recognize Popular Nirvana Song

A young girl in a Nirvana t-shirt failed to identify one of Nirvana's most famous songs when it was played to her by her friends.

There is perhaps no industry that has changed or altered more when it comes to technological advances than the music business. Less than half a century ago, the go-to medium for listening to the latest music was a record player. Eight tracks took the place of records, tapes and CDs soon followed, and now we have the ability to carry around thousands of songs in our pockets on iPods and cell phones.

That means that now more than ever before tracks, albums, singers, and bands can live on forever. The Beatles are as relevant today with people who weren't even alive when they were at their height of popularity. Just a few short years ago, people in their teens and twenties packed themselves into a field to watch The Rolling Stones headline Glastonbury.

Band merchandise and t-shirts have been a major draw for acts, new and old. Bands like The Ramones and Nirvana live on through fans sporting their logos and pictures on their clothing. Now you don't have to see the band in question to get your hands on their merch. These items are readily available in stores all over the world, and those buying the merch are not always super fans.

A video was posted on Facebook recently of a girl wearing a Nirvana t-shirt. The band's song Lithium was playing in the background. When asked by her friends who sings the track... she had no clue.

Kids these days.......

Kids these days.......

Posted by METAL AF on Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wearing band t-shirts is clearly now more of a fashion statement than a declaration that you love the band. One can hope that if Smells Like Teen Spirit had been playing, then maybe the girl in the video could have identified that she was wearing a piece of clothing with the performers emblazoned on it. Unfortunately, that one well known track is typically the only one that most modern day 'fans' can identify.

Giving the girl in the video the benefit of the doubt, maybe she is a Nirvana fan and had simply never before heard Lithium. Her friends seemed to be pretty confident that she wouldn't know though, seeing as they filmed her being asked the question. She is not the only person guilty of this however. Next time you bump into someone wearing a Ramones t-shirt, ask them if they can name a song.

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