Teen Saves Squirrel’s Life With CPR After Hitting It In Tiny Car Accident

Teen Saves Squirrel’s Life With CPR After Hitting It In Tiny Car Accident

A Minnesota teen saved a little squirrel’s life by giving it CPR after hitting it with his car.

For most of us, roadkill is a fact of life. When a squirrel tries to cross the road at the wrong place and the wrong time, it usually means there’s a dead squirrel and a slightly messy tire. Most people don’t even brake for squirrels, understandably more concerned for the possibility of getting rear-ended than the inconsequential mess left by an exploded rodent skull.

But if you live in Minnesota, traffic isn’t so much of a problem. This meant that Chris Felix, age 19 and self-avowed animal lover, was able to swerve out of the way and avoid crushing his little furry friend in a terrible accident on September 25th.

Unfortunately, he still might have struck the little guy with his back tire. He decided to pull over, get out, and check. There he found the small grey squirrel on its back, unmoving.

Lucky for this squirrel, Chris is also trained in first aid. And he’s a car detailer, so he had a glove in his Subaru. He put on the glove and started performing chest compressions with his index finger.


Chris’ heroic attempt to save the life of a squirrel might have gone completely untold if not for two officers driving by who spotted the young man pressing the chest of an apparently unconscious squirrel by the side of the road.

“Is he giving him CPR?” an officer asks in the video posted to the Brooklyn Park PD Facebook page.

A squirrel tale

A story about a squirrel...

Posted by Brooklyn Park, MN - Police Department on Thursday, October 4, 2018

Understandably confused, the officers came out to check on Chris to make sure he was OK. Chris explained he might have struck the squirrel with his back wheel, and was trying to perform chest compressions. The helpful officers suggested he might not have struck the squirrel and it might just be dazed.

Chris then flipped the squirrel over and began stroking its back. Eventually, the squirrel perked up and took off into the woods. A jubilant Chris got up to high-five the officers before the footage ends.

In all honesty, the squirrel probably would have been fine (so long as no subsequent cars ran him over), but the image of a teenager performing chest compression on a squirrel is good enough to brighten anyone’s day.

Especially the squirrel’s.

With thanks to Jalopnik and WCCO-TV.


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