Teenager Loses Driving Licence Just 49 Minutes After Passing His Test

Those of us who are qualified drivers can probably remember that sweet feeling of freedom and relief after passing our driving test. It felt like the world was our oyster, and the open road a symbol of adventure. That sense of joy and freedom was very short-lived for one teenager, however, when his license was taken away after just 49 minutes.

As reported by the BBC, the 18-year-old from northwest Germany was returning from his test when police checked his speed with a laser gun. He was traveling at 95 km/h (60mph) – nearly double the speed limit of 50 km/h (30mph).

The youngster reportedly had four friends with him in the vehicle and his reckless behavior was most likely an attempt to impress his passengers. Unfortunately for this speed racer, the only impressive part of this story is just how quickly he was able to lose his license.

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The regional police in Märkischer Kreis seems to agree, writing on Facebook, "Some things last forever - others not for an hour."

The social media post has since been shared over 150 times and nearly 700 people have reacted to it.

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Germany has some of the strictest laws for new drivers. All new licenses are issued with a two-year probationary period, and drivers who commit a serious offense during this time are required to take part in a driving seminar. Probationary drivers and drivers under the age of 21 are also not allowed to consume any alcohol before driving.

It may have only taken 49 minutes for this boy to have his license suspended, but the repercussions will last much longer. He has been officially banned from driving for four weeks, and in order to get his license back, police have said he must undergo “expansive retraining.”

To add insult to injury, the teenager will also have to pay a €200 fine and will have two points added to his license once it is restored. His new-driver probationary period has also been extended from two years to four.

And that’s just the legal consequences of his need for speed. His parents will no doubt have some punishments and restrictions of their own to impose on him. Driving safety is an important lesson, one that this 18-year-old – and his four friends –learned the hard way.

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